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Back on a bike and back on the track

March 2008

Anna Meares has been back on the track and doing publicity work for sponsor, Toshiba

On Monday March 3rd I had my 6 week scan. A written report was sent to my doctor and that night he called me to tell me that it said the fracture couldn't be seen. I had to wait until Thursday to see the Doc and get more information so he could look over the scans himself. I got Marv to talk to the Doc to see if I could do some track in the mean time because I am getting over doing ergo work which he agreed I could do a little bit.
I did track for the first time on Tuesday and just did some rolling work getting comfortable on the track again. At first I was pretty tentative but by the end I felt my old self out on the boards. Wednesday was a big day. I had 500m raisers that hurt like you wouldn't believe. I thought I was going to go pretty horribly, but I actually went really well. Surprised myself and Marv. My last effort was almost one of the best I have done. We figure it was from doing all that ergo for the past 4 weeks or so. I can't remember how many 30 second efforts I have done so it was nice to see it was worth the pain. I definitely slept well that night. My legs and my butt were not impressed with today's efforts either... he he he
Thursday was my medical with the doc. He said the scans showed the fracture to be 90% healed. There was still an area that was questionable. This was good I thought. He went through and checked my range of movement. I can look better left then right which for me riding the sprint isn't good. I also cant turn my head quickly without discomfort. Because of these two points and the fact that the fracture is only 90% healed, he said he wouldn't be able to medically clear me to ride the Worlds. However, if necessary he would let me ride to 200 qualifying so our plan is as follows.
I have a flight booked on the 25th of March in case any unforeseen points get added otherwise I am staying home. If I go I only ride the 200m and fly home again after to return to treatment and training.
Thursday I did a shoot for a Toshiba ad at the velodrome. Oh my god! It was a long day. I began at 9:30am and left at 5:30pm. I had to say that was it in the end 'cos I hadn't lent over the bike for that long and I was getting a headache and it was 42 degrees and I was getting so very fatigued from all the riding and little sprints they wanted me to do. They were very good though. I had a lot of fun. Got lots of pics. I met the head of Toshiba Japan, Harito, who flew over just for the day. Mariana (Toshiba Australia) also flew over to meet up with Harito.
The team left for Worlds today Sunday March 9th. I am feeling pretty down at the moment and for the past day or so. Its not nice to wave goodbye when you want to be going with them. I'll be training here on my own for the next month so that will be a challenge.

Other then that I am doing really well.
This past few weeks since I have written has again seen a lot of firsts. My first roller session, first track session, first sneeze or cough or cold shiver without pain, first sleep without waking up from moving, first trip to the hair dresser, first time driving my car and many more.
Training wise I have been doing very well in the gym getting stronger and I have begun to put back on the weight that I have lost. I am currently at 69kg with my final goal by Beijing being 72kg. After my crash I was down to 66-67kg. Track will be gearing up while the team is away. My week will include 3 gym sessions, 2 track sessions and a number of roller sessions. I still am not allowed to ride on the road for another week but that will start again soon.
Well I hope you have enjoyed this update, 

Anna Meares

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