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National Championship Round up

Across the globe, the National Championships were fought this week. 

With a number of countries running their National titles this week. This page will be updated as the results come in. 

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Write Up

There are already a number of surprise victories. 


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Charlotte Becker (Cervelo Test Team) was overjoyed at winner her first National Title, “I never thought that I would become the new champion, it is a really big surprise for me,” said Becker, following the race. “The course today was really good for me. Better than it was for Arndt and Worrack, it probably wasn’t hard enough for them. I didn’t think about the win until I passed the finish line. I know that Judith is strong as well, especially if it is uphill. In the sprint Judith came next to me and than we turned to the right and I took the long way. But I had a bigger gain and more power toward the finish line. I am so happy, it is a great win and I will wear my new jersey proudly.” 

Emilie Aubry (Crevelo Test Team) was very happy after securing the Swiss Road race title, "It is my first big victory and it means a lot for me to win and wear the national jersey," said Aubry. "This is payment for all my past hard work. But I really have to say thank you to Patricia, my teammate. We worked together throughout the race and she definitely deserves a big part of this victory."

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Results Time Trail and Road Race

Country Position
Spain 1 2 3
Time Trial Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro Rosa Maria Bravo Soba Debora Galvez Lopez
Road Race


1 2 3
Time Trial Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli Edwige Pitel  Christel Ferrier-Bruneau
Road Race Mélodie Lesueur Amélie Rivat Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli
Croatia 1 2 3
Time Trial Jelena Gracin Wanda Svrakic Antonela Ferencic
Road Race
Australia 1 2 3
Time Trial Amber Halliday Bridie O'Donnell Carly Light
Road Race Ruth Corset Bridie O'Donnell Judith Arndt
New Nealand 1 2 3
Time Trial Melissa Holt Alison Shanks Linda Villumsen
Road Race Rushlee Buchanan Linda Villumsen Kaytee Boyd


1 2 3
Time Trial Judith Arndt Charlotte Becker Hanka Kupfernagel
Road Race Charlotte Becker Judith Arndt Trixi Worrack


1 2 3
Time Trial
Road Race Liesbet De Vocht Kelly Druyts Evelyn Arys


1 2 3
Time Trial Julie Beveridge Anne Samplonius Tara Whitten
Road Race


1 2 3
Time Trial
Road Race Paola Muńoz Grandon Olga Cisternas Daniela Guajardo
Cuba 1 2 3
Time Trial Dalila Rodriguez Hernandez Yudelmis Dominguez Masague Yeima Torres Beltran
Road Race Yudelmis Dominguez Masague Mairelis Mejias Garcia Yeima Torres Beltran
Czech Republic 1 2 3
Time Trial Martina Sablikova Martina Ruzickova Gabriela Slam
Road Race Martina Sáblíková Martina Ružicková Lada Kozlíková
Slovakia 1 2 3
Time Trial
Road Race Katarína Uhlariková Alžbeta Pavlendová Monika Kadlecová
Denmark 1 2 3
Time Trial Annika Langvad Trine Schmidt Maria Grandt Petersen
Road Race Maria Grandt Petersen Christina Siggaard Trine Lorentzen
Estonia 1 2 3
Time Trial Tanel Kangert Ervin Korts-Laur Gert Joeaar
Road Race Grete Treier Liisa Ehrberg Kristel Koort
Hungary 1 2 3
Time Trial Anikó Révész Zsófia Tóth Barbara Benko
Road Race
Israel 1 2 3
Time Trial Yarden Avidani Noga Korem Einat Argon
Road Race
Italy 1 2 3
Time Trial
Road Race Monia Baccaille Alessandra D'Ettorre Lorena Foresi
Japan 1 2 3
Time Trial
Road Race
Netherlands 1 2 3
Time Trial Marianne Vos Regina Bruins Kirsten Wild
Road Race Loes Gunnewijk Marianne Vos Irene van den Broek
Lithuania 1 2 3
Time Trial
Road Race Ausrine Trebaite Urte Juodvalkyte Rasa Leleivyte
Norway 1 2 3
Time Trial Gunn Hilleren Elin Steinsbř Fylkesnes Thrude Karlsen Natholmen
Road Race Lise Hafsř Nřstvold Lene Byberg Line Margareta Foss
USA 1 2 3
Time Trial
Evelyn Stevens
Amber Neben Mara Abbott
Road Race
Portugal 1 2 3
Time Trial Vanessa Fernandes
Moniz Anais
Caetano Isa
Road Race
Switzerland 1 2 3
Time Trial Pascale Schnider Patricia Schwager Marielle Saner-Guinchard
Road Race Emilie Aubry Pascale Schnider Doris Schweizer


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