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World Track Championships 2008

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Pursuit Qualifying


Race Writeup

First to ride for qualification was in the 3000m pursuit were Eleonora Van Dijk (NED) and Tatiana Guderzo (ITA). The Dutch rider caught and passed the Italian at 2500m and finished 12 seconds ahead at the finish. Van Dijk held the fastest time of 3 minutes 32.505 seconds for quite some time. Despite some top names competing in the event no one could match the speed of Van Dijk. Notable names were Olga Slyusareva (RUS) 2004 Olympic champion, Vilija Sereikaite (LTU) the current World Cup leader. Lesya Kalitovska (UKR) and Karin Thurig (SUI) competing in the event but no one could match the time of Van Dijk. That was until the big hitters from Australia, USA and Great Britain started their rides.

Katie Mactier (AUS) rode off against Wendy Houvenaghel (GBR) and the Australian was in first place on time from the 1750m mark and ahead of Houvenaghel right to the last 500m. Houvenaghel however pulled out all the stops finishing just ahead of Mactier in a time of 3 minutes 31.753 seconds against Mactier’s time of 3 minutes 32.043 seconds. Houvenaghel’s time was a new British record. This achievement added to the record she set on the road in 2007 in the 10 mile time trial where she broke a record that has been held for over 50 years, completing the 10 miles in 19 minutes 50 seconds to become the first woman to go under 20 minutes ever.

Last to ride were the gold and silver medalist respectively from 2007, Sarah Hammer (USA) and Rebecca Romero (GBR). Both riders started much slower than the previous pair but wound it up at the 2000m mark to place themselves in 1st and 2nd place with Hammer just ahead by 1/100th of a second. Romero, with home crowd advantage moved ahead at the 2500m mark and won in a new British record time of 3 minutes 29.593 seconds ahead of Hammers time of 3 minutes 31.041 seconds.

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Post Race Comments

Dan Hunt (GBR Pursuit Coach Women) was estatic at the end of the pursuit qualifying. Both of his riders secured a place in the finals, Romero for Gold/Silver and Houvenaghel for Bronze. “We provide the coaching philosophy but at the end of the day it is their performance. We facilitate and advise but at the end of the day it is the women who have to get out there and perform. In front of the home crowd they have show real resolve. They both went out under the pressure and performed better than I could have asked. Watching the Dutch rider achieve a ride of 3 minute 32 seconds, really set the bar and it shows real character for both of them to go out there and deliver new British records. The discipline that exists within our programme is just shining through. Their warm ups are very structured; they don’t flap or worry they just get out there and perform. I could not be more proud of how they performed and it takes a lot for me to say that” said Hunt.

Hunt was asked how difficult it is to peak now and again in August. “We are on the up and up” said Hunt. “We have had a steady season with all of the World Cups, a number of riders hit the first World Cup flying but for us it is all about performing her and in Beijing. We were relaxed and confident in our own ability but not arrogant and it is paying off for us” added Hunt.

Sarah Hammer (USA) was relieved that qualifying was over. “That was hard” said Hammer. “I could not be happier with how I rode. This is one of the best years I have had in terms of preparation and how I have managed to come back from my Back injury. Two weeks ago I was dreaming of getting into the final, two or three months ago I would never have believed it was possible. I didn’t even know if I would be here so I can’t believe I am going for gold again. You always want to be in that position but to be honest I was not sure I was going to be able to do it. We have had to change my training programme quite a lot to accommodate the injury. I can’t really get in the gym any more so have to do other things for my core strength. I really could not be happier with my performance. I am going to give it everything in the final tonight” added Hammer.

Hammer was asked how difficult it was riding off against Romero on home ground. She said “It is definitely really hard. I have never experience that before. Being against a home town rider was a new experience for me. I told Andy [Sparks, Hammer’s Coach and partner] to shout louder as I could not hear the times against the crowd. It is definitely exciting I try to believe that they are cheering for me to make it easier” added Hammer.

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Position Name Country Time Km/Hr
1 Rebecca Romero GBR 3:29.593 51.528
2 Sarah Hammer USA 3:31.041 51.174
3 Wendy Houvenaghel GBR 3:31.753 51.002
4 Katie Mactier AUS 3:32.043 50.933
5 Eleonora Van Dijk NED 3:32.505 50.822
6 Lesya Kalitovska UKR 3:33.926 50.484
7 Alison Shanks NZL 3:35.212 50.183
8 Maria Luisa Calle Williams COL 3:35.505 50.114
9 Karin Thürig SUI 3:36.229 49.947
10 Verena Joos GER 3:36.357 49.917
11 Vilija Sereikaite LTU 3:36.375 49.913
12 Lada Kozlikova CZE 3:37.932 49.556
13 Elena Chalykh RUS 3:39.084 49.296
14 Elizaveta Bochkarova UKR 3:40.415 48.998
15 Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro ESP 3:41.557 48.725
16 Tara Whitten CAN 3:42.931 48.445
17 Tatiana Guderzo ITA 3:44.239 48.162
18 Min Hye Lee KOR 3:44.930 48.014
19 Olga Slyusareva RUS 3:45.304 47.935
20 Svetlana Paulikaite LTU 3:48.255 47.315

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