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New Zealand Community Trust Tour of New Zealand 2009    (UCI 2.2)


Women's International Cup of Cycling (UCI 1.1)


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Full Results

Masterton Circuit, 119km


Pos Name Team Time / Gap
1 Chloe HOSKING   Mercedes Benz Team 3:04:09 (38.77 km/h)
2 Rochelle GILMORE   Australia National Team
3 Gina GRAIN   MB Cycles Team - Australia
4 Davina SUMMERS   Handy Rentals Team
5 Joanne KIESANOWSKI   NZCT NZ National Team
6 Ruth CORSET   Champions System Cycling Team
7 Xin LIU   Giant Pro Cycling Team- China
8 Lang MENG   Giant Pro Cycling Team- China
9 Peta MULLENS   Australia National Team
10 Clare VLAHOPOULOS   R&R Team
11 Jemma O'BRIEN   Handy Rentals Team
12 Li Ping ZHANG   Giant Pro Cycling Team- China
13 Xiao Ling LUO   Giant Pro Cycling Team- China
14 Rachel MERCER   Cyclosport Team
15 Karen FULTON   NZCT NZ National Team
16 Gayle BROWNLEE   Tait Communications Team
17 Tiffany CROMWELL   Australia National Team
18 Chisako HARIGAI   Japan National Team
19 Kate FINEGAN   BP Team
20 Myfanwy GALLOWAY   Australia NTID Team
21 Toni BRADSHAW   NZCT NZ National Team
22 Fiona MACDERMID   Penny's Cycling Team
23 Min GAO   Giant Pro Cycling Team- China
24 Jessy BYRNES   Handy Rentals Team
25 Kirsty BROUN   MB Cycles Team - Australia
26 Fiona MEADE   R&R Team
27 Mayuko HAGIWARA   Japan National Team
28 Emma CRUM   Cyclosport Team
29 Mao CHINO   Japan National Team
30 Carlee TAYLOR   Australia National Team
31 Rachel NEYLAN   Australia NTID Team
32 Dotsie BAUSH   Champions System Cycling Team
33 Shara GILLOW   Australia NTID Team
34 Vicki WHITELAW   Australia National Team
35 Amy HERLINVEAUX   Tait Communications Team
36 Naila HASSAN   Penny's Cycling Team
37 Joanne HOGAN   BP Team
38 Liz YOUNG   MB Cycles Team - Australia
39 Kathryn WATT   Handy Rentals Team
40 Jeannie KUHAJEK   Tait Communications Team
41 Stephanie ROORDA   Champions System Cycling 
42 Tracy BEST   Cyclosport Team
43 Rebecca DOMANGE   Mercedes Benz Team
44 Rosara JOSEPH   Champions System Cycling Team 00:04
45 Lauren KITCHEN   MB Cycles Team - Australia
46 Jessica JOLLY   Cyclosport Team 00:17
47 Amber HALLIDAY   MB Cycles Team - Australia 00:46
48 Emma PETERSEN   NZCT NZ National Team 01:39
49 Tanya SAAD   Mercedes Benz Team 03:51
50 Fiona SPARGO   R&R Team DNF
51 Tsugumi KIMURA   Japan National Team DNF
52 Lisa JACOBS   Australia NTID Team DNF
53 Bridie O'DONNELL   Australia NTID Team DNF
54 Yvette HILL-WILLIS   NZCT NZ National Team DNF
55 Nikolina ORLIC   BP Team DNF
56 Rebecca THYNE   Mercedes Benz Team DNF
57 Sherilyn GRAY   Cyclosport Team DNF
58 Athina CHATZISTYLI   Tait Communications Team DNF
59 Marilyn MCDONALD   Tait Communications Team DNF


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