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Omloop het Nieuwsblad 2013


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Gent, Belgium 125km


Race Writeup

Tiffany Cromwell (Orica-AIS) won the opening European UCI race Het Nieuwsblad. In the sprint to the line, Megan Guarnier (Rabobank Liv/Giant) was second. In the chasing bunch sprint, Emma Johansson (Orica-AIS) sprinted in for third. 

Conditions were cold, -1 for the start of the 2013. 25 teams and 192 riders were on the start list. Most of the course was the same as in previous years, the most notable change however was the swapping out of the Wolvenberg climb for the Kattenberg. 

Orica-AIS had two riders who had won this race previously. Emma Johansson, who joined the team this year won in 2012 and 2011 and Loes Gunnewijk who won last year. Orica-AIS also had new signing, Korean Sungeun Gu in the team for the start. Specialized Lululemon who placed second and third with Ellen van Dijk and Trixi Worrack were also looking to shake up the race. Rabobank Liv/Giant were missing Marianne Vos, but they still had a strong team Megan Guarnier, Annemiek van Vleuten and Liesbet de Vocht all looked fit and strong at the start.

Argos-Shimano were hoping to carry the momentum they built in the Ladies Tour of Qatar into the Belgian Classics season. The were missing Kirsten Wild. Wild is at the Track World Championships in Minsk, but Argos-Shimano has a number of new riders. Two-time junior world champion Lucy Garner joined the team this year. Garner starts her first race as a professional. The team also features debutants Willeke Knol and Kelly Markus. Garner and company will be able to lean on the expertise of Charlotte Becker,  who joined the team from Specialize Lululemon and comes with a huge amount of experience.

Orica-AIS, Specialized Lululemon and Argos-Shimano did not get it all their own way. Hitec Products started with a new line up too. Rachel Neylan was keen to show that her second place in Valkenberg was not a one off. Her team make Elisa Longo-Borghini was also towards the front of the race.  Boels Dolmans Cycling Team have new signing, Lizzie Armitstead and Lucy Martin who join the experienced Martine Bras. The American team Tibco also started with a strong line up of Chantal Blaak, Claudia Häusler  and Shelley Olds in the team.


With difficult conditions, the peloton stayed together over the first of the small climbs at Nokereberg (28.1 km). On the first cobbled section just before the Tiegemberg (38km) a crash mid-peloton disrupted the bunch. All riders managed to get back on and the race was all together again at the foot of the climb.  The tough conditions made it difficult for a break to form. The peloton was intact at the foot of the climb of the Kluisberg. This is where the damage was done however. The attacks started at the front of the bunch, Orica-AIS, Specialized Lululemon, Hitec, Dolemans, Rabobank Liv/Giant were all evident at the front.

By the time  the race reach 59km, as in previous races, the peloton broke into four groups. On the Côte de Trieu a leading group of 25 riders formed and had a gap of 20 seconds to the chase group. Behind them three groups had formed, the first of which was at 50 seconds and the next big group at 1 minute 20 sec. The remaining peloton were strung out behind. 

It was the Paterberg that did the damage again. The leading group split with 22 leading riders clear by 17 seconds. A group of approximately 25 riders were chasing them hard. The rest trying desperately to get back to the leading groups. 

After 69km a leading group had formed with both groups rejoining. The second group were chasing hard to close the gap before the Edelareberg climb at 74 km. They made touch and the peloton swelled again to 40 riders, all the top teams were represented. Rabobank's Annameik van Vleuten was on the front driving the pace. An attack from Rosella Ratto (Hitec) started to split the peloton again. Ratto quickly gained a 22 second lead ahead of the chasers. At the foot of the Kattenberg, Ratto's lead was 40 seconds. It started to come down however as the chase behind started to get organised. By the time the chase started to climb the Kettenberg, the gap was down to 29 seconds. Over the top the lone leader only had a 10 second gap.

An attack from the peloton saw, Tiffany Cromwell (Orica-AIS) bridge to Ratto. The two leaders has a 12 second lead. The two leaders were caught by the chase group of 43 riders. Immediately a counter attack went from Claudia Hausler (Tibco). She did not stay away long. With 83km completed the lead group was all together again. the peloton split into two. Marta Bastianelli (Faren) attacked and gained a small lead. Again she was not away for long. the chase to Bastinelli did split the bunch however. A leading group of 20 riders formed just before the first main cobbled section, Paddestraat. Chantal Blaak (Tibco). She managed a small gap of 10m before the group closed in. A leading group of 14 riders formed and they had a 50 second gap on the chasers. The group included former winners, Loes Gunnewijk and Emma Johansson along with their team mates, Tiffany Cromwell and Gracie Elvin. Megan Guarnier, Roxane Knetemann and Annemiek van Vleuten (Rabobank Liv/Giant ), Ellen van Dijk (Specialized Lululemon), Elisa Longo Borghini (Hitec), Anna van de Breggen (Sengers Ladies), Blaak, Hausler and Olds (Tibco) and Bastianelli (Faren) had 56 seconds with 20 km to go. Missing the leading group was Christine Majerus (Sengers Ladies) she could not quite hold onto the leaders. 

The leading group were working well together with 15km to go to the finish and had a 1 minute 35 lead on the lone chaser Majerus. The remaining peloton was over 2 minutes behind. Orica-AIS has the advantage but they had been in this position in other races and not pulled off the win.

Over the Lange Munte cobbles, two riders attacked. Cromwell (Orica-AIS) and Guarnier  (Rabobank). They quickly gained 25 sec. Tibco were forced to chase. The two leaders were working well together. They quickly gained a 28 second gap.

With 5km to go the two leaders were holding a 30 second gap.  At 2km to go the gap was 42 seconds. In the sprint to the line Tiffany Cromwell (Orica-AIS) won ahead of Megan Guarnier (Rabobank Liv/Giant). In the chase group, Emma Johansson (Orica-AIS) led the group across the line.


Tiffany Cromwell (Orica-AIS) tweeted after the race, "This is a really special win for me. I love these races, and one of my early season goals was this race. I am so happy to be able to stand on the podium alongside team mate Emma Johanson on a great day for the team."


Pre-race comments

Emma Johansson (Orica-AIS) was very happy to be racing close to home and in a race she knows she can win, “This is an extremely important race for the team. It’s the first race in Europe and the first race in Belgium – that really says it all,” Johansson wrote on the team website. “The winters always feel long and cycling fans wait with excitement for this day to come. Finally, it’s ‘Classics Time’ and both the fans and teams are ready for this special period of racing. For me, this race is extra significant because I live in the area. I feel like I’m racing on home soil here. Having all my supporters on the course cheering for me and for the team gives us extra motivation.”

Johansson said she understands the expectations of her squad and explained how the race is likely to shape up. “Our objective is clear. We race to win – and we have the team to do it,” she added. “Maybe there is a bit of extra pressure for the team on Saturday because, together, Loes and I have won the last three editions of the race, but the team knows how to use the pressure to motivate us. We’re ready. The two years that I won this race, the winning break was decided over two hills: the Côte de Trieu and the Paterberg. With no big sprinters in the move, everyone was willing to work hard to stay away. Both times, there were some attacks towards the end with a few riders dropping off from the pace during the way. We arrived with a small group for the sprint, which I was able to win.

“Taking the previous years of racing into consideration, I can say the race truly begins around the 50-kilometre mark when we reach the Kluisberg and shortly after head into both the Côte de Trieu and Paterberg. These three hard hills one after another are only the start. All the cobbles are still to follow!”

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Results  Top 3 only

Position Name Team time/Gap
1 Tiffany Cromwell Orica-AIS  3:34:00
2 Megan Guarnier Rabobank Liv/Giant  3
3 Emma Johansson Orica-AIS  12
4 Annemiek Van Vleuten Rabobank Liv/Giant  "
5 Shelley Olds Team TIBCO - To The Top  "
6 Ellen Van Dijk Specialized-lululemon "
7 Chantal Blaak Team TIBCO - To The Top  "
8 Anna Van der Breggen Sengers Ladies Cycling Team "
9 Roxane Knetemann Rabobank Liv/Giant  "
10 Loes Gunnewijk Orica-AIS  "
11 Marta Bastianelli Faren - Let's Go Finland Team "
12 Elisa Longo Borghini Hitec Products UCK 16
13 Gracie Elvin Orica-AIS  "
14 Christine Majerus Sengers Ladies Cycling Team 4.39
15 Annelies Van Doorslaer Cyclelive Plus - Zannata  "
16 Monique Van De Ree Cyclelive Plus - Zannata  "
17 Jade Wilcoxson USA "
18 Mascha Pijnenborg Team Futurumshop.nl "
19 Maaike Polspoel Sengers Ladies Cycling Team "
20 Latoya Brulee Cyclelive Plus - Zannata  "
21 Marijn De Lotto Belisol Ladies  "
22 Audrey Cordon Vienne Futuroscope  "
23 Isabelle Soderberg Cramo Go:Green  "
24 Alexandra Burchenkova Rusvelo "
25 Ana Bianca Schnitzmeier Wiggle Honda "
26 Ann-Sophie Duyck Lotto Belisol Ladies  "
27 Sofie De Vuyst Sengers Ladies Cycling Team "
28 Chloe Hosking Hitec Products UCK "
29 Iris Slappendel Rabobank Liv/Giant  "
30 Kristin Mc Grath USA "
31 Trixi Worrack Specialized-lululemon "
32 Claudia Hausler Team TIBCO - To The Top  "
33 Adrie Visser Boels Dolmans Cycling Team  "
34 Amanda Spratt Orica-AIS  "
35 Thalita De Rabobank Liv/Giant  "
36 Elizabeth Armitstead Boels Dolmans Cycling Team  "
37 Martine Bras Boels Dolmans Cycling Team  4.47
38 Emily Collins Wiggle Honda "
39 Jolien D'hoore Lotto Belisol Ladies  7.06
40 Eun Gu Sung Orica-AIS  "
41 Kelly Druyts Topsport Vlaaderen - Bioracer  7.07
42 Celine Van Lotto Belisol Ladies  "
43 Hanna Nilsson Cramo Go:Green  "
44 Martina Thomasson Cramo Go:Green  "
45 Loren Rowney Specialized-lululemon "
46 Annelies Dom Cyclelive Plus - Zannata  "
47 Willeke Knol Team Argos - Shimano "
48 Francesca Cauz Top Girls Fassa Bortolo  "
49 Lauren Kitchen Wiggle Honda "
50 Charlotte Becker Team Argos - Shimano "
51 Mayuko Hagiwara Wiggle Honda "
52 Susanna Zorzi Faren - Let's Go Finland Team "
53 Marion Rousse Lotto Belisol Ladies  "
54 Carmen Small Specialized-lululemon "
55 Madelene Olsson Cramo Go:Green  "
56 Evelyn Arys Sengers Ladies Cycling Team "
57 Katie Colclough Specialized-lululemon "
58 Lucinda Brand Rabobank Liv/Giant  "
59 Karol-Ann Canuel Vienne Futuroscope  "
60 Rushlee Buchanan Team TIBCO - To The Top  "
61 Thea Thorsen Hitec Products UCK "
62 Kaat Hannes Lotto Belisol Ladies  7.13
63 Rossella Ratto Hitec Products UCK "
64 Emma Trott Boels Dolmans Cycling Team  7.14
Jessie Maclean Orica-AIS  DNF
Rebecca Talen Rabobank Liv/Giant  DNF
Emilia Fahlin Hitec Products UCK DNF
Cecilie Gotaas Hitec Products UCK DNF
Miriam Bjornsrud Hitec Products UCK DNF
Jessie Daams Boels Dolmans Cycling Team  DNF
Romy Kasper Boels Dolmans Cycling Team  DNF
Nina Kessler Boels Dolmans Cycling Team  DNF
Marieke Van Wanroij Boels Dolmans Cycling Team  DNF
Elena Kuchinskaya Rusvelo DNF
Elena Bocharnikova Rusvelo DNF
Aijan Zhaparova Rusvelo DNF
Larisa Pankova Rusvelo DNF
Yulia Blindyuk Rusvelo DNF
Kseniya Dobrynina Rusvelo DNF
Marjolein Claessen Endura Lady Force  DNF
Henriette Woering Endura Lady Force  DNF
Michelle Geoghegan Endura Lady Force  DNF
Ines Klok Endura Lady Force  DNF
Elke Bolangier Endura Lady Force  DNF
Natasja Nieuwenhuizen Endura Lady Force  DNF
Femke Verstichelen Endura Lady Force  DNF
Carolien Haers Endura Lady Force  DNF
Steffi Lodewyks Lotto Belisol Ladies  DNF
Kim Schoonbaert Lotto Belisol Ladies  DNF
Marlen Johrend Team Argos - Shimano DNF
Lucy Garner Team Argos - Shimano DNF
Esra Tromp Team Argos - Shimano DNF
Kelly Markus Team Argos - Shimano DNF
Rochelle Gilmore Wiggle Honda DNF
Joanna Rowsell Wiggle Honda DNF
Amy Roberts Wiggle Honda DNF
Kimberly Buyl Sengers Ladies Cycling Team DNF
Julia Soek Sengers Ladies Cycling Team DNF
Inge Roggeman Sengers Ladies Cycling Team DNF
Samantha Schneider Team TIBCO - To The Top  DNF
Sara Mustonen Faren - Let's Go Finland Team DNF
Ashlynn Van Baarle Faren - Let's Go Finland Team DNF
Alice Maria Arzuffi Faren - Let's Go Finland Team DNF
Jutta Nieminen Faren - Let's Go Finland Team DNF
Stella Riverditi Faren - Let's Go Finland Team DNF
Mirthe Wagenaar Team Futurumshop.nl DNF
Alie Gercama Team Futurumshop.nl DNF
Anouska Koster Team Futurumshop.nl DNF
Laura Van der Kamp Team Futurumshop.nl DNF
Janine Van Der Meer Team Futurumshop.nl DNF
Aurore Verhoeven Team Futurumshop.nl DNF
Jessica Allen Vienne Futuroscope  DNF
Sandrine Bideau Vienne Futuroscope  DNF
Pascale Jeuland Vienne Futuroscope  DNF
Manon Souyris Vienne Futuroscope  DNF
Oriane Chaumet Vienne Futuroscope  DNF
Ine Beyen Topsport Vlaaderen - Bioracer  DNF
Jessy Druyts Topsport Vlaaderen - Bioracer  DNF
Gilke Croket Topsport Vlaaderen - Bioracer  DNF
Stephanie De Croock Topsport Vlaaderen - Bioracer  DNF
Anisha Vekemans Topsport Vlaaderen - Bioracer  DNF
Rotem Gafinovitz Topsport Vlaaderen - Bioracer  DNF
Tessa De Moyer Topsport Vlaaderen - Bioracer  DNF
Lieselot Decroix Cyclelive Plus - Zannata  DNF
Daisy Depoorter Cyclelive Plus - Zannata  DNF
Marissa Otten Cyclelive Plus - Zannata  DNF
Jessica Kihlbom Cramo Go:Green  DNF
Mirella Ehrin Cramo Go:Green  DNF
Linnea Sjoblom Cramo Go:Green  DNF
Johanna Nilsson Cramo Go:Green  DNF
Elena Berlato Top Girls Fassa Bortolo  DNF
Elena Valentini Top Girls Fassa Bortolo  DNF
Jennifer Fiori Top Girls Fassa Bortolo  DNF
Chiara Pierobon Top Girls Fassa Bortolo  DNF
Asja Paladin Top Girls Fassa Bortolo  DNF
Jamie Bookwalter USA DNF
Jacquelyn Crowell USA DNF
Heather Fischer USA DNF
Janel Holcomb USA DNF
Lauren De Crescenzo USA DNF
Kayleigh Brogan Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team  DNF
Eileen Roe Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team  DNF
Penny Rowson Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team  DNF
Elinor Thorogood Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team  DNF
Jane Barr Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team  DNF
Mariska Breyne Autoglas Wetteren Cyclingteam VZ  DNF
Marieke Blomme Autoglas Wetteren Cyclingteam VZ  DNF
Sarah Borremans Autoglas Wetteren Cyclingteam VZ  DNF
Melanie Cattrysse Autoglas Wetteren Cyclingteam VZ  DNF
Kristina Coolens Autoglas Wetteren Cyclingteam VZ  DNF
Adeline De Vestele Autoglas Wetteren Cyclingteam VZ  DNF
Kim Van Den Steen Autoglas Wetteren Cyclingteam VZ  DNF
Evelien Debboudt Keukens Redant Cycling Team DNF
Lensy Debboudt Keukens Redant Cycling Team DNF
Valerie Demey Keukens Redant Cycling Team DNF
Valerie Robert Keukens Redant Cycling Team DNF
Shana Van Glabeke Keukens Redant Cycling Team DNF
Sylvia Debboudt Keukens Redant Cycling Team DNF
Kaat Van Der Meulen Keukens Redant Cycling Team DNF
Eveline Dergent Wielerclub De Sprinters Malderen  DNF
Terry Fremineur Wielerclub De Sprinters Malderen  DNF
Chantal Hoffmann Wielerclub De Sprinters Malderen  DNF
Liliane Leenknegt Wielerclub De Sprinters Malderen  DNF
Mieke Leeman Wielerclub De Sprinters Malderen  DNF
Evy Roelen Wielerclub De Sprinters Malderen  DNF
Hanneke Van Gucht Wielerclub De Sprinters Malderen  DNF
Laure Werner Wielerclub De Sprinters Malderen  DNF
Aafke Eshuis Parkhotel Valkenburg  DNF
Inge Klep Parkhotel Valkenburg  DNF
Claudia Koster Parkhotel Valkenburg  DNF
Rozanne Slik Parkhotel Valkenburg  DNF
Jermaine Post Parkhotel Valkenburg  DNF
Nathaly Van Vleuten Parkhotel Valkenburg  DNF



Previous Winners
Loes Gunnewijk   Greenedge-AIS
2011 Emma Johansson   Hitec Products - UCK
2010 Emma Johansson   Redsun Cycling Team
2009 Suzanne De Goede   Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung
2008 Kirsten Wild   AA Drink
2007 Mie Bekker Lacota   Team Flexpoint
2006 Suzanne de Goede   AA Drink


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