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Tour of Langeudoc-Roussillon 2012 cancelled

Problems with host towns deals final blow 

Race would have expanded the parcours used in (defunct) Tour de l'Aude

Confirmation was received this morning, 26 April 2012, that the planned Tour of Languedoc-Roussillon has been been cancelled. The race would have taken place from 18 May until 23 May - 6 days. Under UCI regulations, new stage races are limited to 6 days, so although the concept (and much of the organisation and volunteer team) for this race grew from the 10 day Tour de l'Aude, which last ran in 2010, it would have been shorter. On the other hand, to free up different (local government) funds and gain extra revenue, the race had been geographically expanded to cover the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, rather than the Departement therein, Aude. 

The launch of the Tour had been planned to take place on 10th March. When no announcement was made, WomensCycling.net was told that there were problems with changes to the parcours and a couple of stage start / finish host cities. WomensCycling.net was also told that these problems were minor and that the race from Carcassonne to Montpelier was not in doubt.

Last week, on 18th April in fact, a further meeting of the organisation was planned, to consider the new parcours. This was delayed and WCN was told that a decision would be made about the race "by the end of the week." There was no news over the weekend, but on 24th April, rumours began to circulate that the race was cancelled. Finally, this morning, 26th April, WomensCycling.net has received confirmation that the 2012 Tour of Languedoc-Roussillon is cancelled. The loss of two host towns was included as one of the reasons for the cancellation.

The implication of this cancellation has larger ramifications that 'just' the loss of another race. Many of the riders and teams committed to participation in the event were relying on the ranking points available for Olympics qualification. The cut-off date for qualification is 31 May 2012 and this event was key to the strategy of picking up points for several nations, via their riders planned to be in attendance. The Tour of Chongming Island and the Exergy Tour are now the remaining stage races in May, but their invitations (and in the case of China, the all-important visa invitations) were confirmed weeks ago.

With no new races on the horizon in this region, it would seem that the women's peloton truly did say "goodbye" to Carcassonne when the last stage of the final Tour de l'Aude was held there in 2010 

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