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WomensCycling.net Activities Halted


No Further Race Reports or Photography In Foreseeable Future

Founder and main contributor no longer attending events, not willing to compromise

Regular readers will be aware that there has not been any WomensCycling.net event coverage in 2014. Sadly, we now confirm that WCN activities have been suspended indefinitely; there will not be any further race coverage or photography in the foreseeable future.

The current situation experienced by WCN founder and main photography contributor, CJ Farquharson, has forced this decision. "WomensCycling.net is known for providing race reports and photographs from events throughout the elite women's season, from wherever the UCI calendar dictates. We have always tried to attend events in-person and to provide first-hand reports and images. That has been the WCN niche and strength; actually being at races and not having to reply on second-hand sources and accounts for material," Farquharson explained exclusively earlier this week. 

"With a limited budget and only a handful of other contributors, the main burden has been mine with respect to travel and coverage. I have been increasingly unable to provide even minimal coverage of professional women's races and so the decision has been taken to suspend updates to the website indefinitely.

"I would like to say 'thank you' to everyone who has been involved with WomensCycling.net  including those other contributors and supporters, plus of course the riders, race organisers and the site followers / readers / fans; without whom, none of this exciting adventure would have been possible."

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