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GP de Dottignies

Vos sprints to win ahead of Wild

Dottignies, Belgium, 100km, UCI 1.2



Many of the competitors from the Tour of Flanders World Cup race travelled the short distance to Dottignies on Monday. The race took place on a cold, but dry, day on relatively flat roads. A 50km loop around the area was followed by 9 laps of a 5km circuit. On the circuit, the race had to contend with narrow lanes, shouldered by deep ditches.

The most notable move on the finishing circuit was by Liesbet Vocht (Platteland). She managed to stay away for three laps, but was caught by a group of riders who would stay away and eventually contest the finish. There were some big names here : Ljungskog, Vos, Wild, De Goede, Visser. as the passed through the start finish area during the closing laps, it was obvious that the riders were watching each other for someone to make a move. But with nobody really taking the initiative, it was down to a bunch sprint.

Coming up to the line, Marianne Vos was able to relax and sit up as she took the win from Kirsten Wild (AA Drink) (who tried hard to close the gap) and Grete Treier (GDZ Gauss).

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1. Marianne Vos (DSB Bank)

2. Kirsten Wild  (AA drink)

3. Grete Treier (GDZ Gauss)

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WC1_6839 WC1_6844 WC1_6849 WC1_6870 WC1_6877
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WC1_7053 WC2_5959 WC2_5960 WC2_5969 WC2_5970
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