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Points Race - Bronzini showed why she is reigning World Champion

Race Writeup

Giorgia Bronzini, (ITA), dominated the points race, with a performance befitting the current World Champion. In the battle for the silver medal, Shelly Olds (USA) kept watch over Madeleine Sandig (GER) in the final sprint to secure the medal. Sandig held on for the bronze.

Despite a number of attacks, no one managed to secure a lap. Evident at the front of the race, Bronzini, watched every move and scored points in 6 out of the 8 sprints. 

Sandig, was one of the most active riders in the race. She attempted to get away a number of times, each attempt was closed down by one of the top riders. 

The Australian pair of Josie Tomic and Belinda Goss (AUS), Bronzini, Ellen van Dijk (NED), the two Belgians, Jolien D'Hoore and Jessie Daams and Joanne Kiesanowski (NZL) worked hard to close down every attack.

At the half way point, Sandig tried again to get away and managed to gain a 30m gap on the bunch. Van Dijk, reacted again and chased almost creating a break for herself. This time, Bronzini, took control and closed down the attack. 

With 17 to go, American, Theresa Cliff-Ryan (VBR), attacked. Lauren Franges (USA) and Pascale Schnider (SUI) tried to bridge the gap. Sandig did the chasing this time to bring the bunch back together. 

Italian, Marta Tagilferro, was warned for leading out Bronzini and assisting her position with two laps to go to the 7th sprint. Bronzini capitalised on her position and held the sprinters line to secure 5 points. 

Bronzini, tried again to attack with two to go, this time she could not hold off the chasing bunch. At the bell, Andrea Wolfer (SUI) led the bunch across the line, with Evheniya Romanyuta (RUS) on her wheel. 

Kiesanowski, managed to squeeze in for second and Wolfer, held on for third. 


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Post Race Comments

Giorgia Bronzini (ITA) dominated the points race. Wearing her World championship jersey provided inspiration to her performance, “I have surprised myself,” said Bronzini. “I have only just started the season and I rode a good race. This jersey inspires me to go faster every time I put it on. Maybe I can keep this form going to the World,” she added.

Shelly Olds (USA) has matured into track racing and is more settled on the bike, “I race on the road really aggressively and on the track I used to be unsettled. When I started racing the world cup races, I really did not know if I could be at this level. I used to put myself at the front to race less aggressively but now, I realise that I can do it. I am a better racer now because I realise I can do it. I ride aggressively, I wasn’t allowing myself to do that before but now I am,” said Olds.

Madeleine Sandig (GER) was a very humble winner of the bronze medal, “I am so happy with the bronze. I tried so hard during the race and had nothing left at the end. When I saw I was on equal points with Olds, I knew I had to try to win the last sprint, I had no legs left though,” said Sandig.


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Position Name Country/Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Lap Total
1 BRONZINI Giorgia ITA 1 5 5 3 2 16
2 OLDS Shelley USA 3 3 5 11
3 SANDIG Madeleine GER 5 1 5 11
4 ROMANYUTA Evgeniya RUS 5 5 10
5 GOSS Belinda AUS 3 1 3 1 8
7 KIESANOWSKI Joanne NZL 2 1 3 6
8 D'HOORE Jolien BEL 5 5
9 TOMIC Josephine AUS 2 2 4
10 WOLFER Andrea SUI 2 2
11 VAN DIJK Eleonora NED 2 2
12 ARMSTRONG Skye-Lee RDN 2 2
13 GEBHARDT Elke GER 1 1
14 BARAZNA Yekatsiryna BLR 1 1
15 SCHNIDER Pascale SUI 1 1
17 TREBAITE Ausrine LTU 0
19 CLIFFRYAN Theresa VBR 0
22 LEE Min Hye KOR 0
23 DAAMS Jessie BEL 0
24 FRANGES Lauren USA 0

World Cup Standings

Position Name Country/Team Manchester Melbourne Total
1 ROMANYUTA Evgeniya RUS 8 7 15
2 BRONZINI Giorgia ITA 12 12
3 ARMITSTEAD Elizabeth GBR 12 12
4 GOSS Belinda AUS 6 6 12
5 OLDS Shelley USA 10 10
6 GONZALEZ v Yumari CUB 10 10
7 SANDIG Madeleine GER 8 8
8 SHARAKOVA Tatsiana BLR 7 7
10 MACHACOVA Jarmila CZE 5 5
12 GEBHARDT Elke GER 4 4
13 WOLFER Andrea SUI 3 1 4
14 D'HOORE Jolien BEL 3 3
15 TOMIC Josephine AUS 2 2
16 GUDERZO Tatiana FFA 1 1



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