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WomensCycling.net has been 'hacked' 

Clean site uploaded from backups on 27-28 November 2009

Unscrupulous hackers planted links to 'malware' in archived parts of the site

WomensCycling.net has been hacked on three occasions since September 2009. Initially, we deleted the affected pages only and reloaded clean versions to the server.

However, on Thursday 26th November, it was discovered that the hacker(s) had left a "back door" access file hidden on the WomensCycling.net site server. This left a hole, by which unauthorised access could be gained by these malicious geeks.  

On Thursday, when the backdoor access files were discovered, all WomensCycling.net files on the hosting server were deleted. A completely clean version was re-loaded from our backup between Friday 27th November and Saturday 28th November.

The hackers have been changing pages to include links to 'malware' sites. 

If you have visited the site in the past two months, especially pages from 2002, 2005 or 2006, then we suggest you scan your PC or laptop for malware or spyware. WomensCycling.net did not host any malware or spyware, but your PC or laptop may have been redirected to a site containing such files. 

To repeat, a clean version of the site; 2002 to present has bee uploaded from backups over the period 27-28 November.

We hope that this is now the end of this disturbing chapter, for all readers. Please be assured that we will continue to monitor the situation and will take immediate action if any further breaches are discovered. 


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