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News - 13 December 2012


Race Organiser Honoured

Mario Minervino, the President of Cycling Sport Promotion has received an award on behalf of the group he leads for their efforts in the organisation of road racing events.

Major Award for Italian race organisation, Cycling Sport Promotion

Cycling Sport Promotion, the group which organises the Trofeo Alfredo Binda World Cup race, has been awarded a major award by the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI). The President of Cycle Sport Promotion, Mario Minervino, was in Rome at the "Giro d'Onore' reception to receive the award from the President of FCI, Renato Di Rocco. 

Always a exceptional event, Trofeo Alfredo Binda was recognised with an award for the best World Cup race of the year in 2010. The event has become more than 'just' a World Cup race; activities are undertaken throughout the year to promote the race, raise the profile of sponsors and to recognise those volunteers who work on the event. Engaging with the local community and providing events for those in Cittiglio (the venue for Trofeo Binda) who wish to be involved and encouraging spectators is also an important aspect of Cycling Sport Promotion activities undertaken.

The award was given at the headquarters of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI). Minervino commented that he was "delighted with this award which has been delivered in such an important occasion as the Giro d'Onore' and in a place as prestigious as the main hall of CONI", he continued that the prize  'recognises the organisational commitment of a group of extraordinary people, those that make up the Cycling Sport Promotion, the many volunteers, institutions and the sponsors that make possible the construction of the World Cup." 

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Mario Minervino, President of Cycling Sport Promotion and Renato di Rocco, UCI vice president and president of FCI (Italian Cycling Federation), at the presentation on the eve of the 2012 Trofeo Alfredo Binda

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