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Sprint - Anna Meares sprints to victory


Anna Meares (AUS) put away any concerns about Sprint racing by winning the gold medal at the Melbourne World Cup. 

Meares dominated the two races against the powerful Guo (CHN). In the first race, Guo took the front but could not hold Meares off on the final bend.

In the second race, Guo took the front with 100m to go. Meares gave it everything and managed to get over Guo on the line.

In the race for Bronze, Willy Kanis (NED), pushed Kaarle McCulloch (AUS/JAYCO) in the first race. McCulloch forced Kanis high in the second race to give herself some space and it paid off. McCulloch crossed the line clearly ahead of Kanis. In the final match up, MCCulloch took the front for the first lap. MCCulloch pushed Kanis up the banking, however at the bell, Kanis managed to switch inside and win with a clear gap ahead of McCulloch. 



Shuang Guo (CHN) took the first of the races against Kaarle McCulloch (AUS?JAYCO) 

Olympic silver medallist Anna Meares took the first of the races against Willy Kanis (NED). Meares rounded the final bend to win the second.  


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Post Race Comments

Anna Meares (AUS) was very happy with her gold medal ride,

“I am back in town," said Meares.

Meares faced China's Shuang Guo in the gold medal decider and downed her rival in two straight heats. Guo and Meares have a history after the Chinese rider was relegated in the semi final of the sprint at the Beijing Olympic Games after a physical encounter with Meares.

After posting the morning’s third fastest qualifying time, Meares made her way through to the final with ease. Once there she controlled the first heat from start to finish and despite falling behind Guo early in the second, a surge on the back straight gave the Queenslander the advantage and she edged Guo on the line to take the gold medal.

“The second heat didn’t go to plan as I actually wanted to lead that one how I did the first one.... but the good thing was I reacted straight away, I didn’t hesitate to change plans and that’s what is really important in the sprint.I really didn’t want to go to three rounds so I was like ‘just go!’.The Beijing semifinal was hard, that was hard as well and I think a lot of people ask questions, ‘if it wasn’t for the disqualification, would I have got through to that final,’ well I deserve that final, like tonight I deserve that gold, so I am really stoked.”

Shuang Guo (CHN) was a little disappointed to have lost in the final but full of praise for the victor. "Anna Meares did a good job. She is very strong, the standard of sprinters is getting so high now, everyone is pushing each other to be better. Especially here in Australia. It's not just Anna [Meares] and Kaarle [McCulloch] but Emily Rosemond now too." said Guo.  

Willy Kanis (NED) had to compete against the home country rider Kaarle McCulloch for bronze. It went to three races before Kanis could secure the bronze medal. "That was a very tough race. I am only just starting to get some form back. I need to do a lot more work, then hopefully I will be ready for Worlds," said Kanis.

"The training for this season has been very hard. We had no trainer so we had to look after ourselves for a long time. We tried a few things that did not work, but I think I am starting to get back my form, so I am happy," added Kanis.

In addition to the team sprint, Kanis will be taking part in the team pursuit for some extra track time and possible UCI points.

Kaarle McCulloch (AUS/JAYCO) was a very disappointed not to have a medal for her efforts. "That was a really tough series of races," said McCulloch. "Willy is a tough opponent. I am glad that I managed to take one race off her. I am really happy with my form and I believe i can go much faster," added McCulloch.


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Position Name Country/Team Time Time Time
Gold MEARES Anna AUS 11.646 11.782
Silver GUO Shuang CHN
Bronze KANIS Willy NED 11.772 11.800


MCCULLOCH Kaarle JAY 12.069
5 GONG Jinjie CHN
6 MUCHE Christin GER
11 VARNISH Jessica GBR
12 CLAIR Sandie FRA
14 LEE Wai Sze HKG
15 PARK Eunmi KOR
16 MUSTAPA Fatehah MAS
18 KIM Won Gyeong KOR
19 MENG Zhao Juan HKG



Name Country/Team Time Time
GUO Shuang CHN 11.643 11.913
MEARES Anna AUS 11.836 11.858

World Cup Standings

Position Name Country/Team Manchester Melbourne Total
1 GUO Shuang CHN 10 10 20
2 MEARES Anna AUS 6 12 18
3 PENDLETON Victoria SKY 12 12 24
4 KANIS Willy NED 4 8 12
5 GONG Jinjie CHN 3 6 9
6 KRUPECKAITE Simona LTU 8 8 16
7 MCCULLOCH Kaarle JAY 7 7 14
8 PANARINA Olga BLR 7 7 14
9 MUCHE Christin GER 5 5 10
10 WELTE Miriam GER 5 5 10
11 HIJGENAAR Yvonne NED 4 4 8
12 SANCHEZ Clara FRA 3 3 6
13 SHULIKA Lyubov UKR 2 2 4
14 JAMES Rebecca GBR 2 2 4
15 ROSEMOND Emily AUS 1 1 2
16 VARNISH Jessica GBR 1 1 2



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