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Day 3, Afternoon

Team Pursuit and Keirin Finals


Team Pursuit


Despite huge effort from the Australian team of Mactier, Goss and Tomic they could not beat the very slick team of the Russians Romanyuta, Slyusareva and Chulkova. Olga Slyusareva stayed on the front for the last 3 laps to keep the pace high and it paid off. They won in a new World Record time of 3 minutes 29.072 seconds. The Australians deserved the silver medal delivering a 3 minute 30.675 second time.


The Ukrainian riders stretched out a solid lead in the first half of the ride ahead of New Zealand. With a 3 second gap at the bell the Ukrainians managed to finish in 3 minutes 30.429 seconds securing the bronze medal. The New Zealand team rode a very respectable 3 minutes 35.269 particularly given the team had only ridden this event for the first time at this event and the first round was their first time together.

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Team Pursuit Comments

Olga Slyusareva, Eugeniya Romanyuta and Anastasiay Chulkova (RUS) were very happy to have won the gold medal. “We are very happy” said Chulkova, “Yes” said Slyusareva. “We only rode together today for the first time so we are very happy.”  WCN asked if they felt they were going to win the gold when they started today. Slyusareva said a resounding “No”. Today was the first running of the event and as a result the Russians now hold the inaugural World Record in the event. WCN asked if they thought they would beat it next week, Romanyuta said very convincingly “Yes”. The trio plan to compete in all of the World Cup events in the run up to Manchester in 2008.

Katie Mactier, Belinda Goss and Josephine Tomic (AUS) could not match the pace of the Russians but can be very proud of their ride. Mactier reflected on their Silver medal “It would have been nice to go home with the gold but this was our first every pursuit ride we are all delighted.” Josephine Tomic has had a mixed competition in terms of performance so was very happy with her medal. “It was really special to ride with people I look up to. I have not had a good competition so this is a good result.” Belinda Goss is the only non pursuiter, [both Tomic and Mactier specialise in that event] she rode exceptionally well and shared her teams happiness. “I am definitely happy, Katie and Josie are both great pursuiters so I feel great to have ridden with them, and it is great for us to have a team event.”

Svetlana Galuk, Lesya Kalitovska and Lyubov Shulika (UKR) was very happy with their bronze medal. WCN asked if they thought they would achieve a medal at the start of the competition and Galuk said “We are very happy, we did not think that we had a chance against the rest of the field but we are very pleased.”


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Team Pursuit Results 

Position Name Country/Team Time km/hr
Gold Anastasiay Chulkova RUS 3:29.072 51.656
Eugeniya Romanyuta RUS
Olga Slyusareva RUS
Silver Belinda Goss AUS 3:30.675 51.263
Katie Mactier AUS
Josephine Tomic AUS
Position Name Country/Team Time km/hr
Bronze Svetlana Galuk UKR 3:30.429
Lesya Kalitovska UKR
Lyubov Shulika UKR
Catherine Cheatley NZL 3:35.269
Joanne Kiesanowski NZL
Alison Shanks NZL


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Keirin Second Round

Simona Krupeckaite (LTH) secured her place in the final with a powerful display of riding. She came from the back on the last lap and could not be matched by Natallia Tsylinskaya (BLR) and Clara Sanchez (FRA).

Jennie Reed was the first to secure her place in the gold medal final after a very strong ride in the second round of the Keirin. Elisa Frisoni (ITA) and Victoria Pendleton (SIS) battled it out for the final two places in the final.

Keirin Final

The gold medal ride was a true show piece as Victoria Pendleton powered her way from the back of the field to demonstrate why she is World Champion. Jennie Reed must have thought she had the win only seeing Tsylinskaya in her wheel until Pendleton swooped by on the line.

In the ride for 7-12 place it was the Dutch rider Willy Kanis who again showed her power to attack from the back of the field. Kaarle McCulloch tried to stay with her but got boxed in by the Columbian Orrego-Garcia as she jumped.

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Keirin Comments

Victoria Pendleton (SIS) rode in the World Championship jersey with style and determination as she powered round the out “It was a bit touch and go” said Pendleton as she reflected on her effort to go round the outside in the final. “I was completely boxed in and I tried not to panic and just give it some gas and it worked out right.” WCN asked how special it was to wear the World Championship jersey. Pendleton added “It’s nice to win in it but not too nice to lose.” WCN asked if Pendleton planned to ride the 500m again in this competition, “Yes I want to, I would ride everything I can I just love to race.”

Jennie Reed (MOM) could not quite believe she had not won the race having closed down the attack from Natallia Tsylinskaya (BLR). “I didn’t meant to get caught on the hip like that, I though I could get around her but I got caught. I had a long sprint out so to hold on for second I am very happy. I thought on the back straight I just had to watch Natallia. I could hear everyone coming and I just could not hold Victoria off. It is such a world class field I have to be happy. I did a personal best in the 200m so my form is really coming.”


Natallia Tsylinskaya (BLR) was really happy with her Bronze medal. “I thought I had silver until Victoria came round. This is really good for me though I am in a big final. I am really happy” said Tsylinskaya.  Tsylinskaya has a 10 year old daughter and was reflecting on how long she can keep riding. “She plays tennis and trains hard and in two or three years she might be away traveling so I am not sure how much longer I want to travel away. Since she was six we only get a few months a year together and it is very hard. I will see after Beijing.” 

Clara Sanchez was relegated in the final for deliberately riding on the blue band during the race and therefore finished the competition in 6th place.

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Keirin  Results

Second Round 

Position Name Country/Team
1 Jennie Reed MOM
2 Elisa Frisono ITA
3 Victoria Pendleton SIS
4 Diana Maria Orrego-Garcia COL
5 Daniela Grelui Larreal VEN
6 Anna Blyth GBR
Position Name Country/Team
1 Simona Krupeckaite LTU
2 Natallia Tsylinskaya BLR
3 Clara Sanchez FRA
4 Christin Muche RAD
5 Willy Kanis NED
6 Kaarle McCulloch AUS


Position Name Country/Team
GOLD Victoria Pendleton SIS
SILVER Jennie Reed MOM
BRONZE Natallia Tsylinskaya BLR
4 Simona Krupeckaite LTU
5 Elisa Frisono ITA
REL Clara Sanchez FRA
Position Name Country/Team
7 Willy Kanis NED
8 Diana Maria Orrego-Garcia COL
9 Christin Muche RAD
10 Anna Blyth GBR
11 Kaarle McCulloch AUS
12 Daniela Grelui Larreal VEN

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