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Round 11 (Final)

Rund um die Nurnberger Aldstadt (10 laps, 123km)


Race Writeup

Judith Arndt (Team Columbia) confirmed her position as World Cup Champion, 2008 in the best possible manner in Nurnberg. She won the final round of the World Cup in a solo victory, finishing just over one minute ahead of the breakaway group she was part of for the latter part of the race. 

Arndt, riding certain in the knowledge that she was World Cup Champion, accelerated away from the large breakaway group (which had formed around half-way) about 14 kilometres from the finish. For just over a lap of the city centre circuit, the German worked alone to maintain her advantage. As the kilometres passed, it became clear that she would stay away for victory. As she entered the finishing straight, Arndt took time to glance over her shoulder for chasers, kept the pressure on and then began to celebrate just before the finishing line. 

Arndt had recognised that her chances of winning were limited if she had stayed in the group. Some of the fastest finishers from opposing teams were present in the break. Her solo effort was the solution to avoid being left behind by a sprint. As expected, one minute, two seconds later, a fast, aggressive sprint ensued. Monica Holler (Team Bigla) outsprinted Kirsten Wild (Netherlands) and Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) to take second place. The remainder of the breakaway group finished soon afterwards and then the bunch followed in, no need to chase hard in the closing kilometres, eight and a half minutes after Arndt’s arrival.

This was the third World Cup victory for Arndt in the 2008 season. Although, in her career, she had never led the World Cup series before taking the jersey in Berne in May, she kept the jersey all the way through to the final in Nurnberg. The Champion was quick to praise the others in the team and in particular, Alexis Rhodes who was in the break group with Arndt. The Australian was very active, attempting several times to create gaps. Although she was never allowed to get too much time ahead of the group, her efforts took vital energy away from the others as they were forced to chase and bring her back.

Joining Arndt on the World Cup podium were Suzanne De Goede (Équipe Nürnberger), who was second with 232 points and Marianne Vos (DSB Bank), third on 182 points.

Team Columbia was confirmed as the Team World Cup Champions. On 852 points, they beat Équipe Nürnberger (498 points) into second by 454 points. Menikini Selle Italia were third, just behind Nürnberger with 442 points.

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Post Race Comments

Judith Arndt (Team Columbia) spoke exclusively to WCN - “Its very cool. It was a perfect race. We won the World Cup and the Team Competition overall!” She paused, then continued, “At first it didn’t look too good because it was a big group and Luise [Keller] had to pull out because she was sick so it was only Alex and me left and other teams with really good sprinters. It was not really perfect, but I think Alex and I did the best we could. We were both attacking a lot.  

When I went away I could feel I was pretty strong compared to the others. So once I was over the last climb, I was pretty confident. But it was hard. It was cold and your lungs hurt when you go really hard. But if you want to win, you have to go really hard.” she smiled.

Even though Arndt knew she had won the World Cup competition, she did not rest on her rainbow-striped laurels, she was focussed on the race win. “I didn’t really think about the overall, we had it already and we came to win the race. Its hard, if you’re not in the perfect situation, you have to think about what you can do. It was good and Alex was really good too.       

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Team Time Gap
1 Arndt, Judith TMP 03.14.01 0
2 Holler, Monica BCT 03.15.03 1.02
3 Wild, Kirsten NED 03.15.03 1.02
4 Vos, Marianne DSB 03.15.03 1.02
5 Becker, Charlotte NUR 03.15.03 1.02
6 De Goede, Suzanne NUR 03.15.03 1.02
7 Thuerig, Andrea BCT 03.15.03 1.02
8 Rhodes, Alexis TMP 03.15.03 1.02
9 Ljungskog, Susanne FLX 03.15.03 1.02
10 Aune, Karin UNG 03.15.03 1.02

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World Cup Rankings 2008 Top 10 - click here to see full ranking

Rank Previous Rider Team Points
1 1 ARNDT Judith TMP 365
2 2 DE GOEDE Suzanne NUR 232
3 3 VOS Marianne DSB 182
4 24 LUPERINI Fabiana MSI 125
5 4 POOLEY Emma TSW 117
6 5 BELTMAN Chantal TMP 114
7 14 WILD Kirsten AAD 109
8 11 BECKER Charlotte NUR 105

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WC1_3104 WC1_3127 WC1_3182 WC1_3195 WC1_3203
WC1_3213 WC1_3232 WC1_3269 WC1_3278 WC1_3346
WC1_3351 WC1_3354 WC1_3396 WC1_3413 WC2_2896
WC2_2906 WC2_2932 WC2_2949 WC2_2963 WC2_2989
WC2_2996 WC2_3004 WC2_3025    


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