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Tour Down Under 2009



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What a week!

Tour Down Under media room 2009


Why was WomensCycling.net at the first men's ProTour event of 2009?

"What are you doing here?" "There's no women in this peloton" 

Yes, its true, WomensCycling.net travelled to Adelaide last week to visit the 2009 Tour Down Under. The second year that this Australian event has opened the Pro Tour calendar was marked by another special event, the comeback race of Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong.

WomensCycling.net is a multi-time media attendee at the Tour Down Under. This was not the first WCN visit! Until 2007, Mike Turtur, the race director also ran three women's criteriums throughout the TDU week. They would be held at a stage arrival town, or a sprint point. Somewhere that the race personnel, officials and infrastructure were available at. The races were not run in 2008 or 2009 and that is a loss to the sport in South Australia. 

Staff photographer for WomensCycling.net, CJ Farquharson, works for other clients, including internet and magazine cycling publications. Living in Australia, she usually works for those clients during the Tour Down Under, supplying them with images of the biggest cycling race in Australia throughout the week.

Another member of the WomensCycling.net team was working for the organisation's media team this year too. The collection and typing-up of quotes from riders before and after stages and at press conferences is a vital part of the service offered by the organisers and Suzanne Lawrence formed part of the TDU team which collected quotes and distributed them to journalists and media outlets worldwide.

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Liz Kreutz interview

During the week, WCN took some time out to chat with Liz Kreutz. A relative unknown, as many photographers are, outside of the industry, this Texan has been documenting 'the other' Texan's comeback. She will be travelling with Lance Armstrong all year and taking pictures of his press conferences, races and public awareness activities. Liz has a growing fan base of her own and is an outstanding photographer.

Click here to read what she discussed with WomensCycling.net


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eVelo boutique opened

Nisa Shebella brought together cycling fashion and a true sense of style when she opened eVelo in Adelaide on January 20th. The cycle clothing boutique eVelo tHeArtofCycling threw open its doors during the TDU week and welcomed a large crowd to its opening party. Situated at 37 Glen Osmond Road, Eastwood, South Australia, this place is a 'must visit' for all women cyclists in Adelaide. 

Click here to see  pictures from the opening night


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Tiffany Jane clothing launched 

Tiffany Cromwell is known as a member of the Australian National team. The under 23 rider took bronze in the (January) Australian Road Race Championships and is also a formidable rider on the track. In addition to her athletic pursuits, the South Australian is studying at tertiary level for a qualification in fashion. She has put her experience into practice and launched Tiffany Jane, a range of women's cycling clothing which is functional, yet great looking too. 

Click here to see  the range and to read a bit more about tiffany jane


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