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Stage 3 - Gunnewijk solos to victory

Breda, 115.2km

Race Writeup

Loes Gunnewijk (Nederland Bloeit) soloed to victory on another 'typically Dutch' day of racing. The Dutchwoman broke away from the front group with about 10 kilometres to go and quickly built up a lead of a minute, which translated into a long and joyful victory salute at the finish in Breda whilst the rain poured down.

The parcours was a mixture of narrow, wooded lanes, interspersed with wide, but open and exposed roads, then in Breda, the roads were slick, twisty and technical. It seemed possible at one point that the rain would stay away, but in the final kilometres, a huge downpour began, although the wind did abate a little thanks to the rain.

A group of riders broke away after the first passage of the 900 metres-long cobbled section on the circuit. The general classification leaders were all there, Vos, Johansson, Teutenberg and some sprinters and other familiar faces - Bronzini, Hosking, van Dijk, Wild, Duester, van Vleuten, Kanis, van den Broek, Blaak, Brand, Brennaur,  Andruik, Hoskins, Taylor and de Vuyst and Numainville

They stayed together for much of the next 50 kilometres, until a gap appeared in the break. Initially, it was reported as "50 metres" over Radio Tour, but it quickly opened in front of those chasing to be 100 metres and then, in the twister sections of the course, the leaders were out of sight. 

Nederland Bloeit were active at the front of the race early on and in the break, Loes Gunnewijk, particularly, was obvious at the front on several occasions. Similarly, Emma Johansson and Ina-Yoko Teutenberg were attentive at the front, with the latter winning the cobbles prize as a result. 

Gunnewijk broke free and her lead just kept growing. She was able to enjoy her victory, offering a two-armed salute in the rain which was pouring down in Breda. The sprint for second place was between Vos and Wild. The race leader took it, helped by the fact that she chose the slightly shorter line on a final 250 metres which curved ever-so-gently leading to the line.

Vos retains the leader's orange jersey for general classification and most of the other jerseys too. The young rider competition jersey passed back from Lucinda Brand to AA Drink team-mate, Chantal Blaak.

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Team Time Gap Bonus
1    Loes GUNNEWIJK Nederland Bloeit 2.54'18"      10"  
2    Marianne VOS Nederland Bloeit 2.54'45"   27"   11"  
3    Kirsten WILD AA Drink  2.54'45"   27"   9"  
4    Emma JOHANSSON Hitec products UCK 2.54'45"   27"   1"  
5    Cherise TAYLOR Lotto 2.54'45"   27"     
6    Annemiek VAN VLEUTEN Nederland Bloeit 2.54'45"   27"     
7    Joelle NUMAINVILLE Tibco 2.54'45"   27"     
8    Chloe HOSKING HTC Highroad Women 2.54'45"   27"     
9    Chantal BLAAK AA Drink  2.54'45"   27"     
10    Ina Yoko TEUTENBERG HTC Highroad Women 2.54'45"   27"     


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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Name Team Time Gap
1    Marianne VOS Nederland Bloeit 6.10'12"     
2    Emma JOHANSSON Hitec products UCK 6.10'52"   40"  
3    Kirsten WILD AA Drink  6.11'16"   1'04"  
4    Ina Yoko TEUTENBERG HTC Highroad Women 6.11'21"   1'09"  
5    Chantal BLAAK AA Drink  6.12'38"   2'26"  
6    Chloe HOSKING HTC Highroad Women 6.12'40"   2'28"  
7    Sarah DÜSTER Nederland Bloeit 6.13'11"   2'59"  
8    Loes GUNNEWIJK Nederland Bloeit 6.13'40"   3'28"  
9    Lisa BRENNAUER Hitec products UCK 6.13'48"   3'36"  
10    Joelle NUMAINVILLE Tibco 6.14'54"   4'42"  


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