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Image Calendar 2013

A few calendars are still available for purchase. 

Last chance to buy - before they're sold out 

Its too late to get pre-Christmas delivery. But if you still want a 2013 calendar, order now. Stock is limited.

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Orders are processed and despatched on a daily basis by WomensCycling.net. Delivery usually takes 3 - 10 days. However, please note that public holidays, postal service closures and so on may extend this estimate during the Christmas and New Year period.

Presenting the WomensCycling.net  

Image Calendar 2013

A calendar of images by  WomensCycling.net  photographer,  CJ Farquharson

For the third year running, we are proud to present an image calendar! This is possibly the best yet. The calendar has one main image above and a calendar grid below for each month. PLUS, in the centre, a double page of Marianne Vos celebrating on the way to the finish line at the World Championships in Valkenburg 

Once more, the calendar contains images taken during the season just finished - from the beginning in Australia with their National Championships, over to Europe for the major events, including all of the World Cups, through to the road World Championships in October.

Jayco Bay Series, Tour of Qatar, Trofeo Binda, Flanders, Drenthe, Fleche, the Chinese events on Chongming Island, the Dutch Omloop van Borsele and Zeeuwsche Eilanden, the Spanish races, Durango-Durango and Bira, plus the women's Giro - the Giro Donne, GP de Plouay, Holland Ladies Tour and Giro di Toscana, then the World Road Championships - they're all in the pictures in the calendar.

The wonderful performances by the World's best and most entertaining riders in some picturesque settings are all included. 

BONUS - a DOUBLE PAGE of Marianne Vos celebrating on the way to the finish line at the World Championships in Valkenburg 

The double page of Marianne Vos

The calendar is printed on 150gsm glossy paper and is available in two sizes.

There is a main image for each month's view and then several smaller images, plus another laid behind the calendar grid for the month. Short captions are given for each picture, to describe the action.


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Available in two sizes 

29.7cm x 21cm   (large)     or     21cm x 14.8cm  (small)


Pages from the Calendar 

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Australia   $AUS 12.95 8.75
Canada   $CAN 13.90 9.50
European Union    10.00 7.00
New Zealand $NZL 17.25 11.75
United Kingdom 8.75 6.00
United States $US 13.80 9.60

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Price :

Q : NO PRICE RISES compared to last year - The price is the same as last year, or cheaper for some country's customers. Why?

A : The printer did not raise their prices this year, so nor have we. Where the price has changed, it is a result of currency fluctuations - if the price in your area has gone down, thank the foreign exchange markets! 

Size :

Q : What size is the calendar?

A : The  calendar is available in two sizes : 29.7cm x 21cm   (large)  or  21cm x 14.8cm  (small)

Shipping : 

Q : How quickly are orders processed and how will my calendar order be shipped?

A : Orders are processed and shipped on a daily basis (weekends excepted). Postal delivery times vary, Australian orders are currently estimated by Australia Post to take 2-3 days, whilst international orders are estimated to take 7-10 days.

London 2012 Olympic Games : 

Q : Why no London 2012 Olympics pictures?

A : WCN was in London at the cycling events for the duration of the Games (click here for coverage) and our staff were fully accredited by the Olympic authorities. However, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has strict rules about the use of photographs taken by accredited photographers. Display of the photos in our coverage of the Games was fine, but to publish them here in our calendar is not permissible under the conditions which were signed prior to receiving accreditation for our photographer.

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