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Tour of New Zealand 2008    (UCI 2.2)


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Stage 6

Wellington City Criterium


Race Writeup

Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Team High Road) repeated her victory of 2007 to win the final stage of the New Zealand Community Trust tour.  

Cervélo-Lifeforce controlled the front of the peloton for the first few laps completing the 750m course in 1 minute 17 seconds before the first attacks started. A group of twelve riders got away including two riders from Team USA, Alison Powers and Lauren Franges, two from Cervélo-Lifeforce, Sarah Duster and the tour leader Kristin Armstrong. Team High Road reacted quickly to close the small gap that had formed. Judith Arndt moved to the front and showed why people call her the ‘Motorbike”, her speed was unreal and the gap was closed within 50m. With the field together, Cervélo-Lifeforce took control again.

The sheer pace of the race ensured that the bunch was strung out causing a number of riders to fall back from the main peloton. The race split into three groups as they reached the 26 minutes completed mark, Teutenberg attacked the field and took 5 other riders with her into the winning break for the day. Included in the break were; Sarah Duster (Cervélo-Lifeforce), Brooke Miller (USA), Lorian Graham (Vrienden van het Platteland), Alex Wrubleski (Webcor Builders) and Suzanne De Geode (Équipe Nürnberger).

The peloton were behind the leaders by 38 seconds and at one point were only 15 seconds from being caught by the break. Armstrong was very vocal at the front of the peloton to the other American rider next to her as they crossed the start/finish area explaining that it they were caught they would be pulled. Almost immediately a number of her team moved to the front, joined by Team USA and the pace picked up.

With 38 minutes completed the gap between the leaders and the peloton was at 30 seconds. Leonie Burford (MB Cycles) attacked the peloton and gained a small gap before she was caught again by the bunch led again by Team High Road’s Linda Villumsen.

With 45 minutes completed the leading group had a 38 second lead on the chasers. As the main peloton crossed the start/finish area Oenone Wood (Team High Road) and Trixi Worrack (Équipe Nürnberger) attacked. They did not get too far away however as Cervélo-Lifeforce moved Priska Doppmann to the front to close the gap. As the peloton caught their breath, Linda Villumsen (Team High Road) attacked and managed to gain a gap of 19 seconds very quickly. She was joined by Katherine Carroll (Team USA) who caught Villumsen and went straight past her to chase down the leaders. Villumsen chased her back and the pair made touch with the leading group with 58 minutes of racing completed.

With three laps to go the leading group was 24 seconds ahead of the peloton. At the bell Villumsen moved to the front to keep the pace high for her team mate Teutenberg.

As they crossed the line, Teutenberg sprinted clear of De Geode and Duester rolled in for third.

The overall tour leader Kristin Armstrong (Cervélo-Lifeforce) rolled in with the bunch, Oenone Wood (Team High Road) finished second and Erinne Willock (Webcor Builders) finished in third.  

Lorian Graham (Vrienden van het Platteland) had already secured the QOM jersey, Carla Ryan (AIS) was a clear leader in the U23 category and Katherine Carroll (Team USA) completed the line up winning the Lithoprint Sprint jersey.

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Post Race Comments


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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Team Time/Gap
1 Ina-yoko Teutenberg THR 1.03.00
2 Suzanne De Geode NUR "
3 Sarah Duster CLP "
4 Brooke Miller USA "
5 Lorian Graham VVP  
6 Alex Wrubleski WBC 0.04
7 Katherine Carroll USA 0.06
8 Linda Villumsen THR "
9 Rochelle Gilmore MSI 0.45
10 Miho Oki MSI "

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Name Team
1 Kristin Armstrong CLP 12.22.16
2 Oenone Wood THR 0.23
3 Erinne Willock WBC 2.02
4 Judith Arndt THR 2.25
5 Trixi Worrack NUR "
6 Ruth Corset TBK 2.26
7 Miho Oki MSI 2.53
8 Carla Ryan AUS 3.03
9 Christina Rutter USA 3.12
10 Sharon Laws TBK 3.40

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Photos   Click on any image to enlarge >>

WC1_3475 WC1_3491 WC1_3516 WC1_3554 WC1_3564
WC1_3570 WC1_3605 WC1_3612 WC1_3639 WC1_3642
WC1_3704 WC1_3705 WC1_3708 WC1_3734 WC1_3743
WC1_3747 WC1_3752 WC1_3771 WC1_3777 WC1_3781
WC1_3796 WC1_3827 WC1_3835 WC1_3850 WC1_3869
WC1_3877 WC1_3889 WC1_3910 WC1_3949 WC1_3963
WC1_3971 WC1_3983 WC1_3986 WC1_3999 WC1_4004
WC1_4024 WC1_4050 WC1_4055 WC1_4060 WC1_4065
WC2_0411 WC2_0433 WC2_0441 WC2_0459 WC2_0465
WC2_0471 WC2_0474 WC2_0476 WC2_0499 WC2_0536
WC3_7597 WC3_7614 WC3_7649 WC3_7665 WC3_7680
WC3_7731 WC3_7745 WC3_7865 WC3_7867 WC3_7921
WC3_7922 WC3_7944 WC3_7959  WC3_8021


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