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Stage 2

Hellendoorn - Hellendoorn, Individual TT, 20.5km


Race Writeup

Trixi Worrack (Équipe Nürnberger) won the TT by a single second form Dutch TT Champion, Mirjam Melchers van Poppel (Team Flexpoint) and Judith Arndt (Team Columbia). Although she was 'only' fifth, Kirsten Wild (AA Drink) was just 3 seconds behind the winner and managed to beat race leader, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Team Columbia) by seven seconds to take the lead on General Classification.

So tightly packed is the top ten on General Classification, that the difference is only 33 seconds. The top is separated by just 4 seconds. With four stages to come, with bonus tine sprints in each, as well as at the stage finishes, the race is still wide open.

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Nation Time Gap Speed
1.   WORRACK Trixi GER .27'47"    44,258km/h  
2.   MELCHERS-VAN POPPEL Mirjam NED .27'48" 1"   44,244km/h  
3.   ARNDT Judith GER .27'48" 1"   44,225km/h  
4.   BRUINS Regina NED .27'50" 3"   44,177km/h  
5.   WILD Kirsten NED .27'50" 3"   44,169km/h  
6.   VOS Marianne NED .27'53" 6"   44,094km/h  
7.   BECKER Charlotte GER .27'54" 7"   44,067km/h  
8.   TEUTENBERG Ina GER .27'57" 10"   43,985km/h  
9.   SCHNIDER Pascale SUI .28'14" 27"   43,545km/h  
10.   GUNNEWIJK Loes NED .28'17" 30"   43,476km/h  

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Name Nation Time Gap
1.   WILD Kirsten NED 3.06'32"     
2.   WORRACK Trixi GER 3.06'35"   3"  
3.   TEUTENBERG Ina GER 3.06'35"   3"  
4.   MELCHERS-VAN POPPEL Mirjam NED 3.06'36"   4"  
5.   VOS Marianne NED 3.06'36"   4"  
6.   ARNDT Judith GER 3.06'36"   4"  
7.   BRUINS Regina NED 3.06'38"   6"  
8.   BECKER Charlotte GER 3.06'42"   10"  
9.   SCHNIDER Pascale SUI 3.06'59"   27"  
10.   GUNNEWIJK Loes NED 3.07'05"   33"  

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Photos   Click on any image to enlarge >>

WC_TT_0235 WC_TT_0244 WC_TT_0276 WC_TT_0285 WC_TT_0331
WC_TT_0336 WC_TT_0346 WC_TT_0354 WC_TT_0363 WC_TT_0385
WC_TT_0395 WC_TT_0429 WC_TT_0439 WC_TT_0446 WC_TT_0486


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