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World Track Championships 2008

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Race Writeup

Second Round

The first of the second rounds saw Pendleton, Blyth, Grankowskaja, Sanchez, Gong and Garcia Orrego up against each other. The Columbian had the wheel of the derny and Pendleton the favourite was in 5th wheel. Blyth was sat in 3rd wheel and hung back slightly from the Grankowskaja. Blyth moved round just before the derny pulled away. She cut it close, almost passing the derny before it pulled away. That would have resulted in a restart, but luckily her timing was perfect. Pendleton moved up and took the lead, while Blyth held her outside wheel, although a little too close to Sanchez for the judges, she received a warning for not holding her line. Sanchez was on the inside behind Pendleton and the three riders managed to secure their place in the top 6 and a chance for a medal.

The second race saw Reed, Kanis, Muche, Gloss, Guerra Rodriguez and Krupeckaite up against each other.  Muche (GER) held the position behind the derny with Reed on her wheel. Both Reed and Krupeckaite, who was on her wheel, were holding back slightly to give themselves an advantage over the others. At the bell, Krupeckaite attacked and Muche was on her wheel. Kanis was following but as she tried to move out she clashed shoulders with Jennie Reed, who was coming round the outside. Kanis had a serious wobble but sheer strength enabled her to stay upright, this was the end of her chances.

Muche managed to get round Krupeckaite to win, Reed at full throttle held on for second and Krupeckaite finished 3rd and moved into the top 6.

Final 1-6

In the final, Sanchez secured the wheel of the derny but as soon as it pulled off the track Krupeckaite attacked round the outside with the British rider Blyth. Pendleton found a space and moved to the front. She was at maximum speed and looked like she would hold on to win her third gold medal but went too early. Pendleton, despite her amazing leg speed could not hold off Jennie Reed, who had found a space between Pendleton’s wheel and the wheel of Christin Muche some how squeezed through to win. The judges took over 10 minutes to examine the photo finish before announcing that Pendleton had held on for second ahead of Muche.


7-12 Place

Gong of China had the wheel of the derny at the start of the race and held on to inside sprinters line almost to the finish. On the line it looked like Gong had held on for 7th however the judges disqualified her for not holding her line during the sprint. Grankowskaja crossed the line in second place, after she had powered round the outside of Orrego-Garcia. Kanis held on for 9th Rodriguez-Guerra 10th and Glöss 11th. The relegation of Gong placed her 12th place.

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Post Race Comments

Jennie Reed (USA) could not quite believe she had finally won a world title. “Oh gosh, I am so excited, I so wanted to win that title” said Reed as she came to the realisation that she had won her first World Keirin title. “I have been waiting for this title for so many years. When I came round Vicky [Pendleton] I felt so strong, I knew in the last lap that I was going to attack it and what ever came after that I just knew that I had to give it everything and in my head I knew that I could do it.”

After the award ceremony Reed said “It is just starting to settle in, I can’t believe it, it’s been 10 years of trying and I have finally done it. I don’t this year could have started any better.”.


Victoria Pendleton (GBR) was obviously extremely emotional and very disappointed to have come second in the final. “I am obviously very disappointed not to have won, but the sprint is the only thing that matters this year it is the only Olympic chance I had got” said Pendleton. “I was at my limit; I tried to move in and out to keep my position strong but I went a bit wobbly at one point, I managed to keep going though. Jennie [Reed[ was so strong today and really wanted the win” added Pendleton.


Christin Muche (GER) was disappointed not to have won either Gold or Silver but relieved to have held on for the Bronze medal. “It was so near, waiting to find out was agonizing. I am so happy though” said Muche.


Anna Blyth (GBR) finished 5th in the sprint and could not be happier with how she has performed at the championship. “I tried to come round but got stuck on the outside. I had a close call in the semi finals and did not want to risk crashing. I finally managed to get down to the sprinters line but it was too late” said Blyth.


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Position Name Country
GOLD Jennie Reed USA
SILVER Victoria Pendleton GBR
BRONZE Christin Muche GER
4 Clara Sanchez FRA
5 Anna Blyth GBR
6 Simona Krupeckaite LTU
Position Name Country
7 Svetlana Grankowskaja RUS
8 Diana Maria Orrego-Garcia COL
9 Willy Kanis NED
10 Lisandra Rodriguez-Guerra CUB
11 Dana Glöss GER
REL Jinjie Gong CHN
13 Jess Varnish GBR
13 Oksana Grishina RUS
13 Kaarle McCulloch AUS
16 Sandie Clair FRA
16 Elisa Frisoni ITA
19 Sakie Tsukuda JPN


Second Round
Position Name Country
1 Victoria Pendleton GBR
2 Anna Blyth GBR
3 Clara Sanchez FRA
4 Svetlana Grankowskaja RUS
5 Jinjie Gong CHN
6 Diana Maria Orrego-Garcia COL
Position Name Country
1 Christin Muche GER
2 Jennie Reed USA
3 Simona Krupeckaite LTU
4 Lisandra Rodriguez-Guerra CUB
5 Dana Glöss GER
6 Willy Kanis NED


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WC1_6513 WC1_6515 WC1_6517 WC1_6525 WC1_6533
WC1_6541 WC1_6542 WC2_5487 WC2_5676 WC3_5944
WC3_5978 WC3_6000 WC3_6110 WC3_6117  


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