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Giant Bicycles Takes the High Road

Bike manufacturer continues sponsorship 

Giant "excited to continue powerful partnership"

High Road Sports Website

Giant Bicycles has partnered with High Road Sports, Inc. and its professional men’s and women’s cycling teams now known as "Team High Road". With this announcement, the world’s largest bicycle brand continues its long-standing commitment to developing products for the world’s most demanding riders.

"Giant and Team High Road share the same commitment in clean and fair sport, and together we will work to shape the future of cycling. We have been collaborating with this young and highly talented group of men and women to develop the world’s most advanced bicycles, and we’re excited to continue this powerful partnership. We can’t wait to unleash this winning formula in the coming season," states Tony Lo, Giant’s CEO.

Bob Stapleton, of High Road said "We are very pleased to continue working with one of the most innovative and largest manufacturers of bicycles in the world. Giant was part of our successful season in 2007 and we are excited about our plans for 2008 and beyond. This is a committed partnership and we appreciate the ongoing support of Giant bicycles.

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Team High Road roster 2008:


Mara Abbott (USA)*

Kim Anderson (USA)

Judith Arndt (Germany) 

Kate Bates (Australia) 

Chantal Beltman (Netherlands) 

Emilia Fahlin (Sweden) 

Luise Keller (Germany)*

Alex Rhodes (Australia)

Madeleine Sandig (Germany)

Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Germany) 

Linda Villumsen (Denmark)

Anke Wichmann (Germany) 

Oenone Wood (Australia)


* Denotes new rider in 2008

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