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Arndt returns for Columbia HTC Women

Team Columbia-HTC announced today that Judith Arndt will return to the team

Columbia-HTC welcomes back to racing Judith Arndt, as the number-one women's team takes on the Rund um Die Nurnberger Altstadt World Cup. 

Arndt broke her arm in the Giro d'Italia Femminile in July, and after recently riding in France with the German national team, she will now form part of Columbia-HTC's line-up for the last World Cup of the season.  The Columbia-HTC rider was victorious in the 2008 Rund, winning it from a lone break in the last hour of racing.

"It's great to have Judith back and even though she's still in the final phase of recovery I'm sure she'll give it 100 percent this Sunday," comments team sports director Ronny Lauke.   "Last year we won this race, and that increases the pressure, but we've got a lot of different cards to play."

"Usually there's a bunch sprint.  Judith's break was the only time I've seen someone win alone," comments Columbia-HTC's Ina-Yoko Teutenberg.  "It's run on an urban circuit with lots of twists and turns so it's quite difficult to get away, and even harder to get rid of somebody if they decided to chase you down.  The best thing about it is that there's a good atmosphere, there are a lot of spectators."

Columbia-HTC for Rund um die Nürnberger Altstadt: Judith Ardnt (Ger); Kate Bates (Aus); Emilia Fahlin (Den);  Luise Keller (Ger); Ellen Van Dijk (Hol);  Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Ger).

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