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        Ronde van Gelderland

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Ina-Yoko Teutenberg  sprints to victory

Appeldoorn, 137.8km

Race Writeup

HTC-Highroad's Ina-Yoko Teutenberg won the bunch sprint of the Ronde Van Gelderland ahead of Kirsten Wild (AA Drink-Leontien.nl) and Rochelle Gilmore (Lotto).

Like many races this season, the course had been changed from previous years. This years race started climbing at 22.9km and continued to roll through the forest for 21.5km to the final and toughest climb the Posbank.

The peloton rolled out to the south of Apeldoorn towards the national park and the series of climbs. It wasn't long before the attacks started. At 16.7km, Trixi Worrack (AA Drink-Leontien.nl) attacked and managed to get small gap on the chasing peloton. She was joined by team mate Lucinda Brand. Chloe Hosking (HTC Highroad) chased to the leaders but could not match the pace of Worrack as the first climb of the day, the Kemperbergweg increased the elevation. Brand also struggled on the climb and fell back to the peloton. 

Amber Neben (HTC Highroad) led the chase to Worrack and the peloton were back together. At the second climb, AA Drinl-Leontien.nl were active again and this time Chantal Blaak attacked. Neben went with her, as did the 2009 World Road Champion Tatiana Guderzo (SC MChipollini). 

The three leaders gained a maximum lead of 1 minute 5 seconds before two riders tried to bridge across. Loes Gunnewijk (Nederland Bloeit) and Natalia Boyarskaya (Russia) chased and after 58km of racing the race was led by 5 riders. 

The chase from the peloton started at 63km. It was led by Forno d'Asolo Colavita, Skil Koga and Lotto.

By the time the peloton reached 100km completed the race was back together. 

With 25km to go, Marieke van Wanroij (Nederland Bloeit) attacked and managed to gain a small lead before HTC Highroad closed the gap. 

With 12.5 km to go, the peloton was together as it circumvented the Omnisport velodrome to start the small circuit. 

With five kilometres to ride the course was very technical and narrow as it navigated the streets towards the velodrome. The peloton was strung out for the final kilometres. In the final 1km there AA Drink-Leontien.nl were on the front to navigate the four turns. It looked like Wild was going to win until the last 60m. Teutenberg jumped off her wheel and crossed the line ahead of Wild and Gilmore. 


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Post Race Comments

 Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (HTC-Highroad) too the win she had been waiting for in the long series of Dutch races, "We had [team-mate] Amber [Neben] in the big break of the day so that eased a lot of the pressure on us before the final part of the race," Teutenberg said. "[Rival sprinter Giorgia] Bronzini's team-mates did a lot of work to bring back the break and then a lot of attacks went in the last 40 kilometres. But it was flat and fast and none of them could stick really. It wasn't that windy so it was pretty clear it was coming down to a bunch sprint." Teutenberg added "The final kilometre were very technical but that finally favoured her chances in the sprint."

A happy Teutenberg reflected on the last few days of racing, "Head and body-wise I was feeling a lot better than I was in yesterday's race, [the Ronde Van Drenthe] but there were a lot of good riders here so you never know what's going to happen. It was a typical Dutch finish, a lot of corners in the last five kilometres and four in the last kilometre but that was actually all right because it strung the bunch out. Then I was able to get past [Kirsten] Wild in the last 60 metres."

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Position Name Team  Time/Gap
1 Teutenberg, Ina-Yoko Team HTC Highroad 3:24:30
2 Wild, Kirsten AA Drink-Leontien.nl "
3 Gilmore, Rochelle Lotto Team "
4 Bronzini, Giorgia Colavita Forno d'Asolo "
5 Bastianelli, Marta SC MCipollini Giambenini "
6 Jeuland, Pascale Vienne Futuroscope "
7 de Goede, Suzanne Skil-Koga "
8 Goss, Belinda Australian National Team "
9 Patuzzo, Eleonora Diadora Pasta Zara "
10 Taylor, Cherise Lotto Team "
11 Gunnewijk, Loes Nederland Bloeit "
12 Creux, Sophie Vienne Futuroscope "
13 Wigbold, Juliette SRAM WV Eemland "
14 van Paassen, Sanne Snelle Wiel Buitenlust "
15 Cliff-Ryan, Theresa Colavita Forno d'Asolo "
16 Kasper, Romy German National Team "
17 Frapporti, Simona Top Girls Fasso Bortolo "
18 van Gogh, Natalie Team Specialized -DPD "
19 Bosman, Andrea SRAM WV Eemland "
20 Visser, Annelies Batavus Ladies Cycling T "
21 Arnouts, Anne Dura Vermeer Cycling Tea "
22 Hosking, Chloe Team HTC Highroad "
23 van den Hoek, Bianca SRAM WV Eemland "
24 Worrack, Trixi AA Drink-Leontien.nl "
25 Spoor, Winanda Dolmans Landscaping Team "
26 Iliynikh, Yulia Russian National Team "
27 Peetoom, Kirsten Movingladies R&TC Groene "
28 Cromwell, Tiffany Lotto Team "
29 Verdonck, Sofie Dura Vermeer Cycling Tea "
30 Brand, Lucinda AA Drink-Leontien.nl "
31 de Wildt, Anne AA Drink-Leontien.nl "
32 van Wanroij, Marieke Nederland Bloeit "
33 Markus, Kelly Nationaal Team Nederland "
34 Jolink, Nathalie Team Specialized -DPD "
35 Knetemann, Roxane Skil-Koga "
36 Kortekaas, Esther Jan van Arckel "
37 Whitelaw, Vicki Lotto Team "
38 Hohl, Jennifer SC MCipollini Giambenini "
39 Canuel, Karol-Ann Vienne Futuroscope "
40 Fry, Rowena Australian National Team "
41 Truijen, Karin Team Specialized -DPD "
42 Ensing, Janneke Dolmans Landscaping Team "
43 Hofmann, Sarah-Lena German National Team "
44 Fouquet, Laura German National Team "
45 Kirchmann, Leah Canada National Team "
46 Millar, Amanda Team HTC Highroad "
47 Borgato, Galda Colavita Forno d'Asolo "
48 Spratt, Amanda Australian National Team "
49 Jöhrend, Marlen AA Drink-Leontien.nl "
50 Tesink, Irene Restore Cycling Ladies "
51 Blaak, Chantal AA Drink-Leontien.nl "
52 Snijder, Adriene Batavus Ladies Cycling T "
53 Guarischi, Barbara Colavita Forno d'Asolo "
54 Colclough, Katie Team HTC Highroad "
55 Kitchen, Lauren Australian National Team "
56 Zabelinskaya, Olga Diadora Pasta Zara "
57 Fernandes, Uenia Colavita Forno d'Asolo "
58 Carle, Alex Australian National Team "
59 Tromp, Esra Skil-Koga "
60 Berlato, Elena Top Girls Fasso Bortolo "
61 Schwager, Patricia Nederland Bloeit "
62 Ringlever, Linda Movingladies R&TC Groene "
63 Borghini Longo, Elisa Top Girls Fasso Bortolo "
64 Pieters, Amy Skil-Koga "
65 Koedooder, Vera Team Specialized -DPD "
66 Jongstra, Sione Jan van Arckel "
67 Slamova, Gabriela Vienne Futuroscope "
68 Pierce, Amber Diadora Pasta Zara "
69 Tabak, Noortje Nederland Bloeit "
70 Neben, Amber Team HTC Highroad "
71 Kuizenga, Sigrid Jan van Arckel "
72 Elzing, Karen Nationaal Team Nederland "
73 McGrath, Kristin USA National Team "
74 Talen, Rebecca Nationaal Team Nederland "
75 Klep, Inge Dura Vermeer Cycling Tea "
76 van den Brand, Daphny Hepro NWVG "
77 Eversdijk, Anne Rabo Lady Force "
78 Tiessens, Ivana Hepro NWVG "
79 Meijer, Rixt People's Trust Cycling T "
80 Myers, Lindsay USA National Team "
81 Trott, Laura Movingladies R&TC Groene "
82 de Boer, Sophie Nationaal Team Nederland "
83 Boyarskaya, Natalia Russian National Team "
84 Baccaille, Monia SC MCipollini Giambenini "
85 Guderzo, Tatiana SC MCipollini Giambenini "
86 Eshuis, Aafke Team Specialized -DPD 0:15
87 Kogelman, Silke Team Specialized -DPD "
88 Whitson, Genevieve SWABO Ladies Cycling Tea 1:34
89 Stacher, Ally, M Team HTC Highroad 1:40
90 Wiles, Tayler USA National Team "
91 Glasbergen, Jessica SRAM WV Eemland "


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