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Day 1, Morning Session

Sprint and Pursuit Qualifying

Sprint Rounds - qualifying to 1/4 finals

Day 1 started early with the sprint qualifying. Riders competed for the top 16 places to have an opportunity to ride for a medal.  

The top seeds qualified for the 1/8 finals as expected and delivered an interesting series of races.  

Notable riders not to make it through to the quarterfinals were Lisandra Rodriguez-Guerra (CUB) and Yvonne Hijgenaar (NED). By coincidence, both riders have won medals in the scratch race in the past.

In the Heat 1 of the 1/4 finals Jennie Reed (Momentum Racing-USA) rode off against Willy Kanis (NED). Reed won the first match up but could not hold the speed of Kanis in the final two.

Heat 2 Natallia Tsylinskaya (BLR) and old rival Victoria Pendleton (SIS) were neck and neck on the final bend but Pendleton could not quite make it round. In the second race, Tsylinskaya was relegated for leaving the sprinters lane on the back corner forcing a third ride off. In the first shock of the day, Pendleton could not match the early season form of Tsylinskaya who powered across the line to move into the semi-finals.

Heat 3 was a clash of champions Clara Sanchez (FRA) former World Champion and Australian golden girl Anna Meares (TOS). Sanchez was no match for Meares who sprinted clear in the first two races to secure her place in the semi-finals.

The final heat of the 1/4 finals included Chinese champion Shuang Guo and Lithuanian champion Simona Krupeckaite. Krupeckaite won the first race but Guo positioned herself well to secure the final two races.


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Pursuit Qualifying

The fastest rider in the pursuit was a relatively unknown Lithuanian rider, Vilija Sereikaite riding for Italian team, SAFI Pasta Zara Manhatten. She qualified fastest in a time of 3 minutes 36.6 seconds just ahead of Katie Mactier (AUS) who qualified in 3 minutes 36.8 seconds. The pair will ride for Gold and Silver.

Fighting for bronze medal after qualifying in third and fourth place are Karin Thürig (SUI) and the British rider Wendy Houvenaghel (SIS).

Out of the medals in fifth was Sarah Hammer (Ouch Pro Cycling). Hammer’s time was 3 minutes 38.7 seconds. 2 seconds can mean a lot at this level. The World Cup is the reigning World Champion's first major event back after a serious back injury.

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Anna Meares (Toshiba Racing) eased her way into the final of the sprint on day 1 of racing. “It’s nice to get the first race out the way, even if it was an early start. It’s not normal to have to start so early in the morning [reflecting on the 9.00am start]. I am feeling really happy and confident and focusing on the process of racing rather than the result. It seems to relax me a lot more and I don’t get so stressed out about it but everything is working.”  

Meares was asked how difficult it is to have to come to form so early in a very long and important season, she added “It is a very long season, I request at training last week to have an easier week after the Melbourne Revolution event to freshen up a bit and it seems to have worked. I feel really good but it is going to be a case of managing my physical stature throughout the entire season. I am at an advantage being a home World Cup. I have not had to get over a long flight or adjusted diet so I am taking every advantage when I can. If I get some early points in this round I won’t feel so pressured in Beijing. “

Jennie Reed (Momentum Racing) arrived in Australia 7 days ago and is happy to be back in Sydney racing. “This year it pays to be consistent since Olympic qualification is base on World Cup points. I tend to be quite consistent over the season so starting in Sydney is great. The goal for these fist two World Cups is to improve my 200m time I was quite happy with 11.04 seconds. The cut of time was 11.05 to make top 16 so I was right in the thick of it so I am happy with that.”

Racing with a new team this year Reed was asked if it was making a difference to her training. “I am based in LA now, training in one of the best facilities in the world and I have great group of training partners. I am being coached twice a week by Andy Sparks, Sarah Hammers fiancé who has been really great for me. We have gone back to some elementary stuff and it seems to be working.”

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Results - Pursuit

Position Name Country/Team Time Km/Hr
1 Vilija Sereikaite SAF 03:36.6 49.867
2 Katie Mactier AUS 03:36.8 49.819
3 Karin Thürig SUI 03:38.3 49.474
4 Wendy Houvenaghel SIS 03:38.6 49.406
5 Sarah Hammer OPC 03:38.7 49.387
6 Alison Shanks NZL 03:38.7 49.377
7 Verena Joose GER 03:39.5 49.208
8 Rebecca Romero GBR 03:39.8 49.141
9 Lesya Kalitovska UKR 03:40.0 49.086
10 Maria Luisa Calle Williams COL 03:41.1 48.853
11 Lada Kozlikova CZE 03:41.1 48.849
12 Tara Whitten CAN 03:42.3 48.577
13 Min Yang CHN 03:42.4 48.57
14 Elizaveta Bochkarova API 03:42.6 48.515
15 Kate Bates TMP 03:43.8 48.253
16 Dotsie Bausch USA 03:44.3 48.151
17 Cathy Moncassin Prime FRA 03:44.4 48.133
18 Trine Schmidt DEN 03:45.2 47.957
19 Olga Slyusareva RUS 03:46.8 47.624
20 Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro EUS 03:48.3 47.307
21 Tatiana Guderzo ITA 03:48.7 47.221
22 Charlotte Becker RAD 03:48.9 47.18
23 Marlijn Binnendijk NED 03:51.3 46.693
24 Yudelmis Dominguez Masague CUB 03:51.7 46.603
25 Neva Day SBW 03:52.3 46.493
26 Jessie Maclean VPR 03:52.4 46.474
27 Uracca Leow MAS 03:53.2 46.308
28 Min Hye Lee KOR 03:53.5 46.261
29 Satomi Wadami JPN 03:53.7 46.211
30 Svetlana Paulikaite LTU 03:54.8 45.998
31 Gema Pascual Torrecilla ESP 03:56.0 45.755
32 Iona Wynter Parks JAM 03:56.1 45.737
33 Camille Pallett DPC 03:56.8 45.614
34 Wei LI CHN 03:58.3 45.314
35 Kele Murdin PRO 03:58.4 45.303
36 Paola Maria Salazar Rabbe GUA 04:15.4 42.294
DSQ Danielys Garcia VEN

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Results - Sprint   Full Sprint detail, click here

Medal results will be posted here, for qualifying and rounds, click here

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