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2010 Preview

The Trofeo Binda World Cup 2010 will be a distance of 129 km, almost ten more than last year. The organisers have added two climbs to Luino before returning to the traditional circuit. The route will become even more compelling and selective, in keeping with a World Cup event. There will be twenty-seven teams; professional and national teams, in a race which will showcase some exciting Italian landscape.

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2009 Review    

Click here for full 2009 Trofeo Binda coverage

On a horrible, wet, cold day, Emma Pooley tried to repeat her 2008 Trofeo Binda victory, but in 2009, she was a marked rider. After letting her make the pace and act as 'carrot' in the distance, the Briton was reeled in on the final lap. An immediate counter-attack saw four riders go away. Despite an effort by Pooley, she was absorbed back into the bunch.

Over the final summit, Emma Johansson and Marianne Vos had a 10 second lead over Kristin Armstrong and Eva Lutz. With only 20km remaining in the race, Vos and Johansson established a small lead over the other pair (Armstrong and Lutz).

Vos proved too strong for Johansson, whilst Armstrong was too strong for Lutz. The first four places were sorted, Kirsten Wild led the bunch sprint for fifth. 

Marianne Vos removes her raingear as she heads towards victory in the Trofeo Binda 2009

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Previous Winners - Trofeo Binda

1974 Giuseppina Micheloni     
1975 Nicole Van den Broek     
1976 Morena Tartagni               
1977 Nicoletta Castelli               
1978 Cristina Menuzzo               
1979 Anna Morlacchi                 
1980 Francesca Galli                
1981 Cristina Menuzzo              
1982 Lucia Pizzolotto                  
1983 Michela Tomasi                 
1984 Maria Canins                     
1985 Silvia Conti                         
1986 Stefania Carmine             
1987 Rossella Galbiati             
1988 Elisabetta Fanton             
1989 Elisabetta Fanton             
1990 Maria Canins                     
1991 Maria Paola Turcutto        
1992 Maria Canins                     
1993 Roberta Ferrero                
1994 Fabiana Luperini              
1995 Valeria Cappellotto          
1996 Valeria Cappellotto          
1997 No race
1998 No race 
1999 Fanny Lecortois                
2000 Fabiana Luperini               
2001 Nicole Brandli                   
2002 Svethlana Boubnenkova 
2003 Diana Ziliute                        
2004 Oenone Wood                  
2005 Nicole Cooke                      
2006 Regina Schleicher             
2007 Nicole Cooke                        
2008 Emma Pooley
2009 Marianne Vos

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