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5th prijs Stad Roeselare

Amber Neben HTC Highroad soles to victory for first one day classics win 

Roeselare, Belgium, UCI 1.1 135 km



Amber Neben (HTC Highroad) won her first ever one day classics race in style at the 5th pirjs Stad Roeselare. In the bunch sprint for second, in form Emma Johansson (Hitec) outsprinted  Adrie Visser (HTC Highroad).

The course started in Roeselare and travelled south west to complete two loops of the bergs that included the famous Kammelberg before heading back to Roeselare to complete two loops of the town.

Within 15km the first attack went. Esra Tropm (Skil-Koga) attacked. She was joined very quickly by  Linda Ringlever (MovingLadies). The pair managed a small lead. Eventually though the peloton increased the pace sufficiently to bring the pair back at 37km. 

The group were all together until they hit the foot of the first of the bergs at 39.9km. On the Schomminkelberg the pace was kept high by the main teams, HTC Highroad, Garmin Cervelo, AA Drink-Leontien and Nederland Bloeit. This caused some damage to the peloton and a number of riders dropped off the pace.

A leading group of 70 riders formed on the decent. They were chased hard by those who had been left on the climb and the majority of the peloton came back together. 

The decisive damage was done the first time up the Kemmelberg climb. The climb was relatively short, at only 400m, it had a maximum of 22% gradient. Neben (HTC Highroad) kept the pace high and split the peloton. At the top of the climb, Emma Johansson (Hitec) was on the wheel of Neben. Canadian Joelle Numainville was in third wheel. 2010 winner of the GP Stad Roeselare, Kirsten Wild (AA Drink- Leontien.nl) was in 5th wheel. 

On the decent, the affect of Neben's attack was being felt and a leading group of 39 riders formed that included all six HTC Highroad team members, three Hitec (Johansson, Sara Mustonen and Lisa Nostvold), three Garmin Cervelo (Armitstead, Laws and Jessie Daams), four Lotto Honda including Australian sprinter Rochelle Gilmore, Kirsten Wild had four other AA Drink-Leontien.nl riders with her. Local favourite, Grace Verbeke (Topsport Vlaaderen) had three team mates to support her. The Australian National team had two riders, Amanda Spratt and 2011 Oceania Road and TT champion, Shara Gillow. Nederland Bloeit were missing their team leader Marianne Vos. Sarah Duester, Loes Gunnewijk and Patricia Schwager made the break. Martin Bras (DolmansLandscaping), Andrea Bosman (Sram), Helen Wyman (Horizon), Tatiana Antoshina (Gauss), The group worked hard to keep the pace high and quickly increased their lead to over 1 minute. 

Over the Kammelberg for the second time at 67.6km, Neben led the climb again with Armitstead on her wheel. On the decent, as the group reformed, the Australian, who this year became dual Oceania Road and Time trial champion, tried to attack but she crashed as her back wheel was shredded by the pedal of a rider. A quick bike change and she was back in the group. Gillow attacked again within 3km. She quickly gained a gap on the peloton. Gillow led for 25km with a maximum lead of 1 minute 30 seconds. 

The chase started with and attack from Topsport Vlaanderen's Lieselot Decroix. HTC Highroad's Charlotte Becker chased and the pair had a small lead on the peloton. This attack caused a reaction from Garmin Cervelo and AA Drink-Leontien.nl. The peloton came back together again.

Very quickly, the lead of Gillow reduced and she was caught in Moorslede with 37km of racing left. A small group tried to counter attack. This was led by Sara Mustonen (Hitec). Neben was in the group with Antoshina. Armitstead led the chase and the group came back together. As the group came back, Neben counter attacked. 

Initially Mustonen (Hitec) and Armitstead (Garmin Cervelo) started to chase and the gap crept down. They didn't really get much support from the other members of the group and Neben increased her lead. Neben quickly opened up the gap. She managed to stretch it out to 18 seconds as she crossed the finish line to start the final loop of Roeselare. 

With 5km to go the gap was 55 seconds. At 3km to go, Duester and Antoshina tried to give chase but it was all too late. At the finish, Neben became the first American winner of the GP Stad Roeselare, 36 seconds ahead of . Swedish champion Emma Johansson (Hitek Products UCK) claimed the sprint for second over HTC Highroad's Adrie Visser .

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Post Race Comments

Amber Neben (HTC Highroad) was a very humble winner and thanked her team for their support,

"I felt that going for it at 20 kilometers or so was the right moment," said Neben. "Adrie had just come up to my group so I felt I should take that risk and attack, knowing I had a teammate there. It was difficult but I felt good and after how hard the race had been all day, I felt that if I could get a gap I might be able to make it work.

"When I got to five kilometers and I still had 45 seconds I thought I could stick it. A lot of people say 'ten seconds for every kilometer' so I figured it was going to be close, but I still had a little bit of energy and good rhythm," Neben added

"But you don't take anything for granted and I didn't want to celebrate until I saw the finish line." said Neben

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Position Name Team Time/Gap
1 Amber Neben   Team HTC-Highroad Women 3:34:05
2 Emma Johansson   Team Hitec Products Uck :36
3 Adrie Visser   Team HTC-Highroad Women "
4 Rochelle Gilmore   Lotto Honda Team "
5 Martine Bras   Dolmans Landscaping Team "
6 Kirsten Wild   AA Drink - Leontien.nl "
7 Elizabeth Armitstead   Team Garmin - Cervélo "
8 Liesbet De Vocht   Topsport Vlaanderen - Ridley 2012 "
9 Christine Majerus   Team GSD Gestion "
10 Sarah Düster   Nederland Bloeit "
11 Andrea Bosman   W.V. Eemland "
12 Sara Mustonen   Team Hitec Products Uck "
13 Chloe Hosking   Team HTC-Highroad Women "
14 Sofie De Vuyst   Lotto Honda Team "
15 Marie Lindberg   ABUS - Nutrixxion "
16 Loes Gunnewijk   Nederland Bloeit "
17 Joëlle Numainville   Canada National Team "
18 Helen Wyman  Horizon Fitness Racing Team "
19 Grace Verbeke   Topsport Vlaanderen - Ridley 2012 "
20 Lise Nřstvold   Team Hitec Products Uck "
21 Charlotte Becker   Team HTC-Highroad Women "
22 Emilia Fahlin   Team HTC-Highroad Women "
23 Amanda Spratt  Australia National Team "
24 Patricia Schwager   Nederland Bloeit "
25 Ashleigh Moolman   Lotto Honda Team "
26 Annelies Van Doorslaer   Topsport Vlaanderen - Ridley 2012 "
27 Sharon Laws   Team Garmin - Cervélo "
28 Ann-sophie Duyck   Wielerclub Steeds Vooraan - Kontich W. "
29 Jessie Daams   Team Garmin - Cervélo "
30 Amanda Miller   Team HTC-Highroad Women "
31 Shara Gillow  Australia National Team "
32 Tatiana Antoshina   Gauss "
33 Chantal Blaak   AA Drink - Leontien.nl :47
34 Heleen Van Vliet   AA Drink - Leontien.nl "
35 Linda Villumsen   AA Drink - Leontien.nl "
36 Irene Van De Broek   AA Drink - Leontien.nl "
37 Maaike Polspoel   Topsport Vlaanderen - Ridley 2012 :49
38 Lieselot Decroix   Topsport Vlaanderen - Ridley 2012 "
39 Ludivine Henrion   Lotto Honda Team :52
40 Natalie Van Gogh   Specialized - DPD Pakketservice Women 7:45
41 Suzanne De Goede   Skil - Koga "
42 Anna-bianca Schnitzmeier   ABUS - Nutrixxion "
43 Mascha Pijnenborg   Dolmans Landscaping Team "
44 Vera Koedooder   Specialized - DPD Pakketservice Women "
45 Yulia Iliynikh  Russian National team "
46 Nathalie Lamborelle   ABUS - Nutrixxion "
47 Jessica Glasbergen   W.V. Eemland "
48 Emilie Moberg   Team Hitec Products Uck "
49 Pascale Schnider  Team Bike Import "
50 Davina Summers   Bizkaia-Durango "
51 Petra Dijkman   Dolmans Landscaping Team "
52 Inge Roggeman   Sengers Ladies Cycling Team "
53 Laure Werner   Lotto Honda Team "
54 Janneke Ensing   Dolmans Landscaping Team "
55 Linda Ringlever   Moving Ladies "
56 Sanne Bamelis   Sengers Ladies Cycling Team "
57 Catherine Delfosse   Lotto Honda Team "
58 Annelies Visser   Batavus Ladies Cycling Team "
59 Genevieve Whitson  Swabo Ladies Team "
60 Natalie Creswick   Rapha Racing "
61 Leah Guloien  Canadian National Team "
62 Miriam Bjřrnsrud   Ladies Cyclingteam Water, Land En Dijken "
63 Lucy Martin ct  Team Garmin - Cervélo "
64 Alexandra Burchenkova  Russian National team "
65 Svetlana Bubnenkova   Team Fenixs - Kuota "
66 Emma Silversides   Sengers Ladies Cycling Team "
67 Noortje Tabak   Nederland Bloeit "
68 Roxane Knetemann   Skil - Koga "
69 Amy Pieters   Skil - Koga "
70 Natalia Boyarskaya  Russian National team "
71 Iris Slappendel   Team Garmin - Cervélo "
72 Irina Molicheva  Russian National team "
73 Leah Kirchmann  Canadian National Team "
74 Trine Schmidt   Team Garmin - Cervélo "
75 Lauren Kitchen  Australia National Team "
76 Anna Fischer   ABUS - Nutrixxion "

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