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Tour of New Zealand 2008    (UCI 2.2)


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Stage 2

Martinborough - Masterton 99km


Race Writeup

On a deceptively hot and sunny day, the peloton raced over the rolling countryside north of Wellington for Stage 2 of the Tour of New Zealand. A headwind kept everything basically together even until the first climb of the day, Strongbar Hill. An earlier attack by Japan National rider, Masami Mashimo lasted about 20 minutes. She was back in the bunch by the time the race turned right into the narrow and rising Pakaraka Road, heading towards the uphill portions of the stage profile.

As was perhaps expected, the race splintered on the climb of Te Wharau. There were three main bunches on the descent, with 15 leaders in the front group. With race leader, Suzanne De Goede (Équipe Nürnberger) in the second group, the bunch was headed by blue jerseys. They chased to close the gap and stop the threat on GC, posed by Oenone Wood, but were unable to bring the leaders back.

With 5km to go, the leading bunch had over 3 minutes on the chasers. Then, potential disaster struck, Oenone Wood had a dramatic blow out puncture. Her High Road team-mate, Judith Arndt, stopped immediately and helped paced the Australian national Champion back to the group after a rapid wheel change. The bunch had not reacted and the pair found it relatively easy to get back on. 

As the leaders turned into Church Street, the sprint was already winding up. The small group were spread across the road and it was Oenone Wood who appeared to 'pop' off the front ahead of her rivals with about 75m to go. On the line, she was a clear winner, with time for a victory salute ahead of Lorian Graham and Miho Oki.

Suzanne De Goede finished at the front of her group, but at 3'37" deficit, she had to concede her leader's jersey. Oenone Wood will ride in yellow on Stage 3.

The young rider competition leader moved within the Australian team from Amanda Spratt to Carla Ryan, whilst the sprint jersey stayed with Katherine Carroll (USA).

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Team Time
1 Oenone Wood THR 2.54.30
2 Lorian Graham VVP "
3 Miho Oki MSI "
4 Kristin Armstrong CLP "
5 Ruth Corset TBK "
6 Trixi Worrack NUR "
7 Chantal Beltman THR "
8 Felicia Greer Gomez VVP "
9 Katheryn Mattis WBC "
10 Marissa Van Der Merve RSA "

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Name Team Time
1 Oenone Wood THR 4.07.04
2 Chantal Beltman THR 0.16
3 Kristin Armstrong CLP "
4 Lorian Graham VVP 0.57
5 Miho Oki MSI 0.59
6 Trixi Worrack NUR 1.03
7 Ruth Corset TBK "
8 Felicia Greer Gomez VVP "
9 Sharon Laws TBK "
10 Marissa Van Der Merve RSA "

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Photos   Click on any image to enlarge >>

WC1_2122 WC1_2130 WC1_2160 WC1_2165 WC1_2186
WC1_2203 WC1_2226 WC1_2229 WC2_0316 WC2_0320
WC2_0337 WC3_5943 WC3_5959 WC3_5985 WC3_5987
WC3_5992 WC3_6005 WC3_6006 WC3_6012 WC3_6021
WC3_6022 WC3_6045 WC3_6053 WC3_6063 WC3_6083
WC3_6090 WC3_6094 WC3_6096 WC3_6098 WC3_6101
WC3_6109 WC3_6113 WC3_6127 WC3_6128 WC3_6174
WC3_6191 WC3_6199 WC3_6208 WC3_6225 WC3_6240
WC3_6256 WC3_6262 WC3_6280 WC3_6289 WC3_6298

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