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Team Sprint - The Chinese set the pace for Gold

Race Writeup


The Chinese duo posted the fastest time in qualifying and repeated that form in the final against the Dutch pair of Yvonne Hijgenaar and Willy Kanis. Kanis set the fastest first lap, however, early season form was not matched in her partner Hijgenaar. 

The Chinese, were more conservative and together and pulled out the win. 

The Australian pairing of Anna Meares and fellow Emily Rosemond claimed the bronze medal in the team sprint. The French, pushed the Australians to the line but could not match the second lap form of Rosemond. 


Post Race Comments 

Jinjie Gong and Lin Junhong (CHN) were very pleased with their performance, We knew we had good speed and could win, said Gong.

Willy Kanis and Yvonne Hijgenaar (NED) could not quite match the speed of the Chinese pairing. There was .328/100th gap at the finish, despite Kanis clocking the fastest time, for the first lap, Kanis was too fast for team mate Hijgenaar, who struggled to stay on the wheel of Kanis. "I clocked my fastest first lap 18.842 seconds but Yvonne could not hold my wheel. Her form is improving so we hope to go one better at the next race. I am happy with my form, it is getting better and better," said Kanis.

Anna Meares and Emily Rosemond (AUS) pulled out all the stops to win the bronze medal ahead of the French pair of Sandie Clair and Clara Sanchez. Despite the change in pairing from the World Champion pairing of  Meares/Kaarle McCulloch, the two Australian riders performed well. Meares was quick to congratulate Rosemond. "It was actually very close, between us and the French. Emily [Rosemond] had an amazing last lap. The start was much better considering we only had two chances to practice previously. I think if we had a little more practice, it would have been even better. I think we can be really proud of how we worked together at such short notice," said Meares.

Emily Rosemond (AUS) was very happy with her medal, "This is the first time Gary West has trialled Anna and myself in the team sprint.  Its been a little bit tricky and weve had to practice a little bit of timing on the start but I have got the best in the world to run with and with more practice will come better results. I think my second wheel is quite strong and Id like to keep improving on that and get that second wheel spot with Anna in future events," said Rosemond

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Position Name Country/Team Time km/hr
Gold GONG Jinjie China 33.500 53.731
Silver HIJGENAAR Yvonne Netherlands 33.828 53.210
KANIS Willy Netherlands
Bronze MEARES Anna Australia 34.238 52.573
ROSEMOND Emily Australia
4 CLAIR Sandie France 34.308 52.465
SANCHEZ Clara France
5 Korea
6 Hong Kong
7 Greece
8 Mexico

World Cup Standings

Position Country Manchester Melbourne Total
1 AUSTRALIA 12 8 20
2 NETHERLANDS 10 10 20
3 CHINA 12 12
4 FRANCE 4 7 11
7 HONG KONG 2 5 7
8 KOREA 6 6
9 RUSSIA 6 6
11 GREECE 1 4 5
12 MEXICO 3 3
13 POLAND 3 3


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