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Giro Di Toscana 2011



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Stage 3 - Arndt wins and moves back into lead

Pontedera - Volterra 137,60 Km. 

Race Writeup

Judith Arndt (HTC Highroad) sprinted in the last 200m to secure her win on Stage 3 and moved herself into the lead. Claudia Häusler  (Diadora - Pasta Zara). Megan Guarnier (USA) outsprinted Rasa Leleivyte (Vaiano Solaristech) for third.

An early break gave the bunch something to chase in the later stages of the race and it all came back together the first time up the Volterra. 

A group formed at the head of the race and when it reached the climb for the last time, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (HTC Highroad) took control and raised the pace. This split the bunch and 17 riders raced to the top. Claudia Häusler and Oxana Kozonchuk (Diadora - Pasta Zara), Megan Guarnier and Janel Holcomb (USA), Rasa Leleivyte and Flavia Oliveira (Vaiano Solaristech), Ashleigh Moolman, Joanna Van De Winkel (Lotto), Sylwia Kapusta, Tatiana Antoshina and Susanna Zorzi (Gauss), Tatiana Guderzo (SC MCipollini Gianbenini), Polona Batagelj (Slovenia), Amanda Spratt (Australia), Elena Cecchini (Colavita Forno d'Asolo), Carla Ryan (Garmin - Cervelo) and Arndt and Teutenberg.

Arndt attacked with 3km to go and few riders were able to follow. 

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Ronny Lauke (HTC Highroad Sport Director) could not have been happier with his team after making it three from three stages, "There were a few good breaks today," said Lauke, "And a few tough climbs. There was even an echelon when we reached crosswinds toward the second half of the race, so it was a challenging stage."

"We had Charlotte in a two-rider breakaway with a rider from the German national team,"
said Lauke,"But the field was back together for the last climb."

"Ina Set a brutal pace on the last climb, and a lot of riders fell behind," Lauke continued, "The fifteen riders who hung on included Judith, who took off in the last three kilometers to go and no one could catch her. She won by a bike length."

Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Team Time/Gap
1 Judith Arndt   HTC Highroad Women 3:50:12
2 Claudia Häusler   Diadora - Pasta Zara "
3 Megan Guarnier   United States of America 0:00:03
4 Rasa Leleivyte   Vaiano Solaristech "
5 Ashleigh Moolman   Lotto Honda Team 0:00:09
6 Sylwia Kapusta   Gauss 0:00:16
7 Tatiana Guderzo   SC MCipollini Gianbenini 0:00:26
8 Tatiana Antoshina   Gauss "
9 Polona Batagelj   Slovenia "
10 Joanna Van De Winkel   Lotto Honda Team 0:00:53

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Name Team Time/Gap
1 Judith Arndt   HTC Highroad Women 6:52:17
2 Megan Guarnier   United States of America 0:00:26
3 Claudia Häusler   Diadora - Pasta Zara 0:00:33
4 Rasa Leleivyte   Vaiano Solaristech 0:00:38
5 Sylwia Kapusta   Gauss 0:00:39
6 Ashleigh Moolman   Lotto Honda Team 0:00:47
7 Tatiana Antoshina   Gauss 0:01:00
8 Tatiana Guderzo   SC MCipollini Gianbenini "
9 Polona Batagelj   Slovenia 0:01:04
10 Joanna Van De Winkel   Lotto Honda Team 0:01:31
Points classification "
1 Judith Arndt   HTC Highroad Women 15
2 Ina Teutenberg   HTC Highroad Women 15
3 Rasa Leleivyte   Vaiano Solaristech 13
4 Claudia Häusler   Diadora - Pasta Zara 12
5 Giorgia Bronzini   Colavita Forno d'Asolo 12
6 Megan Guarnier   United States of America 11
7 Alona Andruk   Diadora - Pasta Zara 10
8 Belinda Goss   Australia 8
9 Julia Martisova   Gauss 6
10 Ashleigh Moolman   Lotto Honda Team 6
Sprint classification "
1 Megan Guarnier   United States of America 14
2 Romy Kasper   Kuota Speed Kueens 6
3 Valentina Scandolara   Gauss 5
4 Samantha Galassi   SC MCipollini Gianbenini 5
5 Katarzyna Sosna   Vaiano Solaristech 3
6 Ina Teutenberg   HTC Highroad Women 1
7 Grete Treier   S.C. Michela Fanini Rox 1
8 Rasa Leleivyte   Vaiano Solaristech 1
Mountains classification "
1 Judith Arndt   HTC Highroad Women 18
2 Claudia Häusler   Diadora - Pasta Zara 12
3 Ashleigh Moolman   Lotto Honda Team 4
4 Megan Guarnier   United States of America 3
5 Trixi Worrack   Germany 3
6 Charlotte Becker   HTC Highroad Women 2
Young riders classification "
1 Polona Batagelj   Slovenia 6:53:21
2 Elena Cecchini   Colavita Forno d'Asolo 0:00:43
3 Susanna Zorzi   Gauss 0:02:41
4 Katarzyna Sosna   Vaiano Solaristech 0:07:15
5 Tetyana Riabchenko   Colavita Forno d'Asolo 0:09:14
6 Anna Bianca Schnitzmeier   Germany 0:14:35
7 Katie Colclough   HTC Highroad Women 0:15:57
8 Marta Tagliaferro   SC MCipollini Gianbenini 0:16:10
9 Lucy Martin   Garmin - Cervelo 0:16:13
10 Eleonora Patuzzo   Diadora - Pasta Zara 0:16:26


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