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24th International Thüringen Rundfahrt, 2011


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Thüringen Region, Germany


The 2011 edition of 'Thueringen', the 24th International Thüringen Rundfahrt der Frauen, starts on Monday 18th July 2011. This year's event is longer than previous years (with an additional day and thereby stage). Within a strong start list, 16 teams are represented by 96 riders. 

The 2011 version begins with a short 3.4km Team Time Trial prologue in the University town of Jena, a city with a mix of old east German style and modern buildings. The race then heads east to the traditional towns featured in previous years. As with 2010, the race will visit the traditional towns of Gera, Greiz, Schleiz, Zeulenroda -Triebes and Schmölln,  where riders will complete a 19 km individual time-trial. The final stage is hosted by one of the races major sponsors, the town of Altenburg. It is apt that Altenburg host the final day of the race. The town celebrates 140 years of brewing beer in the town at the Altenburg brewery and 60 years of association with sports in the town.  

This year, like other years, it will be a race for an  all-round rider. 2010 winner, Olga Zabelinskaya, returns this year with her national team, Russia. Previous winner (2008, 2007) Judith Arndt (HTC Highroad) has a strong team of climbers with her. Americans Amber Neben and Amanda Miller are talented climbers like Arndt and power riders; Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, Adrie Visser and Chloe Hosking fill the sprinter line up, will help on the flatter stages. Arndt will be attempting to become the first rider to win the event three times.

Nederland Bloeit are missing 2011 Giro Donne winner Marianne Vos and Annemiek van Vleuten. Emilie Aubry, Sarah Duester and Loes Gunnewijk are their strongest riders along side Emily Aubry. 

Garmin-Cervelo should not be underestimated at the event this year. Noemi Cantele, has started to show good form later in the season and recently won the Italian road and time trial championship. She has a strong team of riders with her. Britons Emma Pooley, Lizzie Armitstead and Sharon Laws, who can support her in the climbs and the tall Dutch rider, Iris Slappendel has great power on the flat and knows how to win stages in Thuringen having won the final stage in 2010. Australian Alexis Rhodes did not make her return to the race due to injury.

Hitec Products UCK leader Emma Johansson, is a strong contender for the race. She does not have the same depth of riders in her team but has proved she can ride consistently over stage races, finishing 7th overall in the Giro Donne recently. She is supported by the race's 2010 Young Rider competition winner, German Lisa Brennauer, Swedish rider Sara Mustonen and recent transfer to the team, Australian Tiffany Cromwell.

AA-Drink Leontin.nl have a mixed strength team. It includes 2009 overall winner Linda Villumsen. The team also includes the experienced Trixi Worrack and their leading sprinter Kirsten Wild.

SC MCipollini Giambenini, field a strong team this year, which includes the 2006 winner of the event and 2008 Olympic and World road champion Nicole Cooke. Cooke is joined by 2009 World road champion Tatiana Guderzo. Neither rider has won a major race this year but have ridden consistently in the recent stage races. They are supported by the experienced Fabianna Luperini and a strong sprinter Monia Baccaille, 

The Australian national team makes a return to the event after a gap since 2007. They have are starting to build some talented riders who should feature high in the general classification. Ruth Corset is their best climber having finished 6th in the recent Giro Donne. They also have Shara Gillow who won a stage in the Giro. They have a good mix of some good young talent, Amanda Spratt, recent winner of the Tour de Feminin in the Czech Republic. After leading the tour from start to finish, the 24 year old won the first stage and then rode strongly through the next four stages to complete the 412km event with a 20 second winning margin over Russians Natalya Boyarskaya (Team P.C.W.) and Larisa Pankova (Russian National Team). The Australians also have more experienced riders like Jessie Maclean and Vicki Whitelaw.

The other teams scheduled to ride the event include; British Horizon Fitness RT team. This team includes local German Hanka Kupfernagel a former winner of the event and usually a safe tip for the podium on the time trial stage and includes team leader, Briton Helen Wyman. 

The rest of the peloton is represented by Italian team, Gauss, German team, Abus Nutrixxion, Canadian team Juvederm-Specialized, the German National Team, Dutch team Skil-Koga Cycling Team, Austrian team Kuota Speed Kueens and finally German team Stevens-Redvil.

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18.7.2011 - Team Time Trial prolog  Jena 3.4km
19.7.2011 - Stage 1  Gera 119.2km 
20.7.2011 - Stage 2  Greiz 105.5km 
21.7.2011 - Stage 3  Schleiz 137.2km 
22.7.2011 - Stage 4  Zeulenroda -Triebes 98.7km
23.7.2011 - Stage 5  ITT Schmölln 19.3km
24.7.2011 - Stage 6  Altenburg 99.6km

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Start List  -Provisional 14/7/2011

1 Zabelinskaja Olga RUS Russian National Team
2 Absaliyamova Venera RUS Russian National Team
3 Boubnenkova Svetlana RUS Russian National Team
4 Boyarskaya Natalia RUS Russian National Team
5 Molitcheva Irina RUS Russian National Team
6 Romanyuta Evgenya RUS Russian National Team
11 Arndt Judith GER HTC Highroad
12 Hosking Chloe AUS HTC Highroad
13 Neben Amber USA HTC Highroad
14 Miller Amanda USA HTC Highroad
15 Visser Adriana NED HTC Highroad
16 Teutenberg Ina-Yoko GER HTC Highroad
21 Aubry Emilie SUI Nederland Bloeit
22 Düster Sarah GER Nederland Bloeit
23 Gunnewijk Loes NED Nederland Bloeit
24 Kanis Janneke NED Nederland Bloeit
25 van Wanroij Marieke NED Nederland Bloeit
26 Tabak Noortje NED Nederland Bloeit
31 Armitstead Lizzie GBR Garmin-Cervelo
32 Cantele Noemi ITA Garmin-Cervelo
33 Laws Sharon GBR Garmin-Cervelo
34 Pooley Emma GBR Garmin-Cervelo
35 Schmidt Trine DEN Garmin-Cervelo
36 Slappendel Iris NED Garmin-Cervelo
41 Johansson Emma SWE Hitec Products UCK
42 Mustonen Sara SWE Hitec Products UCK
43 Johansen Cecilie NOR Hitec Products UCK
44 Nostvold Lise NOR Hitec Products UCK
45 Cromwell Tiffany AUS Hitec Products UCK
46 Brennauer Lisa GER Hitec Products UCK
51 van den Brand Daphny NED AA-Drink Leontin.nl
52 Worrack Trixi GER AA-Drink Leontin.nl
53 Joehrend Marlen GER AA-Drink Leontin.nl
54 Villumsen Linda NZL AA-Drink Leontin.nl
55 Wild Kirsten NED AA-Drink Leontin.nl
56 van Wingerden Josie NED AA-Drink Leontin.nl
61 Cooke Nicole GBR SC Mcipollini Giambenini
62 Luperini Fabianna ITA SC Mcipollini Giambenini
63 Guderzo Tatiana ITA SC Mcipollini Giambenini
64 Baccaille Monia ITA SC Mcipollini Giambenini
65 SC Mcipollini Giambenini
66 Galassi Samantha ITA SC Mcipollini Giambenini
71 Foresi Lorena ITA GAUSS
72 Kapusta Sylwia POL GAUSS
73 Borchi Alessandra ITA GAUSS
74 Tamanini Luisa ITA GAUSS
75 Verhoeven Aurore FRA GAUSS
76 Zorzi Susanna ITA GAUSS
81 Fischer Anna GER Abus Nutrixxion
82 Schnitzmeier Anna Bianca GER Abus Nutrixxion
83 Lamborelle Nathalie LUX Abus Nutrixxion
84 Grand-Petersen Maira DEN Abus Nutrixxion
85 Abus Nutrixxion
86 Abus Nutrixxion
91 Kupfernagel Hanka GER Horizon Fitness RT
92 Wymen Helen GBR Horizon Fitness RT
93 Simpson Annabel GBR Horizon Fitness RT
94 Rich Hanna GBR Horizon Fitness RT
95 Thomas Claire GBR Horizon Fitness RT
96 Storey Sarah GBR Horizon Fitness RT
101 Albrecht Lex CAN Juvederm-Specialized
102 Zider Mary CAN Juvederm-Specialized
103 Guzman Anne CAN Juvederm-Specialized
104 Labonte Veronique CAN Juvederm-Specialized
105 MacGregor Moriah CAN Juvederm-Specialized
106 Ramsden Denise CAN Juvederm-Specialized
111 Gebhardt Elke GER German National Team
112 Hausler Claudia GER German National Team
113 Sandig Madeleine GER German National Team
114 Fischer Lisa GER German National Team
115 Küllmer Lisa GER German National Team
116 Kröger Mieke GER German National Team
121 Bruins Regina NED Skil-Koga Cycling Team
122 Pieters Amy NED Skil-Koga Cycling Team
123 van Rijen Linda NED Skil-Koga Cycling Team
124 Tromp Esra NED Skil-Koga Cycling Team
125 de Wildt Anne NED Skil-Koga Cycling Team
126 Markus Kelly NED Skil-Koga Cycling Team
131 Schlager Ciaudia AUT Kuota Speed Kueens
132 Hahn Jaqueline AUT Kuota Speed Kueens
133 Kasper Romy GER Kuota Speed Kueens
134 Pintarelli Daniela AUT Kuota Speed Kueens
135 Pleyer Lisa AUT Kuota Speed Kueens
136 Purath Bianca GER Kuota Speed Kueens
141 Klein Theres GER Stevens-Redvil
142 Ludwig Marie-Theres GER Stevens-Redvil
143 Poller Lisa GER Stevens-Redvil
144 Wegemund Lydia GER Stevens-Redvil
145 Wotsch Melanie GER Stevens-Redvil
146 Zanner Beate GER Stevens-Redvil
151 Corset Ruth AUS Australian National Team
152 Gillow Shara AUS Australian National Team
153 Spratt Amanda AUS Australian National Team
154 Heather Taryn AUS Australian National Team
155 Maclean Jessie AUS Australian National Team
156 Whitelaw Vicki AUS Australian National Team


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