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Herald Sun Tour 2011


Honda Hybrid Women's Tour


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Stage 5 

Rowney races smart, takes overall. Hodges wins stage

Lygon Street, Melbourne, 16 October 2011


Race Writeup 

Loren Rowney (Bundaberg Sugar) waited until the final sprint to take the general classification after a patient, calculated ride behind tour leader, Lisa Jacobs (VIS). 

With team-mate, Kendell Hodges (VIS) up the road in a two-person break with Russian, Venera Absaliyamova, Jacobs was in the clear to take the general classification for herself with the bunch sitting at over 20 seconds behind the pair. However, in the closing two laps, Bundaberg Sugar raised the chase pace and closed the gap to 13 seconds. Rowney sprinted for the bonus seconds on offer to the rider gaining third place on the stage. That, combined with the 3 seconds she picked up earlier in the race at the intermediate sprint point, gave her a two second gap over Jacobs who did not contest the sprint. 

Rowney also won the sprint competition and young rider competition. Jacobs won the mountains competition and Russian National were the best team.

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Results   Click here to see full result

Position Name  Time Bonus
1 Kendelle HODGES (VIS Womens Road Team) 55:00:00 12
2 Venera ABSALIYAMOVA (Russian National Team) 0 9
3 Loren ROWNEY (Bundaberg Sugar) 13 7
4 Evgenya ROMANYUTA (Russian National Team) 13
5 Rebecca WERNER (Team SASI) 13
6 Gracie ELVIN (Team Blue) 13
7 Svetlana BOUBNENKOVA (Russian National Team) 13
8 Rebecca WIASAK (Suzuki/Trek) 13
9 Sue FORSYTH (Team SiS - NSW) 13 2
10 Trudy VAN DER STRAATEN (Team SiS - NSW) 13

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General Classification  Click here to see full General Classification

Position Name Time / Gap
1 Loren ROWNEY (Bundaberg Sugar) 4h33:32
2 Lisa JACOBS (VIS Womens Road Team) 2
3 Allison RICE (Suzuki/Trek) 15
4 Venera ABSALIYAMOVA (Russian National Team) 17
5 Svetlana BOUBNENKOVA (Russian National Team) 44
6 Grace SULZBERGER (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte) 56
7 Miranda GRIFFITHS (Xosize) +1:03
8 Sinead NOONAN (Team SASI) +1:05
9 Sue FORSYTH (Team SiS - NSW) +1:07
10 Jess MUNDY (Team SASI) +1:16

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