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Thüringen Rundfahrt, 2008


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Stage 6

Zeulenroda, 122km


Race Writeup

The final stage of the 2008 Thüringen Rundfahrt der Frauen, ended in an all out sprint battle between two of Germany’s top cyclist and was won by Trixi Worrack (Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung) ahead of Judith Arndt (Team Columbia Women). Arndt was right on Worrack’s wheel across the finish line and ensured that she had done enough to repeat her 2007 victory in the event, this year by 18 seconds ahead of Worrack and Grete Treier (Gauss).

The race was always going to go right to the line and it certainly lived up to expectations. The attacks started on the way to the first climb to Dobia at 20km. Carla Ryan (Cervelo Lifeforce), Elena Berlato (Safi Pasta Zara Manhatten), Elodie Touffet (Gauss), Veronica Balderas (Gauss) and Alison Powers (USA) who initiated the move tried to go away and held a small gap on the peloton for 3 km, this did not however as the Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung moved to the front to chase them down and close the gap.

On the climb the Canadians were on the front trying to lead out Felicia Gomez however Angela Hennig (DSB) attacked them and managed to get over the top first for maximum points. Gomez was second and Modesta Vzesniauskaite (Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung) got her first mountain points of the tour.

The three riders managed to gain a small advantage over the peloton of 28 seconds but this came to an end at 36km at Hohenölsen, which was in a valley between a 10% decent and 10% climb. Despite efforts from Vzesniauskaite the Lithuanian road champion and Cervelo Lifeforce no one rider managed to break away from the peloton for the next 14km.

The first time over the Everma, or, “Hankaberg” climb in support of the local German Champion Hanka Kupfernagel, the current German road champion riding for Team Columbia Women Luise Keller was on the front with the leading riders in the tour.  It was Karen Aune (Swedish National Team) who took maximum points ahead of Worrack and Keller.

It was on the decent however that a decisive move from Leigh Hobson (Canadian National Team) attacked on the decent and quickly gained a 50 second advantage. Hobson held the lead for 28km before Priska Doppmann (Cervelo Lifeforce) attempted to bridge the gap to Hobson. Doppmann gained a 31 second advantage before the peloton reacted to bring her back. Grace Verbeke (Belgium National Team) counter attacked briefly but by the time the Hobson was half way up the “Hankaberg” the peloton had reeled in Verbeke and Hobson was within a few meters.

At the top Hobson held on for maximum points and was followed over by Keller and Worrack.

Erinne Willock (Webcor) was in 4th wheel over the climb and immediately attacked on the decent. She had a 30 seconds gap very quickly. Doppmann tried again to counter attack but only managed a 200m gap before it was closed down. Willcock was allowed to go and by the time she reached Zeulenroda for the second passage she had a 34 second advantage.

In Zeulenroda the start finish line was the point for the sprint competition and Suzanne De Goede (Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung) and Emma Johansson (Swedish National Team) were on equal points at the start of the stage and De Goede won the first sprint and took second behind Willock in the second to secure the overall Sprint jersey.

Andrea Thürig (Bigla) attacked and managed to bridge the gap to Willock. The pair managed to gain gap of 1 minute 10 seconds. At the front of the chasing peloton, Vzesniauskaite led team mate Worrack and the remaining 58 riders at tempo. The gap to the leaders moved out to 1 minute 28 seconds and the only rider to try to bridge the gap was Liesbet De Vocht (Belgium National Team) but only managed a 5 second gap.

The final approach over the Hankaberg at 110.6 km at Merkendorf was the point at which the chase to close the gap to the leaders started. At this point Willock and Thürig had 1 minute and 33 seconds but this was down to 1 minute 26 at the foot of the “Hankaberg” climb.

The fast decent into the finish was the opportunity for Worrack and Arndt to attack off the front of the peloton. The pair rode strongly and by the 6km to go point they were in sight of Willock and Thürig. Willock took the opportunity to attack Thürig and managed to get away. Thürig was swallowed up by Worrack and Arndt at 4km to go and the gap to Willock was 17 seconds. It took Worrack and Arndt another 2km’s to catch Willock. In the chasing peloton Karen Thürig broke free and caught sister Andrea. The siblings worked well together and maintained a small advantage of the bunch.

Willock, Worrack and Arndt rode into the finish together to the 500m mark when Worrack sprinted for the finish. She just beat Arndt to the line, followed by Willock at 2 seconds. The Thürig sisters rolled in together 7 seconds behind and a stream of riders followed.

Stephanie Pohl (German National Team) finished in the under 23 jersey 1 minute ahead of Oxana Kozonchuk (Menikini Selle Italia) 

Felicia Gomez (Canadian National Team) managed to get points over the first climb to further consolidate her hold on the Mountain jersey to the finish. Gomez finished with 28 points 5 points ahead of her nearest rival Worrack. 

Suzanne De Goede (Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung) had a tough battle to win the sprints points during the final stage. There were only two sprint points in a mainly mountain stage and De Goede just beat Emma Johansson (Swedish National Team) in the first one and due to the break in the race the second sprint was crucial for De Goede to beat Johansson and she did to finish the tour on 15 points ahead of Johansson on 13 points.

Alison Powers (Team USA) was awarded the most active jersey after her time at the front of the race driving it forward.

Priska Doppmann (Cervelo Lifeforce) was awarded the Amy Gillett for her approach to the race, fairness, her drive to attack and her attitude throughout the race.

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Post Race Comments

Judith Arndt (Team Columbia Women) had a tough ride and had to work really hard to hold onto the leader’s jersey. “The other teams covered every attempt to attack during the race and I tried to make sure that I stayed with Treier and Trixi [Worrack] on the climb. When Trixi attacked just before 4km to go I didn’t really expect that so I had to go after her and catch her. It was very hard. We worked together to catch Willock and she deserved the stage win” said Arndt. “This has been a great win for the whole team. We were only 4 riders for most of the tour so to get the overall is really good” added Arndt. Arndt leaves for Beijing after the Sweden World Cup road race and added “This win is great for my self confidence”.

Trixi Worrack (Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung) was very happy to win the stage. “That was a hard race” said Worrack as she finished. “I won the sprint” she added with surprise in her voice.

Grete Treier (Gauss) was very happy to have finished the tour and be in the top 3. “I can’t believe how I have performed during this tour. One stage win and to finish in the top 3 is amazing” said Treier.

Suzanne De Goede (Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung) was relieved that the tour was over and very happy to have won the sprint jersey. “I am very happy to have won the jersey and when you come to the finish and you hear that your team mate Trixi has won the stage it is really great for the team. It was hard today but I am very happy” said De Goede.

Felicia Gomez (Canadian National Team) secured the Mountain jersey and was very happy with her performance during the tour. “I am so happy this is my first major tour jersey so I am very happy. We came here with a goal to win this jersey [pointing to the Mountain jersey] and my team really helped me. It was really at team effort so it makes it really special” added Gomez.

Stephanie Pohl (German National Team) was very happy to have finished the tour as the leader in the young rider category. “I am so happy this is my first big tour so I am very happy to win this jersey” said Pohl.

Erinne Willock (Webcor) stayed away for 50km and was disappointed at being caught 2 km out. “That was one hell of a race” said Willock as she recovered from her efforts. “Trixi and Judith are incredible riders, it was hard to be caught by them but I was not surprised. This race is great training for Beijing just to get that additional form in the run up, so I am very happy” added Willock.

Priska Doppmann (Cervelo Lifeforce) was very humble about receiving the Amy Gillett award and very happy with her team's performance during the tour.  “We tried really hard today to make a break but we just could not get away. Karen [Thürig] was the only one right at the end to get away but the finish came too soon” said Doppmann.  

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Team Time Gap Bonus
1.   Worrack, Trixi Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung 3.35'41"      10"  
2.   Arndt, Judith Team Columbia Women 3.35'41"      6"  
3.   Willock, Erinne Webcor Builders 3.35'43"   2"   7"  
4.   Thürig, Karin Cervélo Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team 3.35'48"   7"     
5.   Thürig, Andrea Bigla Cycling Team 3.35'48"   7"     
6.   Kupfernagel, Hanka German National Team 3.36'02"   21"     
7.   Cantele, Noemi Bigla Cycling Team 3.36'02"   21"     
8.   Valen-de Vries, Anita Team Flexpoint 3.36'02"   21"     
9.   Aune, Karin Swedish Nationalteam 3.36'02"   21"     
10.   Hennig, Angela Team DSB Bank 3.36'02"   21"     

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Name Team Time Gap
1.   Arndt, Judith Team Columbia Women 14.54'57"     
2.   Worrack, Trixi Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung 14.55'15"   18"  
3.   Treier, Grete Gauss RDZ Ormu 14.56'15"   1'18"  
4.   Thürig, Karin Cervélo Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team 14.57'09"   2'12"  
5.   Soeder, Christiane Cervélo Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team 14.58'00"   3'03"  
6.   Johansson, Emma Swedish Nationalteam 14.58'34"   3'37"  
7.   Cantele, Noemi Bigla Cycling Team 14.58'37"   3'40"  
8.   Doppmann, Priska Cervélo Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team 14.59'08"   4'11"  
9.   Ryan, Carla Cervélo Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team 14.59'27"   4'30"  
10.   Kupfernagel, Hanka German National Team 15.00'07"   5'10"  

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