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World Track Championships 2010

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Omnium -  Tara Whitten wins Gold for Canada

Race Writeup

Canadian Tara Whitten went one better in 2010 to secure the fist Canadian Gold Medal at a World Championship since 1993. Whitten was tied with Lizzy Armitstead (GBR) going into the 500TT and knew she had to make a good start and go faster than Armitstead, she went 1.1 seconds faster.

200m flying start

Yvonne Hugenaar (Netherlands) came out best in the opening event of the womenís omnium, going quickest in the 200 metre time trial. The 2009 bronze medallist averaged over 63 km/h to clock a time of 11.376 for the flying 200m TT. She was over three tenths faster than last yearís silver medallist Tara Whitten (Canada) and Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain). Vilija Sereikaite (Lituania), Yumari Gonzalez Valdivieso (Cuba) and Liz Armitstead (Great Britain) took places four through six, while the US hope Sarah Hammer was next. Defending champion Josephine Tomic was back in tenth.

Scratch race: Defending champion Tomic crashes, then later withdraws from competition

Charlotte Becker slipped away early on and took a lap in the womenís scratch race, thus ensuring a relatively straightforward win for herself. The German nipped away soon after a crash on lap three brought down 2009 champion Josephine Tomic. The Australianís rear wheel slipped on the steepest part of the banking and she slid downwards, taking out Yumari Gonzalez Valdivieso (Cuba) in the process.
Both riders restarted and went on to finish the race. However Tomic would later decide not to continue in the next round of the Omnium, thus relinquishing her title.
Becker succeeded in taking a lap, then tucked into the centre of the group. The pace became very slow and gradually built up as the finish approached. Hammer kicked clear with three laps remaining, staking everything on being able to hold off the bunch. Gonzalez Valdivieso was chasing hard and brought the others up to Hammer on the final lap; for a moment it looked like the individual pursuit winner would be able to hold on, but she was pipped at the line by Evgeniya Romanyuta (Russia).
The two looked like they'd taken second and third, but both were subsequently relegated. Hammer flicked upwards towards some riders when they were close to her back wheel, while Romanyuta rode on the blue band during the sprint.
The final standings of the scratch round were adjusted to reflect this; Becker was best, then Liz Armitstead (Great Britain), Xiao Juan Diao and Renata Dabrowska.

Individual Pursuit 2km

Sarah Hammer  (USA) continued her dominance in the event winning with ease. Vilija Sereikaite (LTU) was second fasted with Whitten third. 

Points Race

Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus) won the points race a clear 6 points ahead of Hammer and Armitstead. 

In the final event the 500m TT Yvonne Hijgenaar  (NED) went quickest, with Whitten gaining 3 ahead of Armitstead's 9th place. 


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Post Race Comments

Tara Whitten (CAN) became the latest Gold medal winner after a consistent performance in the Omnium. "After last year, I knew I had to be more prepared for the 500m TT. Every training session I practiced standing starts to ensure I could get away quickly. I also based myself in LA during the winter to get maximum track time. I don't think it has sunk in yet that I am World Champion," said Whitten

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200m TT Name Time
1 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands) 00:11.4
2 Tara Whitten (Canada) 00:11.7
3 Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain) 00:11.7
4 Vilija Sereikaite (Lithuania) 00:11.8
5 Yumari Gonzalez Valdivieso (Cuba) 00:12.0
6 Elizabeth Armitstead (Great Britain) 00:12.0
7 Sarah Hammer (United States Of America) 00:12.0
8 Lada Kozlikova (Czech Republic) 00:12.0
9 Gemma Dudley (New Zealand) 00:12.1
10 Josephine Tomic (Australia) 00:12.1
11 Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus) 00:12.1
12 Chaomei Wu (People's Republic of China) 00:12.1
13 Renata Dabrowska (Poland) 00:12.1
14 Evgeniya Romanyuta (Russian Federation) 00:12.2
15 Charlotte Becker (Germany) 00:12.2
16 Xiao Juan Diao (Hong Kong, China) 00:12.3
17 Barbara Guarischi (Italy) 00:12.9
Scratch Race Name
1 Charlotte Becker (Germany)
2 -1lap Elizabeth Armitstead (Great Britain)
3 Xiao Juan Diao (Hong Kong, China)
4 Renata Dabrowska (Poland)
5 Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain)
6 Barbara Guarischi (Italy)
7 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands)
8 Yumari Gonzalez Valdivieso (Cuba)
9 Tara Whitten (Canada)
10 Gemma Dudley (New Zealand)
11 Lada Kozlikova (Czech Republic)
12 Josephine Tomic (Australia)
13 Vilija Sereikaite (Lithuania)
14 Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)
15 Chaomei Wu (People's Republic of China)
REL Evgeniya Romanyuta (Russian Federation)
REL Sarah Hammer (United States Of America)
Individual Pursuit
1 Sarah Hammer (United States Of America) 02:18.8
2 Vilija Sereikaite (Lithuania) 02:19.5
3 Tara Whitten (Canada) 02:21.8
4 Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain) 02:23.3
5 Lada Kozlikova (Czech Republic) 02:24.2
6 Charlotte Becker (Germany) 02:24.3
7 Gemma Dudley (New Zealand) 02:24.8
8 Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus) 02:25.3
9 Elizabeth Armitstead (Great Britain) 02:26.5
10 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands) 02:26.5
11 Yumari Gonzalez Valdivieso (Cuba) 02:31.7
12 Chaomei Wu (People's Republic of China) 02:32.3
13 Renata Dabrowska (Poland) 02:32.8
14 Barbara Guarischi (Italy) 02:34.3
15 Xiao Juan Diao (Hong Kong, China) 02:35.1
DNS Evgeniya Romanyuta (Russian Federation)
DNS Josephine Tomic (Australia)
10km Points Race Name
1 Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus) 15
2 Sarah Hammer (United States Of America) 9
3 Elizabeth Armitstead (Great Britain) 7
4 Barbara Guarischi (Italy) 3
5 Charlotte Becker (Germany) 3
6 Tara Whitten (Canada) 2
7 Gemma Dudley (New Zealand) 1
8 Xiao Juan Diao (Hong Kong, China)
9 Yumari Gonzalez Valdivieso (Cuba)
10 Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain)
11 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands) -17
12 Lada Kozlikova (Czech Republic) -19
13 Renata Dabrowska (Poland) -20
14 Vilija Sereikaite (Lithuania) -20
15 Chaomei Wu (People's Republic of China) -20
500m Time Trial
1 Yvonne Hijgenaar  (Netherlands) 00:35.0
2 Vilija Sereikaite  (Lithuania) 00:35.2
3 Tara Whitten  (Canada) 00:35.8
4 Renata Dabrowska  (Poland) 00:36.1
5 Lada Kozlikova  (Czech Republic) 00:36.2
6 Sarah Hammer  (United States Of America) 00:36.3
7 Gemma Dudley  (New Zealand) 00:36.4
8 Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro  (Spain) 00:36.5
9 Elizabeth Armitstead  (Great Britain) 00:36.9
10 Tatsiana Sharakova  (Belarus) 00:37.0
11 Yumari Gonzalez Valdivieso  (Cuba) 00:37.6
12 Charlotte Becker  (Germany) 00:37.6
13 Chaomei Wu  (People's Republic of China) 00:37.9
14 Xiao Juan Diao  (Hong Kong, China) 00:38.1
15 Barbara Guarischi  (Italy) 00:39.1


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Sorry, we didn't have a photographer there, we were in Italy at Trofeo Binda - road World Cup, round 1

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