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Tour of Montreal, 2009


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Preview - Tour du Grand Montréal & World Cup

Montreal World Cup, 30 May 2009

Tour du Grand Montréal, 1-4 June 2009


The best cyclists in the world have arrived in Montreal. They are preparing for both the World Cup and the Tour du Grand Montréal. Some of the top teams like Cervelo Test Team, Columbia High Road, Nurnberger Versicherung, Selle Italia – Ghezzi will compete as well as the national teams of Australia, Germany, Mexico, Sweden and Canada. A notable exception is World Cup leader, Marianne vos (DSB Bank), there will most likely be a new World cup leader on Saturday evening, Emma Johanson (red Sun Cycles) needs only 5 points to overtake Vos. For the first time ever a South African professional team will be taking part in a UCI World cup event, Team MTN Energade will line up in Montreal on Saturday lunchtime. Team owner, Doug Rider is excited at the prospect. It brings great exposure for his principle sponsors MTN ( A cellular phone network provider) and Energade (nutritional products). The team will also compete in the tour of Montreal next week.

The Tour du Grand Montréal, is one of the most important tours in the Americas. It starts next week, following on from the Montreal World Cup race on Saturday. 

The Tour du Grand Montréal has become the largest road cycling tour in North America. Presence of champions such as Judith Arndt (winner of the Montreal World Cup event in 2008), Emma Pooley (Silver Medalist of the Olympic Time Trial in Beijing) and Emma Johansson (second in the actual World Cup ranking), attest to the quality of athletes who will start the event. 

In addition to the individual rankings for each stage, there will be two general rankings (time, team) and the following awards:

- Best U23

- Best climber

- Best sprinter

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The Tour du Grand Montréal takes place in 5 stages:

The first stage will take place on Monday, June 1 in Châteauguay. This stage will include a road circuit of 5.7 km and 15 laps, for a total of 85.5 km. The race will start at 5:30 pm.

The second stage will take place on Tuesday, June 2 in Granby. For the second year, the course will remain the same, with a length of 9.46 km and 11 laps, for a total of 104.06 km. The start will be given at 5 pm.

The third stage will take place on the morning of Wednesday, June 3 in René Lévesque park in Lachine, a district with a well-established cycling culture. The stage will be an individual time trial over 2.8 km. The first start will be at 11:30 am.

The fourth stage will take place on Wednesday, June 3 in the evening in the Little Italy district, as a criterium of 50 km with intermediary sprints and public prizes. Each year, more and more spectators gather along the race route, providing an electrifying atmosphere. We should emphasize the backing of the Italian community, which wholeheartedly supports the event. The start will be given at 7:15 pm.

The fifth and final stage will take place on Thursday June 4 in the late afternoon in Mont-Saint-Hilaire. This five-lap-circuit totals 115 km and will have a start-finish area on Chemin Osias-Leduc (in front of la Chocolaterie la Cabosse d’Or). The race will start at 4:15 pm


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Start List - Provisional

Name Team
Martine Bras Selle Italia Ghezzi 
Luisa Tomanini Selle Italia Ghezzi 
Giada Borgato Selle Italia Ghezzi 
Gloria Presti Selle Italia Ghezzi 
Agne Bagdonaviciute Selle Italia Ghezzi 
Marina Romoli Selle Italia Ghezzi 
Mara Abbott Team Columbia Highroad Women 
Kim Anderson Team Columbia Highroad Women 
Judith Arndt Team Columbia Highroad Women 
Kate Bates Team Columbia Highroad Women 
Ellen Van Dijk Team Columbia Highroad Women 
Alex Wrubleski Team Columbia Highroad Women 
Catherine Cheatley Colavita Sutter Homes Cooking Light 
Tiffany Cromwell Colavita Sutter Homes Cooking Light 
Rachel Heal Colavita Sutter Homes Cooking Light 
Heather Logan Colavita Sutter Homes Cooking Light 
Andrea Dvorak Colavita Sutter Homes Cooking Light 
Tina Pic Colavita Sutter Homes Cooking Light 
Larissa Kleinmann Team MTN Energade 
Chrissie Viljoen Team MTN Energade 
Marissa Van-der-Merwe Team MTN Energade 
Cherise Taylor Team MTN Energade 
Carla Swart Team MTN Energade 
Charlotte Becker Equipe Nuernberger Versicherung 
Suzanne De-Goede Equipe Nuernberger Versicherung 
Trixi Worrack Equipe Nuernberger Versicherung 
Eva Lutz Equipe Nuernberger Versicherung 
Bianca Purath Equipe Nuernberger Versicherung 
Amber Neben Equipe Nuernberger Versicherung 
Danielle Bekkering Team Hitec Products UCK 
Tone Hatteland Team Hitec Products UCK 
Sara Mustonen Team Hitec Products UCK 
Line Foss Team Hitec Products UCK 
Margriet Kloppenburg Team Hitec Products UCK 
Isabelle Soderberg Team Hitec Products UCK 
Audrey Lemieux ESGL93-GSD Gestion 
Joelle Numainville ESGL93-GSD Gestion 
Leda Cox ESGL93-GSD Gestion 
Sophie Creux ESGL93-GSD Gestion 
Jennifer Letue ESGL93-GSD Gestion 
Susanne Ljungskog Swedish National Team 
Veronica Andreasson Swedish National Team 
Emma Johansson Swedish National Team 
Karin Aune Swedish National Team 
Carlee Taylor Australian National Team
Lauren Kitchen Australian National Team
Bridie O'Donnell Australian National Team
Amber Halliday Australian National Team
Ruth Corsett Australian National Team
Véronique Fortin Équipe du Québec
Johanne Cyr Équipe du Québec
Lex Albrecht Équipe du Québec
Geneviève Gagnon Équipe du Québec
Chloe St Arnaud Watt
Leah Guloien Canadian National Cycling Team 
Andrea Bunin Canadian National Cycling Team 
Sarah Stewart Canadian National Cycling Team 
Megan Rathwell Canadian National Cycling Team 
Moriah MacGregor Canadian National Cycling Team 
Denise Ramsden Canadian National Cycling Team 
Regina Bruins Cervélo TestTeam
Sarah Duster Cervélo TestTeam
Claudia Hausler Cervélo TestTeam
Emma Pooley Cervélo TestTeam
Carla Ryan Cervélo TestTeam
Kirsten Wild Cervélo TestTeam
Linn Torp Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam
Rochelle Gilmore Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam
Vera Koedooder Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam
Emma Mackie Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam
Emma Silversides Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam
Stefanie Degle Team Uniqa-ELK
Nathalie Lamborelle Team Uniqa-ELK
Daniela Pintarelli Team Uniqa-ELK
Martina Ruzickova Team Uniqa-ELK
Monika Schachl Team Uniqa-ELK
Bernadette Schober Team Uniqa-ELK
Véronique Labonté Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles
Joanie Caron Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles
Lucie Poulin Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles
Véronique Bilodeau Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles
Anne Guizman Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles
Anne Milkowski Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles
Elisa Gagnon Specialized Mazda Samson
Natacha Elliott Specialized Mazda Samson
Mathilde Hupin Specialized Mazda Samson
Karol-Ann Canuel Specialized Mazda Samson
Julie Marceau Specialized Mazda Samson
Mary Zider Specialized Mazda Samson
Brooke Miller Team TIBCO
Lauren Tamayo Team TIBCO
Joanne Kiesanowski Team TIBCO
Emma Rickards Team TIBCO
Amber Rais Team TIBCO
Julie Beveridge Team TIBCO
Sindra Narvaez Team Futuro Columbia
Damaris Gutierrez Team Futuro Columbia
Yessica Mendoza Team Futuro Columbia
Sandra Valencia Team Futuro Columbia
Marcela Rubiano Team Futuro Columbia
Katheryn Mattis Webcor Builders
Janel Holcomb Webcor Builders
Erinne Willock Webcor Builders
Alexis Rhodes Webcor Builders
Nikki Butterfield Webcor Builders
Gina Grain Webcor Builders
Hanka Kupfernagel German National Team Women Road
Anna Schnitzmeier German National Team Women Road
Laura Dittman German National Team Women Road
Elke Gebhardt German National Team Women Road
Fransiska Merten German National Team Women Road
Denise Zuckermandel German National Team Women Road
Shanie Bergeron Team Ultralink
Emma Petersen Team Ultralink
Allison Lampi Team Ultralink
Krystal Jeffs Team Ultralink
Julia Farell Team Ultralink
Giuseppina Grassi Team Mexico
Jessica Jurado Team Mexico
Lorenza Morfin Team Mexico
Miriam Dominguez Team Mexico
Veronica Leal Team Mexico
Mayra Rocha Team Mexico



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