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World Track Championships 2009

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Sprint Finals - Pendelton  domination, but had it tough.

Race Writeup


Victoria Pendleton (GBR) won Gold and her fourth World Championship jersey, ahead of Willy Kanis (NED) and Simona Krupeckaite (LTU) Bronze. 

The final of the Women's Sprint was highly dramatic as the strong Dutch woman Willy Kanis gave the previously imperious Victoria Pendleton, one of the most difficult challenges she has faced over the last few years. 

In the first heat it was a game of tactics, Kanis played it canny, she led out and continually shifted lines in the final lap, preventing Pendleton from settling in for a big surge for the line. Pendleton came round her with great determination in the final bend and just managed to get ahead on the line.

In the second heat, Kanis fought back. The power and size of the Dutch rider really gave Pendleton a run for it. She forced Pendleton high and again prevented her from settling into her usual fast-pedalling last lap effort.

The decider saw Pendleton hold back from her rival until the penultimate bend. Kanis was working to what looked like a well-planned strategy of trying to unsettle her opponent with lots of line switching and a refusal to commit herself. The Dutchwoman didn't give an inch and forced Victoria to ride side-by-side throughout the final 150 metres. There was never more than a few inches in it and they crossed the line absolutely side by side. It took the judgest some time to come to their verdict, a photo had to settle the decision in Pendleton's favour. 

Pendleton was understandably, extremely emotional in the track centre when the result was finally announced and a fourth world title was hers.

In the ride off for bronze, Krupeckaite who's speed earlier in the week looked like she would be the one to beat for Gold had to settle for the Bronze medal ahead of Panarina. The pair fought a tough battle, both riders used their strength and physical presence to influence the rides. Krupeckaite coming off victor in two heats. 


Victoria Pendleton secured her place in the final after a clean sweep against the young Belarusian Olga Panarina. Pendleton is on track to repeat her 2008 form. She is focused and not allowing any distractions from her preparations. 

In the second semi-final, Dutch sprinting powerhouse, Willy Kanis continued to improve her form. Kanis dismissed Simona Krupeckaite (LTU) in straight races. 

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Post Race Comments

Victoria Pendleton (GBR) was very emotional after securing her fourth World Championship jersey."This is the hardest but most rewarding thing I've ever done," said a tearful Pendleton. "I honestly didn't truly believe in my heart it was possible, so I'm overjoyed," she told reporters. "I couldn't possibly imagine not having a world championship jersey. It's been so hard this year."

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Position Name Country Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
GOLD Victoria PENDLETON GBR 11.897 11.714
BRONZE Simona KRUPECKAITE LTU 12.305 11.594


Position Name Country Race 1 Race 2
1 Victoria PENDLETON GBR 11.813 11.942
1 Willy KANIS NED 12.305 11.594


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