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September 6 - September 11 2011



Holland Ladies Tour takes a step back up in 2011. The race which sadly, for a national tour, relied on multiple laps of small circuits for several of its stages in 2009 and 2010 provides riders with the challenge of 'proper' road stages in 2011. Although there are some laps included in the parcours of some stages, these are large laps, covered once or twice in the stage.

Located in the southern regions of the Netherlands, Holland Ladies Tour 2011 will be the final real test for the sprinters prior to the World Championships in Copenhagen later in the month. There are new stages early in the week and some familiar stage towns in the latter part. The sprinters will be likely to rule this race until the final stage, when there are many climbs included of the tough slopes around Maastricht and Valkenburg (the narrow, steep climbs like those used by the men's spring classic, the Amstel Gold Race).

Neerrijnen - Ophemert, the first stage, is flat but could be affected by wind, although nothing of any significance is forecast, but with so many sprinters wishing to test their legs, the finish is likely to be frenetic.

Stage 2 at Gemert is an individual time trial, on a 20.5km flat circuit. There are some technical corners and some wide-open sections. If the wind does arrive, there will be an additional challenge....

The third stage, around Breda is another flat stage. The highlight here, theoretically, is the inclusion of three cobble classification points within the 115.2km stage. There are three laps of the same course on this stage, so the same section of cobbles is covered three times. At a distance of 15km from the finish, its unlikely to do too much to affect the finale, depending upon its severity....

Stage 4, around Papendrecht, is five laps of a circuit which includes several kilometres each lap of tight, twisting town streets. There will undoubtedly be a bottleneck at the entrance to this point on each lap, which could split the field if the weather has not done so already. A sprint from a small breakaway may be the recipe on this stage.

The penultimate stage is based around Nuenen and Gerwen, which the 2010 tour visited also. Again, a flat stage, this one takes in one large lap around the area, which is just north of Eindhoven. The three finishing circuit laps will be fast and technical, a breakaway could possibly stay away if it enters the circuits with a good enough advantage.

The Stage 6 finale takes place in the Valkenburg area and although this stage goes tantalisingly close to the famed Cauberg, it does not actually ever enter Valkenburg and climb it. However, the climbers will not be disappointed, the laps ensure that the geographical ridge (which the Cauberg is part of) is visited several times and the stage finish is on the climb at Berge en Terblijt (there is a hint in the name...) a town which is familiar to those with memories of this race in the several years to 2009. (2010 omitted the area completely). The race is unlikely to become a test of will and final stage intermediate sprints like in 2010, when Marianne Vos stole the race from Kirsten Wild on the final sprint, thanks to bonus seconds.

Expect some stage wins for Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, who has the greatest number of stage wins ever (12), even winning one stage in 2010 before leaving the race with illness. The next best non-retired rider is Kirsten Wild with 4 wins. Marianne Vos has won the race twice overall, but only holds three stage wins. 

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Stage 1, Neerrijnen - Ophemert, 114.3km

Stage 2, Gemert, ITT, 20.5km

Stage 3, Breda, 115.2km

Stage 4, Papendrecht, 127.5km

Stage 5, Nuenen - Gerwen, 113.7km

Stage 6, Bunde - Berge en Terblijt, 113.8km

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Start List  - invited teams

Nederland Bloeit
HTC HighRoad
AA Drink
Diadora - Pasta Zara
Mcipollini Giordana
HITEC Products UCK
USA National Team
Canada National Team
TopSport Vlaanderen 2012
German National Team
Italian National team
Top Girls Fassa Bortolo
Dolmans Landscaping
SKIL - Koga
Team Specialized DPD
SRAM WV Emeland
People's Trust
Dura Vermeer Ladies
Batavus Ladies 
Rabo Lady Force
District Noord - Hepro
District Zuid-Oost Nederland
Team Jan van Arkel
Sengers Ladies Cycling Team
Regioteam West

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Previous Winners

Year Winner Second Place Third Place
2010 Marianne Vos Kirsten Wild Ellen van Dijk
2009 Marianne Vos Kirsten Wild Ina-Yoko Teutenberg
2008 Charlotte Becker Ina-Yoko Teutenberg Irene van den Broek
2007 Kristin Armstrong Judith Arndt Linda Villumsen
2006 Susanne Ljungskog Trixi Worrack Judith Arndt
2005 Tania Hennes Susanne Ljungskog Mirjam Melchers
2004 Mirjam Melchers Trixi Worrack Sissy van Alebeek
2003 Susanne Ljungskog Trixi Worrack Olga Zabelinskaya
2002 Debby Mansveld Mirjam Melchers Arenda Grimberg
2001 Petra Rossner Diana Ziliute Debby Mansveld
2000 Mirjam Melchers Ina-Yoko Teutenberg Susanne Ljungskog
1999 Leontien van Moorsel Petra Rossner Susanne Ljungskog
1998 Elsbeth Vink Leontien van Moorsel

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