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World Track Championships 2010

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Sprint Qualifying and Rounds


Race Writeup

1/8 Finals  

Shuang Guo (CHN) never looked troubled against Kristina Vogel (GER) and moved easily into the quarterfinal.

Anna Meares (AUS) took the lead against Virginie Cueff (FRA) right from the start and easily secure her place in the final stages. 

Olga Panarina (BLR) is the new talent of sprinting in Belarussia. She was a little too casual against Victoria Baranova (RUS) and lost on the line.

Simona Krupeckaite (LTU) and  Lyubov Shulika (UKR) took their time to wind up the speed. When the did, it was Krupeckaite who forced the pace and secured her place in the final.

Kaarle McCulloch (AUS) and the powerful Dutch rider Willy Kanis took it easy to start. McCulloch moved to the front at the bell and never looked back.

In the final race, Clara Sanchez the French multi time World Champion was up against the Olympic Champion Vicky Pendleton (GBR). 

Sanchez took the front but could not hold off the speed of Pendleton. 


In the first of the repechage, Kristina Vogels took the front ahead of Clara Sanchez (FRA) and Lyubov Shulika (UKR). Vogels never looked troubled as she secure her place in the quarterfinals. 

The last of the repechage races included Virginie Cueff  (FRA), Willy Kanis (NED) and Olga Panarina (BLR). Kanis took the lead  but neither Cueff and Kanis could hold off the speed of Panarina.

1/16 Finals

Shuang Guo (CHN) has a easy run into the 1/8th final. She never looked troubled by Olga Streltsova.

Anna Meares (AUS) never looked troubled by the former 500m champion Lisandra Guerra Rodgriguez (CUB).

The new young Belarusian Olga Panarina, had a easy ride against Christian Muche (GER), the former Keirin World Champion.

Simona Krupeckaite (LTU) had to work hard to get round the Hong Kong rider but just caught her on the line to go into the next round.

Sandie Clair (FRA) amd Willy Kanis put on a display of Sprint racing for the crowds. Clair forced Kanis to the back by doing a track stand. Kanis attacked at the bell and won easily

The experienced Clara Sanchez (FRA) was up against the young British rider Rebecca James. James led Sanchez out at the bell, but could not hold off the experienced French woman.

An all British affair including Vicky Pendleton and Jess Varnish tested the resolve of the Olympic Champion, Pendleton.  in the end however, it was Pendleton who sprinted home the quickest.

Unfortunately for the Australians, like the British, Kaarle McCulloch and Emily Rosemond had to sprint off for a finals place. Rosemond took the front but at the bell, McCulloch was too strong for Rosemond. 

The European Champion Lyubov Shulika (UKR) took the front in the battle against the Chinese rider Junhong Lin. Lin was 2 seconds faster in qualifying and attacked early. She could not hold off Shulika.

The second Chinese rider, Jinjie Gong had to race off against the Russian, Victoria Baranova. Gong took the front and attacked early. The Russian moved round at the bell and held off the Chinese rider to the line. 

The French and German riders were the last but one pair to ride. Miriam Welte (GER) led out Virginie Cueff (FRA). Welte was too fast for Cueff and secure her spot in the 1/8 final. The judges reversed the decision as Welte did not hold her line in the sprint.

In the final heat, Kristina Vogel (GER) was up against Yvonne Hijgenaar (NED). Vogel attacked at the bell and Hijgenaar could not catch her. 

Sprint Qualifying

Shuang Guo (CHN) qualified fastest with a time of 10.918 seconds. Guo was the only rider to go under 11 seconds. Anna Meares (AUS) was second fastest ahead of Olga Panarina (BLR). The surprise time came from Vicky Pendleton (GBR) who completed the 200m in a time of 11.135 second.

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1/8 Final

Position Name Country Time Km/Hr
1 GUO Shuang CHN 11.804 60.996
VOGEL Kristina GER
1 MEARES Anna AUS 11.717 61.449
CUEFF Virginie FRA
1 BARANOVA Victoria RUS 11.763 61.208
1 KRUPECKAITE Simona LTU 11.660 61.749
1 MCCULLOCH Kaarle AUS 11.536 62.413
1 PENDLETON Victoria GBR 11.552 62.326


Position Name Country Time Km/Hr
1 VOGEL Kristina GER 11.837 60.826
1 PANARINA Olga BLR 11.600 62.068
CUEFF Virginie FRA


1/16 Final

Position Name Country Time Km/Hr
1 GUO Shuang CHN 11.914 60.433
1 MEARES Anna AUS 11.862 61.633
1 PANARINA Olga BLR 12.114 59.435
MUCHE Christin GER
1 KRUPECKAITE Simona LTU 11.782 61.110
LEE Wai  Sze HKG
1 KANIS Willy NED 11.418 63.058
1 SANCHEZ Clara FRA 11.874 60.636
JAMES Rebecca Angharad GBR
1 PENDLETON Victoria GBR 11.794 61.047
1 MCCULLOCH Kaarle AUS 11.577 62.192
1 SHULIKA Lyubov UKR 11.693 61.575
LIN Junhong CHN
1 BARANOVA Victoria RUS 11.898 60.514
1 WELTE Miriam GER 11.848 60.769
CUEFF Virginie FRA
1 VOGEL Kristina GER 11.813 60.949



Position Name Country Time Km/Hr
1 GUO Shuang CHN 10.918 65.946
2 MEARES Anna AUS 11.030 65.276
3 PANARINA Olga BLR 11.077 64.999
4 KRUPECKAITE Simona LTU 11.078 64.993
5 KANIS Willy NED 11.105 64.835
6 SANCHEZ Clara FRA 11.120 64.748
7 PENDLETON Victoria GBR 11.135 64.660
8 MCCULLOCH Kaarle AUS 11.202 64.274
9 LIN Junhong CHN 11.242 64.045
10 GONG Jinjie CHN 11.250 64.000
11 CUEFF Virginie FRA 11.340 63.492
12 VOGEL Kristina GER 11.356 63.402
13 HIJGENAAR Yvonne NED 11.385 63.241
14 WELTE Miriam GER 11.408 63.113
15 BARANOVA Victoria RUS 11.426 63.014
16 SHULIKA Lyubov UKR 11.442 62.926
17 ROSEMOND Emily AUS 11.444 62.915
18 VARNISH Jessica GBR 11.464 62.805
19 JAMES Rebecca Angharad GBR 11.518 62.510
20 CLAIR Sandie FRA 11.559 62.289
21 LEE Wai  Sze HKG 11.564 62.262
22 MUCHE Christin GER 11.571 62.224
23 GUERRA RODRIGUEZ Lisandra CUB 11.600 62.068
24 STRELTSOVA Olga RUS 11.700 61.538
25 DABROWSKA Renata POL 11.922 60.392
26 CASAS ROIGE Helena ESP 11.995 60.025
27 GAIVENYTE Gintare LTU 12.084 59.582

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Sorry, we didn't have a photographer there, we were in Italy at Trofeo Binda - road World Cup, round 1

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