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World Road Championships 2010


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LIve Road Race Coverage 

Saturday 2 Oct 127.2km (8 laps)


Race Writeup

16.33 Bronzini wins

16.31 1km to to Canadians on front but Vos on their wheel.

16.30 Canadians Erin Willock and Tara Whitten chasing on front.

16.27 Cooke and Arndt have 11 seconds, Whitten chasing with Johansson, Vos, Guderzo 2.7km to go

16.26 Cooke and Arndt working together 4km to go.  Guderzo chasing with Vos and Whitten

16.25 Cooke and Arndt away. Whitten chasing

16.25 Arndt caught Cooke, lead group split Vos, Pooley, Arndt, Guderzo, Johansson 6km to go

16.24 7.2km to finish. Cooke on final climb 20 chasers

16.23 30 riders left in lead, Cooke doing 66km on decent.

16.22 Nicole Cooke (GRB) attacked on decent.

16.16 Final time up the big climb. Johansson and Pooley on front, Arndt and Vos

16.15 Annemiek van Vleuten punctured approaching climb

16.14 Lithuainian on the front of the race with the Italian an Gunnewijk (NED)

16.12 All four Dutch riders are on the front of the race.

16.10 Lead group back together. 14km to finish

16.06 Cantele has attacked over the climb to start/finish line. Catherine Williams (GBR) and Boyarskaya (RUS).

16.05 The dutch have four riders left in lead group. One lap to go. 

16.03 Antoshina holds a 10 second lead.

16.01 Loes Gunnewijk chasing the 10 second gap that Antoshina holds

16.00 Pooley, Neben, Vos, Russian Antoshina, tried to get away.

15.58 On second climb Worrack, Pooley, Vos, Arndt, Neben. Cantele, Johansson over climb first.

15.56 Seven riders in the lead, Neben leads the decent. Johansson, Vos, Arndt, Cantele, Guderzo. Pooley. Group chasing back.

15.55 Pooley led, Cantele over climb. Guderzo attacked over climb.

15.52 Pooley catches Mattis and leads over climb

15.51 Gap down to 38 seconds as they approach climb.

15.50 Chase group led by Blaak and Pooley. Approximately 40 riders.

15.46 Approaching climb, Mattis is now in view of the bunch, gap down to 1 minute.

15.44 Becker and Teutenberg (GER) in second chase group. 

15.43 Two laps to go, Mattis hold a1 minute 22 lead. Chantal Blaak (NED) leading chase for team mate Vos. 

15.35 35.4km to go, chase group of 30 riders with top riders in bunch.

15.32 Gap to peloton 1 minute 59, Blaak on front for the Netherlands

15.30 Chase group, three Brits, Canelte, Neben and Chantel Blaak, Vos at front of race.

15.27 Chasers 2 minute 23 to Mattis, Emma Johansson (SWE), Laws, Pooley, Cantele, Arndt, VOs, Neben, Verbeke and Lizzie Armitstead (GBR) in the leading chase group.

1525 British Cooke, Laws and Pooley on front. 

15.22 Mattis on climb. Gap down to 2 minute 12.

15.18 Approaching climb for sixth time. Lead now out to nearly 3 minutes. Cromwell on front with Trixi Worrack (GER)

15.16 Ryan (AUS) on front chasing 2 minutes 43 seconds to Mattis.

15.15 Mattis crossed to complete 79.5 km. Ryan on front of chase.

15.12 Mattis 2 minutes 49 lead.

15.10 Chasing group down to 60 riders gap 2 minute 25 seconds.

15.01 Mattis on second climb dancing on pedals. Pitel (FRA) led the bunch over the climb 2 minute 16 gap. Pooley in second wheel.

14.59 Mattis hold a 2 minute 29 lead after 70.1km Zabelinskaja chasing on climb.

14.57 Mattis on climb, Shara Gillow (AUS) attacked to chase Italy, Spain, Longo in the front.

14.55 Approaching climb gap to bunch 2 minutes 26.

14.50 Crash Ukrainian Svetlana Galyuk took Emma Pooley (GBR), Cliff Ryan (USA), Spratt and Bridie O'Donnell (AUS) down. Pooley back in safely.

14.46 Cromwell tried to get the bunch to pick up the pace as they finished lap 4. Gap to Mattis 2 minutes 7 seconds

14.45 Mattis 1 minute 35 ahead as the get close to the end of the 4th lap.

14.41 Mattis 1 minute 26 ahead.

14.40 Fast pace peloton strung out for 300m.

14.38 Pooley chasing back Canadian and Italian brought back on second climb.

14.35 Anne Samplonius left Carretta on decent to chase Mattis. Peleton led by Olga Zabelinskaja (RUS)

14.33 Mattis over climb, two chasers Samplonius and Caretta 49 seconds, Edwig Pitel (FRA) led bunch over 1 minute 18 seconds back.

14.30 Bunch slowed a little, two riders counter attacking to chase. Valentina Carretta (ITA) and Anne Samplonius (CAN)

14.29 Mattis holds a 50 second lead

14.27 Approaching climb again. Pace still on to chase Mattis

14.25 Germans, Italians and Dutch chasing hard.

14.22 Katheryn Curi Mattis is on the attack. She won the last World Cup race that was held in Geelong.

14.20 End of third lap. Strung out up finish line attack Mattis (USA)

14.17 Cromwell Australia chased down the attack so all together. Couner attacks again from Italy 

14.15 Leading group  attack from the Italian Eleonora Patuzzo

1410 Americans and Italians keeping an eye on the front of race.

14.08 Lead group of 80 riders hit the bridge. Noortje (NED) on front with Loes Gunnewijk

14.07 Strung out on decent. Laws on front.

1405 Attack from America Miller, and South African Carla Swart stretched bunch

14.00 Belgians Grace Verbeke and Liesbet de Voch moved up on approach to climb

13.58 Pace high as they approach the climb again.

13.55 Amanda Miller and Theresa Cliff Ryan (USA) on front with Guderzon and Cantele. 28 minute lap.

13.52 Americans on front as the ride alone the sea front in the last km of this lap.

13.50 Approaching start of third lap. Swedens Emma Johansson and Emila Fahlin moving up towards the front.

13.46 All together, Noemi Cantele (ITA), Judith Arndt (GER) at back with Longo (FRA) 

13.44 Cromwell (AUS) doing her job on front setting pace, top riders near the front. Vos, Olga Zabelinskaja (RUS) won won Thuringen this year was on the front.

13.43 Lusie Keller (GER) on front, on down hill to Baly Bridge 77km on decent

13.40 Kath Mattis (USA) , Guderzo, and Ina-Yoko Teutenberg on front

13.36 Pooley and Laws on front on climb, Carla Ryan back in group and on front. Longo on back.

13.34 Vos moving up at bottom of climb

13.32 Approaching second time up the climb, Italians, USA, Australians Cromwell and Spratt on front. 

13.28 Second lap. Corset refused bike change. Amanda Miller (USA) and Amanda Spratt (AUS) led them across the line.

13.27 End of first lap Italians all in top 10 position

13.19 Corset has to change bike, Linda Villumsen (NZL), Charlotte Becker (GER) on front with South Africa, Swart..

13.16 On second climb, USA on front, Amber Neben and Katheryn Mattis

13.13 Carla Ryan Australian was involved in the crash. That will be a disappointment. She is chasing back.

13.12 Laws on front with Tiffany Cromwell, Australia, USA Stevens on front

13.10 Sharon Laws, Pooley and Cooke on front with the Dutch and Americans

13.07 Pressure on front of race as they approach the climb. Crash on bottom of climb split the bunch. Canadian hit one of the barriers, Denise Ramsden

13.06 Crash Singapore rider

13.03 Pace high as they approach the first climb of the day.

13.01  Italians, British and Germans on the front.

13.00  Race started, it is a beautiful day in Geelong, the sun is shining and the wind has dropped and it will be a tail wind finish.    

12.50  123 riders from 35 nations 10 minutes to start

12.40  Ruth Corset is the key rider for Australia. Good Luck Aussies.

12.35  Just chatted with Marianne Vos pre-race. She is feeling confident and excited about the race.

11.00  The road race is due to start in just over two hours.



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