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Cycling Australia Photo of the Year Award 

2009 Photo of the Year Award won by CJ Farquharson

WomensCycling.net founder and photographer takes honour at CA annual awards dinner 

WomensCycling.net photographer, CJ Farquharson has won the 'photo of the year' award at the annual Cycling Australia Awards Dinner.

The Jayco Australian Cyclist of the Year Awards was held in Melbourne on Sunday November 22nd. 

Farquharson's photo, taken at the Tour Down Under in Adelaide in January 2009, was chosen from the finalists to be crowned 'photo of the year'. Taken during the 'Tour Down Under Classic', the criterium which precedes the Tour Down Under proper, the photo depicts Lance Armstrong in his much-publicised return to racing, surrounded by his Astana team-mates, competing in the late evening sun.

The photo was published in Ride Cycling Review (Issue 44), titled "The Boss is Back in the Pack". 

"It is a huge honour, thank you" said Farquharson once she had accepted the award from cyclists Belinda Goss and Michael Gallagher.

"There is an irony here," reflected Farquharson later with a smile, "I spend around 200 days overseas, following women's racing. This photo was taken on one of just a few days' racing at home in Australia and on a men's race…. Although, it was the first race in Armstrong's second comeback, so a pretty special day in cycling history. I can live with that. But I hope one day to repeat this success with a picture from the women's peloton."

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