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Omloop van Borsele

Wild wins

Borsele, Netherlands, UCI 1.2



It took until the end of the month, but Kirsten Wild finally scored the win which she had been threatening for much of April. The in-form sprinter took the finale ahead of Ina-Yoko Teutenberg and Marianne Vos. The Dutchwoman was able to sit up and celebrate as the others in the sprinting group conceded victory and coasted over the line. With several podium places throughout April, Wild finally proved the form which she has been showing throughout.

The race in the Dutch countryside marked the end of a busy April for many of the competitors. The spring campaign of one-day classics and several from the series of World Cup races will have left many ready for a period of rest and rebuilding for the Tours which follow in May, June and July.

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Position Name Nation Team Time
1 Kirsten Wild Ned AA-Drink Cycling Team 3.15.55
2 Ina Teutenberg Ger Team High Road Women
3 Marianne Vos Ned Team DSB Bank
4 Anita Valen De Vries Nor Team Flexpoint
5 Regina Bruins Ned Ton van Bemmelen/Odysis
6 Liesbeth De Vocht Bel Vrienden Van Het Platteland
7 Vera Koedooder Ned Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam 0.25
8 Kimberly Anderson USA Team High Road Women             0.44
9 Loes Gunnewijk Ned Team Flexpoint
10 Adrie Visser Ned Team DSB Bank 1.56
11 Loes Markerink Ned Team Flexpoint
12 Andrea Bosman Ned Team DSB Bank
13 Sissy van Alebeek Ned Ton van Bemmelen/Odysis
14 Maxime Groenewegen Ned AA-Drink Cycling Team
15 Eleonora Van Dijk Ned Vrienden Van Het Platteland
16 Monique van de Ree Ned RSC De Zuidwesthoek
17 Bertine Spijkerman Ned Restore Cycling Team
18 Chantal Beltman Ned Team High Road Women
19 Elise Van Hage Ned Team Flexpoint
20 Sanne Van Paassen Ned Team DSB Bank
21 Irene v.d. Broek Ned AA-Drink Cycling Team
22 Suzanne Kuiper Ned Restore Cycling Team
23 Kristy Miggels Ned Vrienden Van Het Platteland
24 Alexis Rhodes Aus Team High Road Women
25 Iris Slappendel Ned Team Flexpoint
26 Moniek Rotmensen Ned Ton van Bemmelen/Odysis          4.50
27 Anne Eversdijk Ned Ton van Bemmelen/Odysis
28 Lianne Wagtho Ned Restore Cycling Team
29 Linda Van Rijen Ned Team DSB Bank
30 Janneke Kanis Ned NoordWestHoek
31 Anna van der Breggen Ned NWHoek/Rabo/De Bataaf
32 Elisabeth Braam Ned Team Flexpoint
33 Hilde van Slochteren Ned Restore Cycling Team
34 Luise Keller Ger Team High Road Women
35 Emma Mackie Aus Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam
36 Mascha Pijnenborg Ned TWC Het Snelle Wiel
37 Emilia Fahlin Swe Team High Road Women
38 Inge Klep Ned Red-Sun Ladies-Schijndel
39 Marielle Kerste Ned Team Merida
40 Petra Dijkman Ned Red-Sun Ladies-Schijndel
41 Imke Hartogs Ned Team Merida
42 Roxane Knetemann Ned Vrienden Van Het Platteland
43 Kathleen Sterckx Ned Team Merida
44 Chantal Blaak Ned AA-Drink Cycling Team
45 Hannah Welter Ned Team DSB Bank
46 Rixt Meijer Ned People's Trust Cycling T
47 Suzanne Van Veen Ned Team Flexpoint
48 Mara Abbott Ned Team High Road Women
49 Jaccolien Wallaard Ned Vrienden Van Het Platteland
50 Judith Helmink Ned Ton van Bemmelen/Odysis
51 Arenda Grimberg Ned Ton van Bemmelen/Odysis
52 Sara Carrigan Aus Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam
53 Josephine Groenveld Ned Team DSB Bank
54 Danielle Bekkering Ned Team DSB Bank                  4.11
55 Natalie van Gogh Ned Regioteam SwABoLadies            7.36
56 Angelique Linders Ned Red-Sun Ladies-Schijndel
57 Ingeborg Kreuze Ned People's Trust Cycling T
58 Judith Visser Ned NWVG Groningen 7.40
59 Monique Verstraaten Ned Vrienden Van Het Platteland  7.42
60 Elke Riedl Aut NWHoek/Rabo/De Bataaf
61 Joukje Braam Ned People's Trust Cycling T 7.47
62 Eefje Tabak Ned TWC Het Snelle Wiel


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WC3_1119 WC3_1135 WC3_1148 WC3_1195 WC3_1198
WC3_1220 WC3_1222 WC3_1269 WC3_1270 WC3_1271
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