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Sara Carrigan announces retirement

Former Olympic Champion decides to call it a day

"The thought of life as a ‘non-full time’ athlete is overwhelming but also exciting"

Cycling Australia Media Release

Sara Carrigan Signing on for the Tour of Berne World Cup race in 2007


2004 Olympic Champion Sara Carrigan OAM has announced her retirement from professional cycling.

The 28 year old has enjoyed stellar career on the bike representing Australia at eight World Championships, two Commonwealth Games and two Olympic Games. In Athens she claimed gold in the road race and at the 2006 Commonwealth Games she placed third in the time trial.

Carrigan has twice been the Australian Champion in the road time trial and, apart from 2007 when she took a break from racing, has been on the podium every year since 2001 including this year when she placed second in the time trial and third in the road race. She also amassed a host of victories in international races around the world.

"I am excited about my new adventures but it is sad and emotional for me to let go and say good bye to what has been half my life," Carrigan said. "I'd like to thank everyone for their support, they have helped make me who I am today.

"The thought of life as a ‘non-full time’ athlete is overwhelming but also exciting," she admitted. "It is hard to leave something that I love so much, that has allowed me to achieve one of my life dreams but I am an ‘all-or-nothing' person.

"I'm in it to be the best and if I feel I don't have that kind of focus or commitment to win and conquer all, it is the right time for me to walk away," she explained. "I am open to the possibility of competing in future competitions but my full time competitiveness is now over.

"I have enjoyed a rather quiet time since returning home from Beijing," said the Queenslander. "I've been able to relax and breathe again after the very intense period of pre-Games focus.

"I have also been dealing the feelings you have post-Games but I had the experience of dealing with these emotions and sensations when Athens came and went," she said. " But it's been amplified this time round with thoughts of retirement."
Carrigan will now focus on completing her Bachelor of Business degree (majoring in Property and Development) at Griffith University.

"I have discovered an enthusiasm and a passion for the property industry so I will move forward with that," she said. "But I will also continue to speak at schools as part of the Gold Medal Messages Program and perhaps start a ‘riding school’ to teach both young and new riders the rules of the road and technical aspects of riding a bike."


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