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Team Hitec Products UCK announced 

Norway's UCI registered team named


Team Hitec Products UCK

Team Hitec Products UCK, based in Norway has announced its 2009 team. At present, the team is the only Scandanavian UCI registered women's team. The majority of the team are Norwegian, but there are also international signings. A Swede, a Dane and three Dutch riders complete the 13 riders. Transferring in from DSB Bank are the Dutch sisters, Daniëlle and Eyelien Bekkering.

The sponsor is a Norwegian company which operates in the international oil and gas service industry.

Team Website www.hitecproducts-uck.no

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Team List 2009


Bjørg Eva Jensen     Norway

Tone Hatteland        Norway  

Line Foss               Norway

Janne Olsen            Norway

Sissel Kulseth Østvold  Norway

Mari Klev Øpstad     Norway

Helen Osland           Norway

Karoline Haverstad    Norway

Margriet H. Kloppenburg  Denmark 

Janneke Ensing       Netherlands

Daniëlle Bekkering   Netherlands 

Eyelien Bekkering    Netherlands

Isabelle Søderberg    Sweden

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