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Revolution 1

24 November 2007 - Vodafone Arena, Melbourne



The Square Group Revolution Scratch 20 Laps

With a mix of local and international talent the scratch race did not disappoint the crowds. Jamaican, Iona Winter-Parks stretched her legs out over the first few laps increasing the pace steadily. She was closely watched by Gina Grain (CAN), Belinda Goss (AUS) and Sky-lee Armstrong (NSWIS). The pace of the race was relatively steady until 10 laps to go when Tess Downing (Drapac) increased the pace forcing the bunch to react to bring her back. Immediately Peta Mullens (Jayco-VIS) counter attacked as Downing was caught and managed to hold the field at half a lap before being joined by Lisa Friend (Drapac).The pair held out until 2 to go when  Armstong led the chase to bring them back. She could not hold her pace as Goss, Liz Georgouras (AUS), Theresa Cliff-Ryan (USA) and Grain closed in at the bell.  This was the order they finished across the line.


2XU Future Stars Double Kilo Dash W18

This really was a dash, over so fast the young women could hardly breathe. Carly McCoombe (VIC) secured the victory ahead of Netasha Pearse (NSW) and Veronica Dudderidge (VIC)


Sprint Heat 1

The much anticipated sprint event suffered due to the absence of Kerrie Meares (AUS), who was sick and a crash in warm up for Kaarle McCulloch (AUS). In the first heat, Anna Meares (AUS) never really struggled against the Western Australian rider Josephine Butler. Meares won convincingly.


Sprint Heat 2

The second heat was a little closer; Yvonne Hijgenaar (NED) (who has been spending time in Adelaide training with the AIS) rode up against the American Liz Reap (who is only in her second season on the track) and local rider Liz Georgouras (AUS). Reap worked hard at the bell but could not match the speed of Hijgenaar who powered to the line.


NAB Revolution Sprint Final

This was a match of champions and one the crowd certainly enjoyed it. Anne Meares (AUS) allowed Hijgenaar to come to the front after performing a track stand and Hijgenaar took advantage. She led Meares across the line at the bell and despite Meares looking like she would come round on the final bend, Hijgenaar held her line to win.


2XU Future Stars Elimination W18

Shannon McCurley (VIC) never really looked troubled in the elimination race, she positioned herself well throughout and secured the win just ahead of Carly McCoombe (VIC) and Kendelle Hodges (VIC).


NAB Revolution Points

Belinda Goss (AUS) came from behind in the final stages to win the point’s race ahead of Peta Mullens (Jayco-VIS) who rode courageously; Mullens attacked after the first sprint and secured the next two sprints. This forced a reaction from some of the international riders who are using the Revolution event as preparation for the World Cup event in Sydney next week. Grain (CAN) was unfortunate to be relegated in the third sprint, being judged to have come under Wynter-Parks (JAM), despite the fact that the sprint lane was clear. Goss won the final sprint to secure a 10 point victory at the finish ahead of Mullens and Cliff-Ryan (USA). The relegation of Grain put her in 4th place. .


2XU Future Stars Scratch W18

Shannon McCurley (VIC) rode well to win the scratch race ahead of favourite Carl McCoombe (VIS) and Kendelle Hodges (VIC). 


Red Island Revolution Keirin Final

Anna Meares (AUS) seemed determined to take one win away with her at this event and rode strongly to win the Keirin event. The surprise performance was from Liz Georgouras (Matusi) who switched from rowing to track a couple of years ago and has been juggling the scratch race and sprint racing over the last year to find her strength. Competing at both events she certainly showed that she has talent in both. At the bell she held the wheel of Meares and fought hard to hold off Hijgenaar to the line and managed to do so

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The Square Group Revolution Scratch 20 Laps

Position Name Team
1 Belinda Goss AUS
2 Liz Georgurous AUS
3 Theresa Cliff-Ryan USA
4 Gina Grain CAN
Jessica Berry AUS
Tess Downing DRAPAC
Jessie Maclean AUS
Peta Mullens VIS
Iona Wynter-Parks JAM
Sky-lee Armstrong AUS
Lisa Friend AUS
Nicole Whitburn AUS
DNS Kate Cullen SCO


2XU Future Stars Double Kilo Dash W18

Position Name Team
1 Carly McCoombe VIC
2 Shannon McCurley VIC
3 Veronica Dudderidge VIC
Laine Hammond VIC
Netasha Pearse NSW
Kendelle Hodges VIC
Angela McClure VIC
Chloe McIntosh VIC
Kate Perry VIC
Marquessa Jelbart VIC
Maelle Howarth VIC
Julie Warren VIC


Red Island Revolution Keirin Final
1 Anna Meares AUS
2 Liz Georgurous AUS
3 Liz Reap USA
4 Yvonne Hijgenaar NED
5 Josephine Butler AUS
DNS Kaarle McCulloch AUS
DNS Apryl Eppinger AUS


Sprint Heat 1
Position Name Team
1 Anna Meares AUS
2 Josephine Butler AUS
DNS Apryl Eppinger AUS
DNS Kaarle McCulloch AUS
Sprint Heat 2
Position Name Team
2 Liz Reap USA
3 Liz Georgurous AUS
1 Yvonne Hijgenaar NED
NAB Revolution Sprint Final
2 Anna Meares AUS 12.23
1 Yvonne Hijgenaar NED

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Rider's Comments

Scratch Race

Belinda Goss (AUS) was please to be back racing on the track and rode well to win the Scratch race. “It is always good to get a win under your belt” said Goss. Goss was asked if she was concerned when Mullens went away, she added “it was a bit of a concern for a minute but we managed to bring her back.”

Sky-Lee Armstrong (NSWIS) rode well in the scratch race, she went into the event after a success Oceania championships. Despite having brought the break back Armstrong could not hold off the chasing bunch. “I was a little disappointed to get caught but I am only just getting to full form. I am disappointed not to have been selected for the Sydney World Cup event, so I tried to place well here tonight to see if I could influence the selectors for Beijing. This was a great event and the Revolution team can be very proud of the event” said Armstrong.

Tess Downing (Drapac) has stepped up to the senior ranks and is showing some great form at top class events. “It was really exciting out there tonight and I am where I want to be in terms of my career” said Downing.  

Peta Mullens (Jayco-VIS) returned to the track after a lay off of 15 months, switching her focus to the road. Mullens worked hard to get away from the bunch, she was asked if she was disappointed with being caught, she said “I am out of track form and relied on my road form to stay away but it did not work today. It was great to race with such a quality field on my home track.”

Gina Grain (Canada) rode to fourth place in the scratch race and had this to say, “I PP’d the race, positioning, positioning and positioning. I am trying a lot of tactical stuff tonight to prepare for next week. It was a fun race.”

Theresa Cliff-Ryan (USA) like a number of the elite riders is in Australia preparing for the World Cups in Sydney and Beijing. “I love being in Australia, they just love cycling here and the competition is great preparation. The best cyclists in the world are Australian so being here to race against them is great. This is great preparation for me going into the next few weeks.”

Future Stars

Carly McCoombe (VIC) was excited to win the kilo dash “It was fun tonight racing in front of the crowd.”


The Sprinters

Anna Meares (AUS) enjoyed being back on the Melbourne track, “I have fond memories of this track and the crowd is great tonight. I thought the quality of riders would be a little deeper tonight considering the number of internationals that are in the country, but I understand that it is so close to the World Cup that some would feel it was risky. Taking everything into consideration tonight has been great racing.

Yvonne Hijgenaar (NED) won the sprint header against Meares but came off second in the Keirin to a determined Meares. “I thought she was going to come round,” said Hijgenaar [referring to Meares] “I rode my own race and I new it was best to do a long sprint.”

Liz Reap (USA) is one of three riders in the new USA professional track team. Reap is relatively new to sprinting but enjoying the event. “Australians are so warm and it has been great training and racing here. It was great going up against Yvonne [Hijgenaar] she is so strong”


Points Race 

Belinda Goss (AUS) secured her second win out of two to win the point’s race. “This has hopefully been great preparation for next week, I came into this event open minded and its gone pretty well.”

Peta Mullens (Jayco-VIS) almost secured the victory in the points race beaten only by an inform Goss. “I knew there were double points on offer going into the final sprint and 'Gossy' was the only one who could catch me. Belinda [Goss] is a class act and I new I could not outsprint her” said Mullens. 


Iona Wynter-Parks (Jamaica) only landed in Australia a couple of days before the race and was happy with getting back on the Melbourne track, not having raced on it since the Commonwealth Games. “It was a great choice to come to the Revolution event to prepare for Sydney and to get some races under my belt and get the jitters out.”


Gina Grain (Canada) was using the Revolution events as great preparation for the World Cup, “I am using these events as a chance to try out some techniques that I have been working while I have been here in Australia, coming from the back, working on coming over the top and going from the front. I am not putting any pressure on myself here, it’s a great event and a great field, half of the pack is in the world cup field so it was a great chance to race a quality field and tune up for Sydney and Beijing.”


Liz Georgouras (AUS) split herself between both the sprint and endurance events for the Revolution events; she was asked if it had been tough. “It was a little hard going into that last race. I have been working on both but I think I will focus on the scratch race. I have been training out at Adelaide with Anna and Kerrie [Meares] so it has been great to do the sprint too.” Georgouras has made the transition from rowing and is happy with the decision and being part of the developing Australian riders on the track.

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