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Bay Series 2008


Geelong Area, Jan 2-6


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Race 5

Botanic Gardens, 40 minutes plus 2 laps


Race Writeup

Megan Dunn (CBD/NSWIS), at 16 years of age, became the youngest ever winner of the Jayco Bay Criterium Series just one point ahead of her neatest rivals Belinda Goss (Volvo) and Kate Bates (Pitcher Partners). 

The final day of the Jayco Bay Classic was set to be exciting and it lived up to expectations. The weather had cooled to around 25 degrees and the wind had picked up making the course challenging for the riders. It did not take long for the pace to pick up and was it was Oenone Wood (Geelong Mazda) who attempted to shake up the race first. With only 4 laps competed Wood attacked and took Amanda Spratt (Pitcher Partners), Megan Dunn (CBD/NSWIS) and Leonie Burford (NSWIS/Degani Café) with her. The break did not last however as the Volvo team moved to the front and team leader Goss did a huge turn on the front to bring them back. With 28 minutes completed Olivia Gollan (NSWIS/Degani Café) went on the attack just as the whistle was blown for the sprint points lap.  

Gollan held on for maximum points and second place in the sprint competition ahead of Sara Carrigan (Rapido Cycles). In the chase for the two points, Josephine Tomic (Pitcher Partners) secured second ahead of Wood and Dunn. There was an immediate counter attack by Helen Kelly (Jayco/VIS) and this proved to be the decisive move of the race. Dunn, Goss, Spratt, Bates, Carrigan and Wood all went with her and the break formed. The group managed to get a 29 second gap on the chasing peloton. As the speed increased just prior to the start/finish areas Spratt and Bates attacked the group but they could not shake the yellow jersey of Dunn or the remaining group. The race had split completely and the main peloton was 38 seconds down on the leading group. Tiffany Cromwell (Richmond Cyclery/Promains) tried to launch an attack on the decent at the back of the course but she could not manage to bridge the gap to the leaders and went back into the peloton.

With 12 minutes of the 40 minutes remaining of main race, Carrigan attacked the leading group and quickly powered into the lead. She also secured the second and final sprint points on the next lap. Carrigan increased her lead to 13 seconds over the chasing group and over 64 seconds ahead of the main peloton.

With two laps to go Bates attacked the chasing group but could not shake them off. At the bell Carrigan had a clear lead of 23 seconds and could not be caught by the chasing group. The race finishing positions determined whether Dunn would hold onto yellow or not. If Dunn finished behind Goss and Bates and in lower than 6th place in the chasing group sprint the lead would pass to either Bates or Goss.  As the sprint approached, it was Bates who hit the front first, Goss was on her wheel and holding on for fourth was Dunn. Dunn held onto yellow by one point ahead of Goss and Bates.

Lauren Kitchen was the clear winner of the sprinters jersey and Olivia Gollan and Sara Carrigan secured second and third place respectively.

Pitcher Partners were the dominant team, winning 24 points ahead of the nearest rivals Volvo.

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Post Race Comments

Megan Dunn (CBD/NSWIS) could not believe she had won “It’s fantastic” Dunn said as she was told the news. “I was just following my team manager’s instructions to simply sit on the heels of her main dangers for the series win Belinda Goss and Pitcher Partner’s Kate Bates” added Dunn

Dunn admitted it had been a tough race. “It was very tough. With the cross wind down the back, you didin’t get a break. But being in the break had it’s advantages, you don’t have to fight for position and you’re guaranteed a top six finish.”


“I’m in shock. I didn’t think I could hold on to the yellow jersey.  I can’t explain how I feel,” an elated Dunn said after the race.


“I came down here just to learn off the girls.  I’ve learnt so much about team work and how to race, it’s been fantastic. I’ve won seven national (junior) titles, but this is better than that. To beat girls who have won Olympic gold medals and world championships is amazing.”


Dunn, who will go into Year 11 at Dubbo College this year, praised her local cycling coach Gus Dawson who “has coached me since I was three. I love him to death and can’t thank him enough.”



Sara Carrigan (Rapido Cycles) said “I am pleased to finally reach the top spot on the podium” after a solid week in preparation for the Australian titles.  “I’ve been a two-time winner of the Australian title so I’d like to make it third time lucky,” said the Olympic champion who will race in the time trial and road race this week.


Kate Bates (Pitcher Partner) was proud to lead her team this week and was very grateful for the support of Pitcher Partners. “It is always disappointing not to win, simply because I think we could have won today. The break was not good for us because it became a numbers game and they were not going to let me go any where [referring to Goss and Dunn] and with Megan and Belinda there it was ideal for Carrigan and she rode awesomely today. We didn’t want to leave it open for someone to ride to well turn out that way, we wanted a little more control but you win some you lose some, we did do our best out there today and there are some things you can’t control. Bates had a chuckle at Dunn’s youthful exuberance. “I sort of laughed at her a little bit when she yelled at me at one point and said ‘let Oenone go, she doesn’t have any points’ and I thought ‘that’s alright for you, you don’t need anymore points.’ It’s funny ‘cos it’s like watching me a couple of years ago and I almost know exactly what she’s goings to do next!” added Bates.

Reflecting on her team Bates said “The one thing the Pitcher Partners team has is a really great spirit. I think we have shown through the whole week with three different riders on the podium at different times that it wasn’t just about me, it was really about all the girls have a go and getting them on the podium. I enjoy the team spirit and we all felt like we had given it our best out there. I don’t want to take anything away from Megan Dunn, I think she is a fantastic talent and she will really be one to watch in the future and I hope I am going to be around to see her grow into those legs.”

About the support from Pitcher Partners Bates added “We really had something special going here and is the third year that we have won the overall. I don’t think that we would have achieved that with out the support of the sponsor bringing us all together and supporting us so well, it has been unbelievable.  

Belinda Goss (Volvo) reflected on the race, “We did everything we could.” Goss said. “All congratulations to Megan, she rode exceptionally well all week and I couldn’t quite get over Kate so I ended up 2nd overall. I just sort of hesitated a bit there in the last sprint and Kate got the jump on me and it was all over. Second two years in a row – maybe next year?”  

Amanda Spratt (Pitcher Partners) supported Bates in the break Spratt worked extremely hard to try to get her team the win. “It was difficult for our team, we really wanted to try to keep it together but the break went and when Sara went we tried to get on the front to drive it but at the end of the day she was too strong out there” said Spratt.

Lauren Kitchen (NSWIS/Degani Café) was extremely happy with her sprinters jersey. “It has been a great week and I am really happy with my performance” said Kitchen.

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Results - Top 10 

Position Name Team Points
1 Sara Carrigan Rapido Cycles 12
2 Kate Bates Pitcher Partners 10
3 Belinda Goss Volvo 8
4 Megan Dunn CBD/NSWIS 7
5 Amanda Spratt Pitcher Partners 6
6 Helen Kelly Jayco/VIS 5
7 Oenone Wood Geelong Mazda 4
8 Chloe Hosking Geelong Mazda 3
9 Jenny Macpherson Rapido Cycles 2
10 Kirsty Broun Volvo 1




Name Team Points
1 Lauren Kitchen NSWIS/Degani Café 17
2 Olivia Gollan NSWIS/Degani Café 9
3 Sara Carrigan Rapido Cycles 9
4 Peta Mullens Jayco/VIS 6
5 Oenone Wood Geelong Mazda 3
6 Alexis Rhodes Pitcher Partners 2
7 Amanda Spratt Pitcher Partners 2
8 Josephine Tomic Pitcher Partners 2
9 Belinda Goss Volvo 2
10 Maryam Rogers BikeNow 1




Team Points
1 Pitcher Partners 72
2 Volvo 48
4 Geelong Mazda 39
5 NSWIS/Degani Café 25
6 Jayco/VIS 31
7 Rapido Cycles 24
8 Swanston Hotel 5
9 Richmond Cyclery/Promains 2
10 Skilled 2

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General Classification  

Position Name Team Points
1 Megan Dunn CBD/NSWIS 39
2 Belinda Goss Volvo 38
3 Kate Bates Pitcher Partners 36
4 Alexis Rhodes Pitcher Partners 22
5 Emma Rickards Jayco/VIS 16
6 Theresa Cliff-Ryan Geelong Mazda 15
7 Oenone Wood Geelong Mazda 15
8 Sara Carrigan Rapido Cycles 13
9 Lauren Kitchen NSWIS/Degani Café 12
10 Leonie Burford NSWIS/Degani Café 11
11 Jenny Macpherson Rapido Cycles 11
12 Peta Mullins Jayco/VIS 10
13 Josephine Tomic Pitcher Partners 8
14 Gina Grain Volvo 7
15 Dellys Starr 5
16 Jessie McLean Geelong Mazda 5
17 Emma Mackie Swanston Hotel 5
18 Helen Kelly Jayco/VIS 5
19 Chloe Hosking Geelong Mazda 3
20 Olivia Gollan NSWIS/Degani Café 2
21 Tiffany Cromwell Richmond Cyclery/Promains 2
22 Louise Moriarty Skilled 2
23 Kirsty Broun Volvo 1

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