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New Zealand Community Trust Tour of New Zealand 2009    (UCI 2.2)


Women's International Cup of Cycling (UCI 1.1)


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Australian invasion of New Zealand

Wellington / Masterton area, North Island, New Zealand, February 25 - 27 & March 1

Aussies add to international  line up for New Zealand Tour

No doubt a victim of the lack of other events in the Oceania region, the Tour of New Zealand, based in the Masterton (Wellington) area has a more limited array of rider nationalities than in the recent past. The start sheet is devoid of the winners from the previous two years, European-based pros, Kristin Armstrong (2008) and Judith Arndt (2007).

European-based professional teams are not making the long journey to the Southern Hemisphere this year, there is not a World Cup event in Australasia for the first time in many years. The Geelong World Cup (and accompanying Tour) is not on the 2009 UCI calendar. In the past, it has been a logical start to the season for teams to arrive early in Australia, train in the Geelong area, compete in the Geelong Tour and World Cup and then cross the Tasman for the Tour of New Zealand a few days later. Without other events in the region, travelling to the New Zealand event alone would be outside of the budgetary constraints of teams.

The list of Australian and international riders entered in next week’s NZCT Women’s Tour of New Zealand and the International Cup of Cycling continues to grow.  Hard on the heels of the 41 classy Australians riders already announced, Race Director Jorge Sandoval has today confirmed another four top national and international teams for the tour.

National teams from China and Japan have confirmed their start in the races, as well as the New Zealand national team, the powerful international Champion Systems Cycling team and the NZ base Cyclosport team.

The NZCT ( New Zealand Community Trust) national team is lead by Beijing Olympic cyclist Joanne Kiesanowski who rides professionally for the USA base Tibco pro team.  Supporting Kiesanowski, are Emma Peterson, Serena Sheridan, Toni Bradshaw and Karen Fulton.  This strong line-up includes some of the best women road riders in the country.

The Champion Systems Pro team is lead by Top Australian hill climber Ruth Corser who finished second on the stage up Admiral Hill in the 2008 tour, beaten by eventual tour winner Kristin Armstrong.  Ruth will be one of the riders to beat during the three day tour.  Supporting her, are top Canadian rider Steph Roorda, American pro Dotsie Baush and Kiwi riders Malindi MacLean and Lauren Ellis.

Rachel Mercer from the Cyclosport team is also a rider likely to be in contention for top honours. 

With the Beijing Olympic Games out of the way, Asian riders are now preparing for the Asian Games and World Championships.  Known for their power and determination, the Chinese team is sure to prove a handful for opposition riders.

Sandoval is thrilled that more and more international teams are making their way to Wellington every year for the event. It’s great overseas teams are coming to New Zealand to participate,” says Jorge. The Chinese and Japanese have been here before, so they obviously rate the tour,” he says. “The Champion Systems team is made up of international riders from Canada , Australia , USA and a couple of kiwis.  The only women’s teams’ base in New Zealand , the Cyclosport team, is lead by up-and-coming Wellington road rider Rachel Mercer.  

“We’ve got a fantastic field with lots of different experience and style.

“Riders who come here go home speaking highly about our tour and organisation - and this encourages even more overseas teams to come.

“The Japanese team has been in a training camp for the past two weeks in Japan preparing for our event.  The NZCT Tour is already looking like being bigger and better than last year, and that's fantastic for everyone involved.  

A total of 70 riders in 14 teams will start the only international women’s cycling event in Oceania next Wednesday, 25 February.

The NZCT Tour finishes on Friday 27 February, and on Sunday, riders take part in the NZCT Women’s International Cup of Cycling in a 9km circuit in the city of Masterton .

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Teams / Start List

Australia National Team      Team Manager: Shayne Bannan

         Rochelle Gilmore           Australia           

2          Carlee Taylor                 Australia          

         Peta Mullens                 Australia          

4          Tiffany Cromwell           Australia           

5          Victoria Whitelaw           Australia                       


Giant Pro Cycling Team – China     Team Manager; Chan Shu Kiu

6          Lang Meng                    China    

7          Ming Gao                      China                

8          Fei Wang                      China                

9          Li Ping Zhang                China                

10         Ling Luo Xiao                China                


R+R Team         Mr Spargo                                                                        

11         Fiona Spargo                Australia

12         Nicole Whitburn             Australia

13         Clare Vlahopoulos         Australia

14         Rosara Joseph              New Zealand

15         Fiona Meade                 Ireland


Japan National Team      Team Manager; Shoichi Iwadate


16         Mayuko Hagiwara          Japan  

17         Ayako Toyooka             Japan  

18         Chino Mao                    Japan              

19         Chisako Harigai             Japan  

20         Tsugumi Kimura            Japan              


Australia NTID Team     Team Manager: John Forrest

21         Myfawny Galloway        Australia

22         Shara Gillow                  Australia           

23         Lisa Jacobs                  Australia           

24         Bridie O’ Don nell            Australia           

25         Rachel Neylan               Australia           


MB Cycles Team – Australia      Team Manager: Marcel Bengtson

26         Kirsty Brown                 Australia

27         Liz Young                     Australia

28         Gina Grain                     Canada

29         Lauren Kitchen              Australia

30         Amber Halliday              Australia


Handy Rentals Team      Manager: Harry Shaw

31         Kathy Watt                    Australia

32         Davina Summers           Australia

33         Jessy Byrnes                Australia

34         Jemma O'Brien              Australia



NZCT New Zealand National Team       Team Manager; Darren Gordon


36         Jo Kiesanowski             New Zealand     

37         Emma Peterson            New Zealand     

38         Karen Fulton                 New Zealand     

39         Toni Bradshaw              New Zealand     

40         Serena Sheridan            New Zealand     


BP Team      Team Manager: Ric Reid

41         Emma Richards             Australia           

42         Louise Kerr                   Australia           

43         Nikolina Orlic                  Australia

44         Kate Finegen                 Australia           

45         Jo Hogan                      Australia


Mercedes Benz Team     Team Manager; Stephen Elden

46         Rebecca Domange        Australia

47         Chloe Hosking              Australia           

48         Tanya Saad                   Australia          

49         Gabrielle Vermunt          New Zealand    

50         Bec Thyne                     Australia


Cyclosport Team      Team Manager;  Eddie Bright

51         Rachel Mercer               New Zealand

52         Emma Crum                  New Zealand

53         Tracy Best                    New Zealand

54         Jessica Jolly                 New Zealand

55         Sherilyn Gray                New Zealand



Champions System Cycling Team     Manager: Chris Drake

56         Ruth Corset                   Australia

57         Malindi Maclean            New Zealand

58         Dotsie Bausch              USA

59         Steph Roorda               Canada

60         Lauren Ellis                   New Zealand

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