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24th International Thüringen Rundfahrt, 2011


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Stage 4 - Pooley soloed to victory, Johansson hold Yellow by 11 seconds

Zeulenroda -Triebes 98.7km


Race Writeup

Emma Pooley (Garmin Cervelo) rode solo to the finish in Zeulenroda to complete stage 4. In the chase for second Judith Arndt (HTC Highroad) crossed the line second ahead of tour leader Emma Johansson (Hitec).

Trixi Worrack (AA Drink) deserved the title of most active rider at the end of the stage. She attacked within the first 20km and managed to gain18 seconds before being pulled back by the bunch. Helen Wyman (Horizon) and Esra Tromp (Skil-Koga) tried to attack 4km later but only managed 500m before the peloton, controlled by Hitec, HTC Highroad and Australian National team closed the gap. 

After 50km of racing the peloton were all together through the first mountain classification point and through Steinsdorf, where the attack had gone on stage 2. 

At the "Hankaberg" for the first time, Claudia Hausler (Germany) attacked up the climb. Noemi Cantele (Garmin Cervelo) was on her wheel followed by Johansson and Arndt.

On the descent a small break of eight riders formed followed by a chasing group of seven riders. On the run into Zeulenroda, the break was formed. Twenty one riders led the race, including most of the top ten on general classification. 

In the break were Svetlana Boubnenkova and Natalia Boyarskaya (Russia), Judith Arndt, Amanda Miller and Amber Neben (HTC Highroad), Loes Gunniwijk (Nederland Bloeit), Fabianna Luperinim Monia Baccaillie and Tatiana Guderzo (MCipollini Giambenini), Cantele, Sharon Laws and Pooley (Garmin Cervelo), race leader Emma Johansson and team mate Cecilie Johansen (Hitec), Worrack and team mate Linda Villumsen  Worrack Sylwia Kapusta (Gauss), Hausler (Germany), leader in the young rider classification, Amy Pieters (Skil-Koga), Shara Gillow and Vicki Whitelaw (Australia).

The leading group quickly gained 2 minutes on the rest of the peloton. With 30km of racing to go, the leading group split. Five riders managed to form a break. The group included, Boyarskaya (Russia), Gunniwijk (Nederland Bloeit), Pooley (Garmin Cervelo),  Worrack  (AA Drink) and Guderzo (MCipollini Giambenini). At the head of the chase was Judith Arndt (HTC Highroad) with some assistance from Johansson and Cantele. 

With 10km to go, the break was back together and Pooley used the opportunity to counter attack. She quickly pulled away for the final climb up Dortendorf (Hankaberg) and created a 50 second gap. With 5km to go the gap had come down to 25 seconds and the chase group had splintered a little.

By the finish Pooley had a 1 minute 5 second lead ahead of Arndt. Johansson led the bunch behind at 1 minute 18 seconds. 

With the crucial individual time trial tomorrow, Emma Johansson (Hitec) leads Amber Neben (HTC Highroad) by 11 seconds. This situation is almost identical to the last time Neben rode Thuringen. She was sitting in second behind Arndt at that time before the time trial and moved herself into the leaders jersey with a TT win. In the end she lost the overall to Arndt by milli-seconds. Luckily for Neben her and Arndt are on the same team this time.

Trixi Worrack (AA Drink) was awarded most active, Lizzie Armitstead (Garmin Cervelo) held onto the sprint leaders jersey, Emma Pooley (Garmin Cervelo) holds the mountain leaders jersey. Amy Pieters (Skil-Koga) remains in a strong lead in the young rider competition. In the team classification, Garmin Cervelo have moved ahead of Australia and HTC Highroad.

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Team Time/Gap Bonus
1   POOLEY Emma CTW 2.39'54"   10"  
2   ARNDT Judith TCW 1'05"   6"  
3   JOHANSSON Emma HPU 1'18"   4"  
4   HÄUSLER Claudia NAT 1'18"   3"  
5   KAPUSTA Sylwia GAU 1'18"     
6   GUNNEWIJK Loes NLB 1'18"     
7   BOYARSKAYA Natalia RUS 1'18"     
8   PIETERS Amy SKC 1'18"     
9   CANTELE Noemi CTW 1'18"   2"  
10   VILLUMSEN Linda LNL 1'18"     


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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Name Team Time/Gap
1   JOHANSSON Emma HPU 12.32'11"  
2   NEBEN Amber TCW 11"  
3   CANTELE Noemi CTW 16"  
4   HÄUSLER Claudia NAT 16"  
5   PIETERS Amy SKC 17"  
6   WHITELAW Vicki AUS 24"  
7   VILLUMSEN Linda LNL 26"  
8   GILLOW Shara AUS 30"  
9   LUPERINI Fabianna MCG 33"  
10   BOUBNENKOVA Svetlana RUS 2'00"  


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