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The Anna Meares Story- When Courage Triumphs over Disaster

Australian Cycling's darling of the track tells her own story

"The Anna Meares Story- When Courage Triumphs over Disaster"

The book details Meares' upbringing in Rockhampton, northern Queensland, her rise to prominence and the precipice she walked along early in 2008 after her devastating fall in the Los Angeles World Cup; plus of course the road to Beijing and the crowning moment of her comeback, a silver medal in the women's sprint.

It's an honest and heart-felt account of an extremely difficult time in the life of a champion and illustrates what it takes to overcome a massive hurdle - strength, support and a will to succeed

Priced at AS$25 the book is available at the below stores and online address from Sept 1st.
Myer, David Jones,Borders,Kmart,Dymocks, Angus & Robertson and most independent bookshops. Also it is available on line at www.newholland.com.au

WomensCycling.net  caught up with Meares just before the book launch. 

WCN: What inspired you to share your story?  

AM: "I wrote the book to share my journey and hopefully inspire others to create their own journey and not give in when the chips are down. To have a go when things seem dire and to believe in oneís self that youíre worth the effort to try. For if I didnít try I would not have an Olympic silver or the journey that came with it that has enriched my life.  It is a story I would like to share in the hope it inspires people, especially young men and women of todayís world. To show if you put the effort into to something you want, only good can come. And if you donít achieve then I believe it is better to have tried and failed then to have never tried at all.  I hope it is a piece that can also be enjoyed by a broad range of generations so they get an insight into the life of an elite athlete and what it takes to be the best they can be... not just the best in the world."

WCN: How long has it taken to pull together? 

AM: "Basically since the Olympics."

WCN: Are you fully recovered now mentally and physically?

AM: "Yes fully recovered physically aside from a few headaches that knock me around on the odd occasion. A small price to pay for the extent of my injuries. As for Mentally, It took time but yes I feel recovered."  

WCN: What are you next goals? 

AM: "Competitively I am looking into the 2009/2010 season beginning with the Manchester world cup in October/Nov this year, followed by the Melbourne World cup, Beijing, Nationals in Adelaide in February, the World titles in Denmark in March concluding with the Commonweatlh Games in India in October 2010. Busy times ahead."

Thanks to Anna for taking time to speak with us, and good luck for the coming season.

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