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Tour de l'Aude 2008


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Stage 9

Limoux 71km


Race Writeup

With rain and two topographical difficulties, the 9th and final stage of the Tour de l'Aude-the shortest, with its 71-km was one of the hardest contested. 

The day saw the success of Judith Arndt, confirmation of the overall victory of Susanne Ljungskog and the return to 3rd place (overall standings) Trixi Worrack. The fight was actually triggered by Worrack, anxious to recover the 3rd place in the overall rankings. Worrack won the support of compatriot Arndt. Nevertheless, in Villardebelle, the two Germans were overwhelmed by Ljungskog and Cooke. In the winding descent on wet roads, the quartet was consolidated at the front. The group Van den Broek was at 1'15 ". Another group, including Teutenberg and Salvetat was at 2 minutes.

In the sprint finish in Limoux, Arndt arrived before Ljungskog, Cooke (who appealed that she was 'switched' in the sprint and unsuccessfully filed claims) - and Worrack. 

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Post Race Comments

Judith Arndt (High Road)  "I think we should be happy about the tour. It was a very tactical race. We were not the strongest team for the mountains and we had some bad luck with Luise [Keller] crashing early in the week, but overall we did well."

"It was a little disappointing after the race as Cooke protested the sprint and that doesn't feel good," explained Arndt. "But I'm happy with our overall tour."

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Team Time Gap / Bonus
1 ARNDT Judith TMP 01h54'56" 10"
2 LJUNGSKOG Susanne MSI 01h54'56" 7"
3 COOKE Nicole GRB 01h54'56" 7"
4 WORRACK Trixi NUR 01h54'56" 2"
5 BRODTKA Angela DSB 01h55'55" 59"
6 VAN DEN BROEK Irene AAD 01h55'55"
7 LAWS Sharon GRB 01h55'55" 59"
8 *VILLUMSEN Linda TMP 01h55'55"
9 JOHANSSON Emma AAD 01h55'55" 59"
10 *HAUSLER Claudia NUR 01h55'55"

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Name Team Time Gap
1 LJUNGSKOG Susanne MSI 23h55'05"
2 ARNDT Judith TMP 23h58'40" 03'35"
3 WORRACK Trixi NUR 23h59'07" 04'02"
4 COOKE Nicole GRB 23h59'28" 04'23"
5 VAN DEN BROEK Irene AAD 24h00'02" 04'57"
6 LAWS Sharon GRB 24h00'16" 05'11"
7 *HAUSLER Claudia NUR 24h00'47" 05'42"
8 NEBEN Amber USA 24h01'12" 06'07"
9 *VILLUMSEN Linda TMP 24h02'11" 07'06"
10 *BRUINS Regina NED 24h02'20" 07'15"


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