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Wyman creates new team for 2010

Horizon Fitness to be main sponsor

Opportunities for developing riders to be involved at club level

Horizon Fitness is confirmed as the principle sponsor for the new womens' team to be run by Stefan Wyman.   The team will focus on the developing its young riders by providing them with the best facilities for racing and training and ensuring that the race program they follow will be 100% tailored to their abilities.

Women’s cycling is moving forward quickly each year both in terms of the teams and the events.  However this coming season will see a lot of long established European pro teams ending and new teams looking to start their build up towards London 2012 and beyond.’ commented Stefan Wyman.

About the goals for the team, he added, ‘I want to help develop young British riders, but that isn’t my only focus for the team long term.  I have some ideas of how I feel success can be achieved in women’s cycling, and our sponsors share those ideas.  This team will have a major focus on integrating sponsors and supporters with the team to allow them to have the maximum return and enjoyment from the team.

This time of year is always really important to ensure you get the right blend of riders and this year is particularly busy as so many riders are looking for new teams.  We’re going to be announcing our first riders soon and it really is looking like being an exciting line up’ mentioned Wyman, ‘It’s also really important that we start to speak to race organisers about entries already.  That’s another area of women’s cycling that is changing fast.  Some older races have disappeared for 2010, like the [race which used to be known as] Women’s Tour de France [the 'Grand Boucle', but which has been anything but 'grand' in recent years, running as only a few stages - editor].  However, new events are coming all the time as part of the globalisation of women’s cycle sport.  The 2010 UCI road calendar includes a World Cup in China and also a Tour of India.  

We also want to try to help invest in the sport in UK.  We’re looking at backing some events and getting our sponsors involved, as well as participating in them ourselves.  Over the last few years, women’s cycling in the UK has moved so far forward.  You only have to look at the rider line up in great teams such as Cervelo to see that.  That shows us there is a great pool of talent in the UK and if we can try to work with those riders, we’ll be in a good position to excel in major races in the future.

We will also run a club element of the team, to allow riders to ride with Horizon Fitness and enjoy some of the benefits we will be able to offer.  I hope this will form part of a strong development platform for the future teams as we move forward over the years.  Any rider wishing to join us should get in touch.

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