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Nature Valley Grand Prix 2009


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Stage 6- Armstrong wins stage and takes overall

Stillwater Criteriuim

Cynthia Lou

Race Writeup

Kristin Armstrong (Cervélo Test Team) may have fiercely defended her yellow jersey at the Stillwater Criterium, leaping off the start line with determination in her eyes, but she left the Nature Valley Grand Prix well decorated and with a teary goodbye at the last American race of her career. A triumphant end to a win-filled career, Armstrong won the overall general classification, the Jelly Belly Sports Beans Best Climber Jersey and the Freewheel Most Aggressive Rider Jersey. Shelley Olds (Proman Hit Squad) and Andrea Dvorak (Colavita/Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light) followed Armstrong’s attack in the second lap to take second and third for the stage, respectively.

A quickly shattered field saw mix ups in the final general classification, with Olds moving to second overall and Allison Powers of Team Type 1 moving up to take third overall.

Team Tibco put in stellar performances throughout the week, winning the Team Competition by taking a stage victory and racing consistently and aggressively every day. The Nature Valley Top Amateur Jersey went to Sydney Brown (Nature Valley Cycling Team).

The Nature Valley Grand Prix is also the third stop of the Women’s Prestige Cycling Series. Allison Powers (Team Type 1) was the new Overall Leader as well as the Sprint Jersey Leader, while the Women’s Prestige Series Best Young Rider Jersey went to Rebecca Much (Webcor Builders).

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Post Race Comments

Kristen Armstrong (Cervelo Test Team) was tearful and happy to have won the stage and the overall competition, “I had a lot of nerves today, thinking that it was my last race in America and knowing I had only 12, 11 seconds – there’s just no room for mishaps, mechanical or anything,” said Armstrong. “I rode up that first hill at 85% to string it out. I wasn’t worried about who would work with me or who wouldn’t. I looked at it as an hour race, and knew that I didn’t want to leave it up to the last climb.”

“Those girls were there, and they really worked to stay on. I didn’t want to leave them so the peloton would catch them,” said Armstrong, ever the mentor, who waited patiently until the last few laps. “I thought that if I waited until the last lap they would be able to hold off the peloton that was about 45 seconds back. I really respect Andrea Dvorak from Colavita and Shelley Olds from Proman, they are both up and coming talent in America. I was happy to have them up on the podium with me.”

Often times it’s necessary for riders to generate their own internal inspiration, which has been the case for a teammate-free Armstrong throughout the race. “Originally I was going to go out from the gun, but I ended up going the 85% to calm my nerves. When I saw it was strung out I felt that I had some control back and took it as hard as I could on the second lap,” said Armstrong

Shelly Olds (Proman) reflected on Armstrong’s win, determination and climbing abilities that are widely known by everyone. “Kristin was keeping a good tempo up the hills – she was just practicing for Worlds or something!” Olds said with a laugh. “I would have loved to have helped, but it took us the whole downhill to recover.”

Olds went home with the Wheaties Sprint Jersey and a second overall on the general classification. “I knew that if I could stay on Kristin’s wheel – which was inevitable – that I could settle in to a good pace. This is the kind of race that you have to settle in to, and everyone else is going through the same thing, so if you can settle into it with a gap, then you just have to keep reminding yourself to keep going...I had my director in my ear reminding me to chill, keep my own tempo, stick with them on the climb.”

Andrea Dvorak (Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light) talked about the start line up,  “I knew to line up near Kristin,” said third place finisher and breakaway companion Dvorak. “When [Armstrong] started to go up the road with Shelley and get a little gap, my director said into my ear, ‘Close that gap, close that gap! It’ll be worth your while.’ So I put in an effort, caught them, and off we went.”

Amanda Miller (Lip Smacker) was the APC’s Best Young Rider Jersey winner , “Today was a race of attrition. I was just riding, and I didn’t even know where the leader was,” said Miller, who wasn’t aware she had won when she crossed the finish line. “I didn’t find out until I got back down here [to the announcers stage].”

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Team Time Gap
1   Kristin ARMSTRONG Cervelo Test Team .50'53"     
2   Shelley OLDS PROMAN Hit Squad .50'53"     
3   Andrea DVORAK Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light .50'58"   5"  
4   * Amanda MILLER Lip Smacker .51'07"   14"  
5   Cath CHEATLEY Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light .51'07"   14"  
6   Katharine CARROLL Team TIBCO .51'09"   16"  
7   Joanne KIESANOWSKI Team TIBCO .51'09"   16"  
8   Anne SAMPLONIUS Lip Smacker .51'13"   20"  
9   Evelyn STEVENS Velo Classic Tours/Radical Media p/b Schick/Playtex .51'13"   20"  
10   Rachel LLOYD PROMAN Hit Squad .51'13"   20"  


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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Name Team Time Gap
1   Kristin ARMSTRONG Cervelo Test Team 9.26'03"     
2   Shelley OLDS PROMAN Hit Squad 9.26'33"   30"  
3   Alison POWERS Team Type 1 9.26'35"   32"  
4   Katharine CARROLL Team TIBCO 9.27'07"   1'04"  
5   Anne SAMPLONIUS Lip Smacker 9.27'14"   1'11"  
6   Andrea DVORAK Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light 9.27'22"   1'19"  
7   Joanne KIESANOWSKI Team TIBCO 9.27'23"   1'20"  
8   Cath CHEATLEY Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light 9.27'39"   1'36"  
9   * Amanda MILLER Lip Smacker 9.28'00"   1'57"  
10   * Alexis RHODES Webcor Builders 9.28'05"   2'02"  


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